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    Four USB Ports In The Wall

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        There is normally a lack of USB ports in laptops and netbooks these days, yet we find that more gadgets are require a USB power source to charge the battery up, it’s a real nightmare.   However, it looks like it is not going to be such an issue for much longer with… Read more »

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    The cstick Cotton Candy computer

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        This is the Cotton Candy computing device and like the Raspberry Pi, it is a small computing device that is highly portable and connects to other devices via a USB connection. But that is where the similarities end for the Cotton Candy is at the other end of the scale and has the… Read more »

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    Small Dog Shaped Wooden Speaker

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        Speakers seem to come in all shapes and sizes these days and the smaller the better seems to be the order of the day. These little dog style speakers are made from Apricot wood, measure just 67 mm x 52 mm x 13 mm, weigh a mere 15 grams and are powered by… Read more »

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    Looking For Discreet Surveillance Try Swann’s PenCam

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      Just the mention of discreet surveillance conjures up a vision all sorts of menacing government officials, but in reality we all currently carry around equipment that is capable of recording sound, taking images and video, so maybe it is not a frightening or secretive after all. For those who feel that a bit of… Read more »

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    Using Morse Code To Send Tweets

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      Sometimes a device comes along that is simply so cool that “WOW” will only do! This is one of those devices and it certainly does have the wow factor. It looks like something from the early 20th Century because that is what it is based on, an old Morse Code key that used to… Read more »

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    Now The Angry Birds Are USB Flash Drives

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      Just when you thought it was the end of the Angry Birds, they come back as USB flash drives thanks to EMTEC. Be prepared to see one or more these in the hand or computer of someone that you know! These are neat little things really, with a handy 4 GB of memory at… Read more »

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    Internet Connected Flash Drive Cuff Links

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      Imagine having the power of the internet at the flick of your wrist, well with these cool cuff links you can because each cuff link has a different feature. The first is a standard flash drive with 2 GB of memory, while the other has a built in wireless internet connection. These are the… Read more »

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    Star Wars And DC Comic Character Flash Drives

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      Mimoco are well known for their Mimibot range of character flash drives and now they have a new range of Mimomicro collectable mini USB flash drives that will feature characters from Star Wars and DC Comics. The flash drives are small at just 1.6 inches (H) x 1.0 inch (W) and  will feature Darth… Read more »

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    Finally The Raspberry PI Goes Into Production

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      This is something that has been a long time coming and happens to be a bit of a relief as we always hoped that the ultra small computer known as the Raspberry would somehow make it into production and it has. They are expecting the first run of these cool little things to be… Read more »

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    Charge Your Devices While On The Move

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      Simply plug this bags adapter into the wall power socket to charge the internal battery pack. Now you have a portable supply of power hidden within your backpack! It is ideal for travellers who are going to be away from a mains power supply for some time. It comes with enough adapters so that… Read more »

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    Knitted Earmuffs With Built In Headphones

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      As the temperature begins to fall, its time to wrap up and that means using Smartphone’s and other device becomes a little harder. But sometimes there is a great idea and these knitted earmuffs are one of those, for they keep your head nice and warm, but at the same time come with built… Read more »

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    One USB Cable Three Uses

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      It is about time that someone came out with USB cable that fits the standard fitting, the micro USB and of course the Apple version too. The Innergie Magic Cable Trio provides an easy way of connecting all of your devices into one handy cable! These are the manufacturer’s details for the Innergie Magic… Read more »

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    Clap Your Hands For This Digital Camera

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      This has to be one of the most simplest of digital cameras to operate, just click and then clap your hands to take an image, it literally could not be any easier to use! Once finished, use the built in USB connector to download the images onto the computer hard drive for safe storage… Read more »

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    Abandoned Flash Drives Could Carry Malware

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    There are reports that an old style way of getting someone to load malware onto their computer is making a return! The idea is simple enough; you load a USB flash drive with your chosen software and drop it somewhere busy such as metro station. In time, someone will pick it up and just out… Read more »

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    Get The Triggertrap Camera Device On Pre-order

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    This is a Kickstarter success story having managed to raise all of the funds needed to reach its target. The Triggertrap is a clever little thing that will help photographers to set up their equipment to react to sounds, movements or light. It has not been on the market before due to development and funding,… Read more »