Laptop in a box!

When I say that this is a laptop in a box, I actually meant it! As you can see this is clearly, a working laptop built in to an old and therefore hopefully clean pizza box! The laptop appears to be slightly dated with a mono screen, but the effect is very interesting, although we […]

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Just how secure is Google

To be more precise we are talking about the security that the world’s largest search engine Google, has installed in its data centres, in fact they are so pleased with the results that they have produced this cool video to show, just a safe data is in Google’s hands. These data centres are like the […]

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The timeline of the computer

If we go back twelve years, computers were just about getting to the right were they became affordable, plus there was laptops and so on. Today surfing the net is as easy on a Smartphone as it is on a computer, which makes the whole world of going online easier, faster and so much cooler […]

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HM Treasury under attack

It seems that the HM Treasury are under constant attack from cyber criminals, in fact the department is getting around twenty thousand malicious emails per month, as well as around sustained attacks on the treasury’s systems, this is averages out at one attack per day! According to the Chancellor, George Osborne, he said that; “hostile […]

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The Flexbook Concept Netbook

It seems that netbook design is taking a few steps forward with this idea from the Taiwan based designer Hao-Chun Huang; it has been created as his entry for the Fujitsu 2011 Design Award competition. As the name suggests the Flexbook is just that, a netbook that is able to fold down to a smaller […]

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Remember the iBook?

It was a few years ago when Apple launched the iBook, this was a smart looking and fairly useful laptop from Apple. The iBook was noticeable by its opaque body with coloured accents, but that was about all that was good about this computer and it was replaced by more practical laptops. However, here the […]

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Leaving Comments on the Internet

Here is the thing, blogs and other sites have one cool feature that the TV, newspapers and magazines do not offer and this is the ability to leave a comment about the piece. A comment can be a way of expressing your thoughts, agreeing with what has been said or something else. However, the reader […]

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Keep Fit in the office

This is something that does not happen that often, exercising in the office! However, with this GymyGym Workout Chair it seems that there are no more excuses for just sitting there eating and drinking in between work! Built into this smart looking chair comes with four different work stations that are guaranteed to give almost […]

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Are you an Internet Troll?

The term internet troll is often used to humiliate people who have no life or appear to have no life because they are stuck at their computer all day long! However, what do these internet trolls actually look like and how can we determine if we are tuning into one! This graphic shows all of […]

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Reasons for Buying a Mac!

So you are in the market for a new computer or laptop, but you are not quite sure which way to turn because Apple have some lovely looking and great performing machine available at the moment! But then there is the cost to consider, Apple tends to be a bit pricy and so there is […]

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