In Car Dual USB Charger

With so many devices using a USB connection to charge, this means that travelling around in a car is a problem as there are no USB ports. But it seems that US based electronics firm Brackton, have addressed this issue with the Dual USB Charger, this simple device plugs into the cigarette lighter to provide […]

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Mini SLR Camera Flash Drive

Here is an interesting little thing, it looks like a mini SLR digital camera, but in actual fact, once the zoom lens is removed the USB connection is revealed. Unfortunately, it only comes in 4 GB size, so it may put some buyers off for the time being, but this is bound to be a […]

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USB Mouse and Digital Scale

This is an interesting mouse that has been designed to double up as a set of handy digital scales, which is not much use in most work places, but would come in handy for jewellers and other business that do business in small weights as the scale works from 0.1 grams to 500 grams. These […]

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How does 3D Printing work

We have featured 3D printing several times, but the technology is changing all of the time and as such, it is time to find out just how 3D technology works and more to the point how this new way of printing will produce different styles and design for the future. 3D printing seems to go […]

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RageGage is bashing fun

Office rage can be a bit embarrassing, especially if it is you who is ragging and everyone happens to be looking at you! So enter the RageGage it is what it says it is, when the rage builds thump the RageGage for instant relief and you can even add some celebrity voices in there too, […]

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HIDEIN key hides your files

If you want certain files hidden away from spying eyes then the HIDEIN key is what you are looking for, it has the appearance of a flash drive and indeed, it can hold data in its internal memory. However, the HIDEIN key actually partitions files on the computer’s hard drive, this partition can only be […]

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