The Lacie Fuel For Portable Storage Up To 2 TB!

Initially it is easy to think that the Lacie Fuel is some sort of portable battery pack, but nothing could be further from the truth for this is a device that provides portable storage from 1 TB to 2 TB… Continue Reading →

The Cool And Stylish LaCie Culbuto Flash Drive!

When it comes to a flash drive, you can normally take them or leave them, as there is often nothing spectacular about them. But it seems like all of that is about to change with the launching of the Culbuto… Continue Reading →

Sometimes Sharing Stuff Is The Right Thing To Do!

These days sharing has a bad meaning especially if you are sharing music, movies and games! However, nobody said anything about Krispy Kremes! Source: Le Funny  

Redsnap Provides Camera Trap And Timelapse For All!

Setting a high speed camera trap or even catching events with time lapse photography would usually require a lot of expensive equipment and there pushy this sort of technology out of reach of most people. However, these are innovating times and… Continue Reading →

The VIDRIVE Customisable USB Flash Drive Bracelet!

  The Flash Drive is a wonderful device for storing data, these days you are able to get a larger amount of storage too, but Flash Drives like any other device that can fit into the palm of your hand… Continue Reading →

The Computer From Dell That Fits Into A Flash Drive!

  We are used to advances in design and technology making things smaller, but Dell is working on a device that they call “Project Ophelia!” and it promises to allow the user to turn a TV or monitor into a… Continue Reading →

Is This The Most Secure Flash Drive Ever?

Security is a hot subject at the moment and a lot of people like to store data on a flash drive. In order to keep this data safe you need a flash drive that is not going to draw any… Continue Reading →

Udoo The Small But Powerful Mini Computer

This is a project that is currently moving through the crowd funding process at Kickstarter, although it has to be said that it has already smashed its original goal by some margin! The Udoo is another mini computer on a… Continue Reading →

Cool Things To Do With Old Flash Drives

Automatica Lets You Take Your Music With You

Oh No I Have To Restart The Computer Again

Raspberry Pi Goes Mobile With This Mod

Tribe Creates Star Wars Themed Flash Drives

Simpsons Family Flash Drives

Here is something for all of those Simpsons fans; these are flash drives in the style of the animated family. They come in varies memory sizes from 2 GB up to 8 GB, which is not bad for a novelty… Continue Reading →

The Tough LaCie PetiteKey

If you are in the market for a new flash drive then you might want to consider the new LaCie PetiteKey. It looks like a key, so that’s good for hiding out of sight on your ring, it comes in… Continue Reading →

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