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Those Work In Progress Bars Will Never Look The Same Again!

Those Work In Progress Bars Will Never Look The Same Again!

Those Work In Progress Bars Will Never Look The Same Again!

We have all seem them in action, those annoying work in progress bars that never seem to move when you are watching them, but as soon as you turn away, the whole thing simply disappears! Well, it seems that the joke is going to the be on the progress bar from now on, thanks to the Swedish graphic artist Viktor Hertz and his version of progress bars with a difference.

Those Work In Progress Bars Will Never Look The Same Again!

He has come up with some interesting designs that turn the whole idea a progress bar on its head. He has come up with some cool designs that includes a range of every day actions. These ideas bring smoking a cigarette, eating a chocolate bar, waiting for the punch line of a joke and so on. So now, when that progress bar pops up on your screen, it may bring a smile to your face.

Those Work In Progress Bars Will Never Look The Same Again!

Source: Behance

Want To Make A Cool GIF Without The Software Cost!

If you always wanted to make a great looking GIF, but didn’t know how to or was turned by the cost of the software, then this has to be for you. It is the GIF Maker, a free and easy to use online animation site, check it out and have a go at making GIF’s for yourself. The free to use GIF Maker is easy, simply upload an image, any image will do for now as you are only practising for the moment.

Want To Make A Cool GIF Without The Software Cost!


Now it is time to add some animation magic to your image. Pick the size of your canvas, animation speed and you can even add a tune too. This is a really cool idea that offers just about anyone who likes to be creative produce a great looking GIF to share or use and the really great thing is that it is free to use, you do not get many things that are both cool and free these days, do you?

Want To Make A Cool GIF Without The Software Cost!

Source: GIF Maker


Create Cool Custom Works Of Art With Juicy Canvas!

It must be cool being able to create a piece of art and have people from all walks of life admire your skills. Well with the help of art start up Juicy Canvas, you can. It sounds complex, but in fact, husband and wife team Artur Maklyarevsky and Deb Brugiati have put their experiences of travel and the NYC art scene to good use with Juicy Canvas.

Create Cool Custom Works Of Art With Juicy Canvas!

Here is how Juicy Canvas works; first, you make a selection from the carefully selected collections of artwork and designs from around the world. Now you must choose how you want to display this new artwork, choose from a stretched canvas, classic T shirt or a stylish case for your iPhone or Samsung Smartphone.

Let the fun begin, you can remix the design by changing the colours, rotate the image, re-size it and then position it how you want. However, why stop there, why not show it off, share on your social networking sites or even embed on web pages; you can even earn cash and status should your friends think that your designs are worth buying!

Create Cool Custom Works Of Art With Juicy Canvas!

You can give Juicy Canvas go, simply hit the pink “Try it out!” button near the bottom of the page to see just cool this can be, you never know you might like it and then there will be no stopping you.

Create Cool Custom Works Of Art With Juicy Canvas!

Source: Juicy Canvas

Update: The Juicy Canvas crowdfunding campaign is now live! Check it out here; Indiegogo

The Timbre Desktop Speaker In Wood And Steel!

The desktop speaker has been around for such a long time that the design appears to have remained the same for all time. But that is not so, the speaker has evolved but maybe not as much as we would have liked or expected. However, in the case of the Timbre speaker the design has been given a much needed boost.

The Timbre Desktop Speaker In Wood And Steel!

Using nice pieces of solid alder, as well as stainless steel to produce one of the coolest looking speakers around. Not only that inside has been given a bit of makeover too, so you are getting looks, style and really great sound too, what more could anyone want from a desktop speaker set.

Here are some of the main features; the audio input is from the standard 3.5 mm audio jack, with a power rating of 2 channels with 20W in each, the frequency response is from 85 to 20 000Hz and finally as for the size each speaker measures up at 5 inches (W)  x 8 inches (H) x 1.6 inches (D).

The Timbre Desktop Speaker In Wood And Steel!

This interesting speaker idea can be pre-ordered from just $175 or £109, this sort of quality does not come cheap! However, the Timbre is not too expensive either, becuase when it reaches the stores it is going to cost around $225 or £140.

The Timbre Desktop Speaker In Wood And Steel!

Source: Running Farm Labs


Organise Your Email With Taper Mail!

It makes no difference how old your email account is or come to think of it how it is used, it is a fact that somehow SPAM will find its way into your inbox and if you are busy it can take up an incredible amount of time just de-spamming your emails.

Organise Your Email With Taper Mail!

However, here is an idea that claims to have the measure of your mailbox no matter how active it is. Taper is the security guard on the door of your mailbox letting in only those relevant emails, which will clearly save time and hassle for the account holder.

Organise Your Email With Taper Mail!

To find out what Taper does, it is easier to find out what it doesn’t do; such as being a spam filter, using categorized inboxes, auto unsubscribe tool, view later options and that old to do list. Taper is none of them; it simply manages your mail for you.

Organise Your Email With Taper Mail!

So, how does it work? The Taper simply let’s just five emails through at a time, yes five and that is because five emails are easier manage than 55 or 105, the more emails you have to handle the higher the chance that you have deleted something important without knowing it.

If you think that managing five emails at a time is an interesting idea, and then you may want to consider pre-ordering Taper at the cheap price of just $20 or £13, it’s the web based option that good for the cloud based email solutions.

Source: Taper Mail


SolidRun Starts Taking Orders For The Cubox-i!


There are plenty of small pocket sized computers around these days, but it looks like the Cubox-i from SolidRun is one to watch. This cube like computer comes in five varieties all offering a different levels of sophistication for the user to play with. However, having said that, the Cubox-i is not a toy, far from it, as the Cubox-i is a real contender as a portable computer that can run open source apps, provide the family with an entertainment system and for the computer fan there is a lot of new and exciting apps just waiting to be developed and tested. What sort of Cubox-i user would you be?

So, what can the Cubox-i be used for? It uses the Android operating system, so it can become an Android TV set top box. There are plenty of open source applications around, so using either Android, Linux or any other open source application. As an entertainment hub, the Cubox-i is ideal for this purpose, with high definition video playback it can stream and play entertainment services. Finally, the Cubox-i can be your portable computer it is small enough to carry around and powerful enough to run applications for presentations etc.

The pre-order cost of the Cubox-i starts from just $45 or £28 for the CuBox-i1 version and rises up to $120 or £75 for the Cubox-i4 Pro model.

Source: Cubox-i


Choosatron The Interactive Story Reading Arcade Machine

Choosatron The Interactive Story Reading Arcade Machine


Here is a cool way of getting the kids not only to get reading, but they do get right involved with the actual events of the story by making key decisions as they progress through it. The entire story is printed out onto a long paper scroll and when finished with there are other stories ready to download, so that another journey can begin. It is a great idea, because right from the start the kids are engaged as the device needs to be built using the components provided. The design team say it should take around ten minutes to build, but who knows! The fun starts right from the start.

Want to know why the Choosatron is so cool? Check these features out;

The Choosatron facilitates “interactive reading”, which helps to keeps kids (and adults) engaged.

Discover a new way to read. The quick-play stories in the Choosatron invite social reading.

Its portability makes the Choosatron a perfect ice-breaker for social gatherings, caffeinated coffee shops, or alcohol-fuelled bar trips!

For the young (at heart): Have you ever read a story twice and had it change? It’s crazy fun!

Get to a gruesome ending? Use the finger-in-page “Continue” feature to jump back through your choices.

It’s tactile; don’t you miss technology with physicality? Like a Polaroid camera with its satisfying click and whir before spitting out a frozen moment of your life! Keep snapshots of your adventures to share as the Choosatron prints each story told on an inkless thermal printer.

This cool looking device is not available in the stores yet, but can be pre-ordered at around $139 (£91).

Source: Choosatron


The Car That Will Keep Your Desk Tidy

Normally when there little bits of paper and crumbs from the lunch time sandwich on the desk, we normally brush it down with our hands and get on with the day. But now we do not have to do that because we now have a handy little car to do it for us, just run it up and down for a cleaner desk.

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The Jot Coaster And Desk Tidy Combo

Desk space is limited these days and when you bring coffee or any other drink into the equation, we are asking for trouble. However, the jot is a cool modern designed desk tidy for your pens etc with an extra place for your cup, it keeps everything out of the way and it looks smart too.

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Great Looking Wooden Keyboard From Oree

This is a great looking keyboard from Oree; they are made from real wood and connect to the computer through a Bluetooth connection. This is a wireless keyboard so that means a couple of good AAA batteries will be needed to ensure full operation of the device. At the end of the day, this sort of product is suitable for certain people, wood has to be cared for and therefore liquids and oils are not a good mix with this device.

These are features for the cool looking Oree Wooden Keyboard;

Each Board is made from a single piece of wood to preserve wood grain across shell and keys. The modern minimalist design preserves and magnifies the wood material.

Powered by a Bluetooth 3.0 chipset from Broadcom (BCM20730) which enables several months of continuous operation on a single pair of AAA batteries.

Priced at £100 in the UK and $160

Source [Ubergizmo]

Try Your Hand At Desk Top Sprinting With EPIC

Not so long ago we featured EPIC Works new desk top game, the EPIC 100m Sprint where players meet up from all around the world and race a full 100 metres in real time. It is just like the real Olympics, but on this occasion there no medals to be won for this is racing just for the hell of it, are you up for it or not?

This is what the team at EPIC Works has to say about the Epic Olympic Games;

The game Epic Works have developed is a simple premise where you tap two buttons to move your feet, the faster you tap the faster you run, but Epic Works have turned this into something much larger ‘we are not called EPIC Works for nothing’. We wanted a truly global racing experience allowing users all over the world to come and race one another at exactly the same time, button tap to button tap, all in a bid to see who’s the fastest in the world for ‘the ultimate bragging rights’ which can be checked on the numerous Leader Boards available to you.

There are plenty of ways to get involved; playing the game on your desktop is the obvious first step. Alternatively, you can be a backer, check out the project on Sponsume the team need £7,500 or $11,500 and with only ten days to go, they are falling behind schedule. It only takes £5 to start and this small amount means that you get a copy of game when it’s released.

Source [Epic Olympics]