Do You Want To Be A Coder

Back in the day we were coders, creating basic websites using HTML it was fun and very annoying when things went wrong. However, the skills of coding have been lost since the launch of JavaScript and now web design is something completely different to the old times. However, worry not, for you can still get […]

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Mozilla Ready To Release Firefox 6

It seems that no sooner has Firefox 5 been released that Firefox 7 is coming along on the 27th September, so what happened to Firefox 6? Well that is tomorrow (16th August) and the developers are expecting no problems with this version as it has already been signed off. According to details posted on the […]

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Funny Blue Screen Appearances

For anyone who has experienced the Windows “Blue Screen Of Death” will know that it is not very amusing at all, I remember those Windows ME days vividly! However, it is strange how that when happens to anyone else it can be very amusing, especially when it is show for all see, such as in […]

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Twitter Tools – Twitblock

Do suffer from Twitter spam? This occurs mainly when you mention a product and service in your tweets, shortly after you are likely to start getting offers and other stuff; mainly these are competition where you can win the product that you have just mentioned. Well if sounds like you, then TwitBlock may be just […]

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Circuits On The Skin

A team of researchers have announced the first epidermal electronic system (EES); it works like any other circuit, except in this case it is mounted onto the skin. So it is able to flex with the bodies movements, but at the same time collect valuable data for medical diagnosis, although there are bound to be […]

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The Laptop Tracker Device

If you were able to track your stolen laptop, would thieves be interested in taking in the first place, causing stress and aggravation to the owner! Well this tech does exist and it can be used with phones, tablets and laptops. GadgetTrak is software that is able to inform the owner where the device is […]

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