Microsoft offers $250K bounty

This is not an X Factor for talent, but a bounty in the true sense of the word, as the company are offering $250,000 (£155,000) for any information that leads to the ID, arrest and conviction of the people behind the Rustock Botnet. The fact the company are will to put up this sort of cash, […]

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Google Searches Out Malware

There was a time that making a search on Google or any other search engine was a simple affair, you put the text into the field and pressed enter, that was it and that version of search has long gone. For many users it is difficult to work out which search result is paid for […]

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FBI Targets Scareware Scammers

For those who do not know, scareware is a programme that interrupts your surfing telling you that your computer is infected. it comes up when you accidently visit an infect webpage, most people must have a seen it and many actually do follow the instructions on the screen thinking that it is a genuine programme […]

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Microsoft release details on Windows 8

The world’s largest software developer Microsoft has been offering some insight into its next operating system, codenamed unsurprisingly Windows 8! It has been designed to work with touchscreen devices and because of this, it looks remarkably like Windows Phone 7 with coloured tiles for easy navigation. It looks as if there is no start button […]

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Cookie problems for Linkedin

The social networking site aimed at business and professional users, Linkedin may have become the latest dot com success with its IPO recently doubling the value of the business. But it seems that the network accounts could be vulnerable to a cyber attack due to fact the cookies used to store log-in data are available […]

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