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Compact Computing Comes As The Sphere Shaped ZOTAC ZBOX!

Finally An Apple That Everyone Wants!

Believe it or not there are some people who are not fans of Apple computers but here is an Apple computer that everyone is going to like. Someone has taken an Apple computer base unit, gutted

Those Work In Progress Bars Will Never Look The Same Again!

We have all seem them in action, those annoying work in progress bars that never seem to move when you are watching them, but as soon as you turn away, the whole thing simply

Want To Make A Cool GIF Without The Software Cost!

If you always wanted to make a great looking GIF, but didn’t know how to or was turned by the cost of the software, then this has to be for you. It is the

Create Cool Custom Works Of Art With Juicy Canvas!

It must be cool being able to create a piece of art and have people from all walks of life admire your skills. Well with the help of art start up Juicy Canvas, you

The Timbre Desktop Speaker In Wood And Steel!

The desktop speaker has been around for such a long time that the design appears to have remained the same for all time. But that is not so, the speaker has evolved but maybe

Organise Your Email With Taper Mail!

It makes no difference how old your email account is or come to think of it how it is used, it is a fact that somehow SPAM will find its way into your inbox

SolidRun Starts Taking Orders For The Cubox-i!

  There are plenty of small pocket sized computers around these days, but it looks like the Cubox-i from SolidRun is one to watch. This cube like computer comes in five varieties all offering

Choosatron The Interactive Story Reading Arcade Machine

  Here is a cool way of getting the kids not only to get reading, but they do get right involved with the actual events of the story by making key decisions as they

How To Keep Those Cables And Gadgets Tidy

NASA Mission Control Room Style Gaming Booth

Telepresence Feature From The Kubi Stand

PC System Made In The Style Of The TARDIS

The Pockit Offers Desk Storage

Protect Your Desk With A Sentry Turret

The Car That Will Keep Your Desk Tidy

Normally when there little bits of paper and crumbs from the lunch time sandwich on the desk, we normally brush it down with our hands and get on with the day. But now we