Transformer design mouse

During the nineties Transformers were popular and today following the success of the movies, everyday objects that can transform into robots are now even more popular than before. Check out this mouse, it appears to be a regular mouse but with a few pulls here and there it transforms into a tough looking dino type robot, […]

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Who has the E3 Buzz effect?

The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2011 (E3) maybe over but the war of words continues as the big names fight it out for market supremacy. This year there are a few names in frame for that actually got the best buzz effect on social networking and technology related websites. So who has buzz? Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony, this […]

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Where do old PC’s end up?

Recently we have been uber consumers of almost anything and computers have been no exception either. However, do you ever sit back and think what happens to the computer that you have just left at the local tip? Well it certainly doesn’t stay there for too long that is for sure, in fact when there […]

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Print A New Bikini

There is a bit if a trend around for 3D printing, the process is complex and expensive at the moment, but the idea is that eventually we will all have the ability to print in 3D and when that time comes this is the sort of thing that we could be making. It is not […]

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How the IT service centre works

When you have an issue with your latest device, after you have checked, read the manuals and it still is not working, the next thing to do is call the service dept of the company that made the device. So you are thinking that these guys are just like the IT Crowd, sitting a basement office […]

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Skype users unable to login

Skype has once again been hit with problems, this time it looks as if users have been unable to log into their accounts, this is a similar thing to what happen a couple of weeks ago following a Skype software update. According to the Skype Twitter feed, @skype where the company said; “A small number […]

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Want to know about Drupal?

It seems that to many users of computers and the internet, Drupal may mean nothing at all, but without it many websites would not even work at all and then there would be something to complain about! This interesting info graphic answers many of the questions that people have and some that they may not […]

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