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    The Timeline From Phonograph To Digital Music

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    Recorded music has been around for about a hundred and twenty years and yet although the technology has changed dramatically the actually idea behind it remains the same, entertainment! However, it is only since the introduction of the digital format that things have really taken off and whole new industries have built up around it…. Read more »

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    Mozilla Ready To Release Firefox 6

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    It seems that no sooner has Firefox 5 been released that Firefox 7 is coming along on the 27th September, so what happened to Firefox 6? Well that is tomorrow (16th August) and the developers are expecting no problems with this version as it has already been signed off. According to details posted on the… Read more »

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    Funny Blue Screen Appearances

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    For anyone who has experienced the Windows “Blue Screen Of Death” will know that it is not very amusing at all, I remember those Windows ME days vividly! However, it is strange how that when happens to anyone else it can be very amusing, especially when it is show for all see, such as in… Read more »

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    Twitter Tools – Twitblock

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    Do suffer from Twitter spam? This occurs mainly when you mention a product and service in your tweets, shortly after you are likely to start getting offers and other stuff; mainly these are competition where you can win the product that you have just mentioned. Well if sounds like you, then TwitBlock may be just… Read more »

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    Circuits On The Skin

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    A team of researchers have announced the first epidermal electronic system (EES); it works like any other circuit, except in this case it is mounted onto the skin. So it is able to flex with the bodies movements, but at the same time collect valuable data for medical diagnosis, although there are bound to be… Read more »

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    The Laptop Tracker Device

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    If you were able to track your stolen laptop, would thieves be interested in taking in the first place, causing stress and aggravation to the owner! Well this tech does exist and it can be used with phones, tablets and laptops. GadgetTrak is software that is able to inform the owner where the device is… Read more »

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    What Is Your Data Backup Plan

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    Storing data on computer is great for easy access, but what happens should something go wrong? This is a fear that all businesses large and small have to worry about and what makes it is even more worrying is the fact that in thirty two per cent of data loss cases the loss is down… Read more »

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    UK Student is Microsoft’s Excel World Champion

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    Around 228,000 Excel users from fifty seven countries entered into the Microsoft Excel World Championship and the winner was a fifteen year old student from the UK, Rebecca Rickwood beat off seventy eight competitors to become the best user of the software and collect a $5,000 (£3,050) prize at a glittering ceremony held in San… Read more »

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    US Economy Is Updating

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    These days there is nothing that happens in the world that cannot be directly related in computer or tech terms in order for the rest of us to understand a bit easier. In this case, the subject is the US Economy, not a great subject to talking about, but this graphic explains it for us… Read more »

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    Free Offline Blog Editors #5 – Thingamablog

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    This may not be one of the most famous blogging formats around, but it is one that offers a whole load of features and specs, enough to get just about anyone on the road to blogging heaven. These are the features and specs for the excellent Thingamablog; Set up a blog in minutes via an… Read more »

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    Free Offline Blog Editors #2 – Blog Desk

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    Blog Desk offers the user a fast and easy way of getting your blog post finished in a smart way that looks cool! These are the features for the Blog Desk format; Blogging should be simple, but it gets complicated and time-consuming if you are serious about it. BlogDesk makes it easy to write, speeds… Read more »

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    Couple Married By Computer

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    It had to happen sooner or later, you take a couple who are a bit geeky they text, email and generally are into technology! But these couples are not catered for when it comes to weddings, well they are now for Miguel Hanson and Diana Wesley found love online and in the true spirit of… Read more »

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    IE users have low IQ’s

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    It seems that a survey conducted by the Vancouver based internet and web consulting firm, AptiQuant is bound to upset and possibly even insult anyone that uses Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser for surfing the internet. In a survey conducted by the firm recently to test users IQ, it seems that those who were using Internet Explorer… Read more »

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    How programming languages have changed

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    We seem to take a lot of things for granted these days and computer programmes is just another one of those things that we know are there running in the background but deep down we really do not know much about them. However, we are not going to allow you to get away with it… Read more »

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    How does 3D Printing work

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    We have featured 3D printing several times, but the technology is changing all of the time and as such, it is time to find out just how 3D technology works and more to the point how this new way of printing will produce different styles and design for the future. 3D printing seems to go… Read more »