Subway Map Design Laptop Case

With so many designs to look for when searching for a case or sleeve for your laptop, it seems that finding something different is the way to go. This cool design uses a classic subway map design, so you are getting a good case with a cool and colourful design too. There will be no […]

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NFC Keyboard For Android

This is a brilliant idea; it is a foldable keyboard that uses near field communication (NFC) to connect to the Smartphone where the user is then able to make use of the large keyboard. The device sits on the platform in the middle of the two keyboard pads, once finished working the keyboard is then […]

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Charge Up With TYLT Band

If you are one those folks that finds their in charger seems to take more out of the device than it puts in, then you are not alone! However, help could at hand, this is the TYLT Band car charger, it looks real cool and best of all it works! It has a unique design […]

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Music While You Shower

We have all tried it, listening to music while in the shower! However, it seems electrical items and water just do not mix that well for some strange reason. Yet the answer is simple, build the speaker into the showerhead! Alternatively, there is the Kohler Moxie Showerhead, this is a piece of genius as it […]

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Music While You Sleep

Here is something that many people are going to want to get their hands on or rather head on, as it is a conventional pillow with hollow fibre filling, but the main reason for buying this pillow has to be the built in speaker. The speaker is deep inside the pillow and so is unnoticeable; […]

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Goal Zero Switch Charger

This may have the appearance of an AA battery, but it is much more than that. This is the Switch 8 Portable Recharger by Goal Zero; it is around five inches in length and can be charged up through the built in USB connector or even by the Goal Zero foldable solar panel, which can […]

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Timer Just For Gamers

Anyone would think that gamers spend far too much time playing games than doing anything else! What else is there we ask? However, for those gamers who just do not want to get into trouble all of the time because of gaming, there is this timer. The timer locks around the plug and can be […]

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