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    Keep Fit in the office

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    This is something that does not happen that often, exercising in the office! However, with this GymyGym Workout Chair it seems that there are no more excuses for just sitting there eating and drinking in between work! Built into this smart looking chair comes with four different work stations that are guaranteed to give almost… Read more »

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    @marthalanefox and her army of champions

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    It seems that being a champion is within the reach of just about anyone these days who is in a position to offer help, advice or just in share their experiences of technology and the internet. The government’s digital champion is of course, Martha Lane Fox, who is probably best known for being one of… Read more »

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    Are you an Internet Troll?

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    The term internet troll is often used to humiliate people who have no life or appear to have no life because they are stuck at their computer all day long! However, what do these internet trolls actually look like and how can we determine if we are tuning into one! This graphic shows all of… Read more »

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    Reasons for Buying a Mac!

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    So you are in the market for a new computer or laptop, but you are not quite sure which way to turn because Apple have some lovely looking and great performing machine available at the moment! But then there is the cost to consider, Apple tends to be a bit pricy and so there is… Read more »

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    The Felt Mouse

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    Imagine using a mouse that was soft and comfortable, instead of the current model that cold and hard! Now imagine how your hand would feel at the end of a long day or cut and paste, this why the Felt Mouse is a great idea! Apart from looking great and making everyone in the office… Read more »

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    HIDEIN key hides your files

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    If you want certain files hidden away from spying eyes then the HIDEIN key is what you are looking for, it has the appearance of a flash drive and indeed, it can hold data in its internal memory. However, the HIDEIN key actually partitions files on the computer’s hard drive, this partition can only be… Read more »

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    Brits should learn more languages

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    It seems that there has been some research done that shows that us Brits are missing out on opportunities abroad because of the lack of foreign languages spoken. Does this mean that the days of going on holiday with the attitude that everyone speaks English so why should I bother to learn French, Spanish or… Read more »

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    A PC for just £15!

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    No this is not a con or some sort of trick to get people to part with their hard earned cash; It is in fact a cool project being run by the Raspberry Pi Foundation with the aim to bring back the fun of computing to youngsters. It is reminiscent of the early days when… Read more »

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    New design for laptops

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    For as long as there has been laptops the design has always seemed to remain more or less the same but when it comes to the Fujitsu Design Awards. There is always going to be some concept designs simply stand out from the rest and this design from the US based designer René Lee is… Read more »

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    Folding laptop with OLED screen

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    The cool thing about OLED displays is that they are able to bend and it seems that this is a point that most laptop designers appear to have overlooked. One designer Niels van Hoof has embraced the bendable OLED display and come with a concept design that allows the laptop to fold into three and… Read more »

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    Inside the Microsoft Home

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    The Microsoft Home is not a piece of new software it is in fact a complete fully working home built in 1994 inside the Microsoft Redmond Campus near the Executive Briefing Centre. It is supposed to represent the family home of the future when the entire home is connected, but what does this mean for… Read more »

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    The Minebea Cool Leaf Keyboard

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    Initially this looks like a plugged in mirror, but surprisingly once powered up this device comes to life to reveal that it is in fact a keyboard and no ordinary keyboard either for this is effectively a touch screen device. There are some issues with this type of device and that is some people just… Read more »

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    So, is it Mac or PC?

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    The computing world is split up into the two sides, Apple Mac and the rest of the computers on the market. Now this has been a major cause of arguments over the years, but we have to ask the question, which are you? Are you a Mac? Or Are you a PC? a simple yes… Read more »

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    The Darkside of the Net

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    The one thing that the master races or any other civilisations in Star Wars, or Star Trek and Stargate SG1 is the lack of the internet and satellite TV, what do these guys do of an evening? Well it seems that the internet is available to all paid up members of the Empire as these… Read more »

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    Remember the Atari Keyboard!

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    Check this out; remember the Atari keyboard, no! well you didn’t really miss much, but for some strange reason a Japanese firm known as Niyari have brought it back as the Niyari Atari 400 keyboard, it connects through a USB connection, so that is going to be easy enough, but why would you want it!… Read more »