The Cloud Explained!

With all of this talk about the cloud and with the launch of Apple’s iCloud service, it seems like a good time to explain exactly what Cloud Computing is and how it can be of benefit to computer uses. This is a cool cartoon that explains the cloud in a rather amusing way, but below […]

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The First Solar Powered Laptop!

Here we have a dual solar panel laptop designed by the Industrial Designer Andrea Ponti, this is a concept design that was shortlisted in Fujitsu’s 2011 design competition. It is called the Luce Solar Panel Powered PC; it has a solar panel on the back of the lid and a smaller solar below the touch […]

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Microsoft release details on Windows 8

The world’s largest software developer Microsoft has been offering some insight into its next operating system, codenamed unsurprisingly Windows 8! It has been designed to work with touchscreen devices and because of this, it looks remarkably like Windows Phone 7 with coloured tiles for easy navigation. It looks as if there is no start button […]

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Just how do Geeks chill out!

Being tied to a computer all day can for some people seem like the ideal job and I am one of them, as I can quite easily stay inside for days on end and not worry about it! However, for others this could be a living nightmare and so they need to chill out every […]

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Create Your Own Info Graphics

You have seen how we love to use info graphics in our posts, these are brilliant designs that tell a story or explain a product or service using text and graphics! As we come across this great info graphic on DIY Info Graphic Production, well it seems like this ideal thing to put onto the […]

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Fed up with bots!

You know how it goes, you are working away on the computer, but you have left the messenger service that you use or Skype on, suddenly but regular as clockwork up pops a ping from someone who is usually looking like a model etc. but the clue is in the name as there are no […]

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Cookie problems for Linkedin

The social networking site aimed at business and professional users, Linkedin may have become the latest dot com success with its IPO recently doubling the value of the business. But it seems that the network accounts could be vulnerable to a cyber attack due to fact the cookies used to store log-in data are available […]

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RageGage is bashing fun

Office rage can be a bit embarrassing, especially if it is you who is ragging and everyone happens to be looking at you! So enter the RageGage it is what it says it is, when the rage builds thump the RageGage for instant relief and you can even add some celebrity voices in there too, […]

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Is this the coolest laptop design?

Could this be the coolest laptop ever, well maybe it could be if the Crowd Notebook ever went into production and ended up on the shelves of the local computer superstore! This is a concept design but what a design it is, looking like something from the bridge of the USS Enterprise, Picard’s version of […]

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