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    Check out the Corsair Flash Voyager GT

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    It looks cool and has a great sounding name, but how does the Corsair’s Flash Voyager GT stand up to the real world? Well in the good old days of USB 2.0 Corsair seemed to rule the business, but along came USB 3.0 and with connection speeds estimated to be around ten times that of… Read more »

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    Da Vinci Code USB Flash Drive

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    Anyone who has seen the film version of Dan Browns, The Da Vinci Code will know about the device that they needed to open in order to find the clue! Therefore, it stands to reason that this level of security would be ideal for a keeping data on a flash drive safe and that is… Read more »

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    Researchers Use 3D Printers To Produce Bones

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    We have said in the past how brilliant those 3D printers are and just how versatile they can be, but being able to produce a bone like material that could be used to help with injuries. It not only bridges a gap, it also allows new bone to occur over it and eventually the printed… Read more »

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    The Black Angry Bird iPhone Speaker

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    If you cannot get enough Angry Birds, then maybe this has been made for you! It’s a speaker designed to work with the iPod, iPhone and the iPad, but all that really matters is that this is the Black Bird speaker and there is nothing to be angry about with that! These are the details… Read more »

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    USB Use Means Increased Threats To Security

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    In a study conducted on behalf of flash drive maker Kingston Technologies, where a total of 2942 IT staff, 451 from the UK, were asked about USB flash drive security. This is a subject that is coming up more and more with USB flash drives containing data often being lost. Yet in many cases, nobody… Read more »

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    USB Powered Music Playing Rice Cooker

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    This is one of the things that the trading standards would have a field day on, it is the Thanko USB powered Rice Cooker speaker device. So naturally somebody could be thinking rice for lunch at work, how cool would that be? However, hold on there, let us think about this for a minute! Rice… Read more »

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    Different Kind Of USB Hub Design

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    They say that a change is a good as a rest, so that must be why this strange looking four port USB 2.0 hub has turned up. It looks like it could be a piece of jewellery that has been left lying around, it even comes in a variety of colours. These are the details… Read more »

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    Disposable USB Hard Drives

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    As new tech comes out, we often find that we have boxes of hard drive, readers and even DVD writers. This equipment takes up lots of room and if you are anything like me; it is hard to actually physically throw any sort of gadget away. That is why these cardboard covers are ideal; they… Read more »

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    Emergency Power With Two USB Connections

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    Gadgets and new tech is great, but when you are travelling you are at the mercy of the battery and no matter how hard you try not to think about it there is always that little voice saying “Don’t use all the battery up!” and this just ruins the idea of using a Smartphone or… Read more »

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    The Memoring For Geeks In Love

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    Buying a diamond engagement ring is so old school, not to mention the cost involved. So what a geek in love wants is the symbol of love, which is of course the ring and something practical too, like a 2 gig flash drive, sorted! This is the Memoring, it is a ring and flash drive… Read more »

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    Could This Be The Most Dangerous WebCam Around

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    It seems that whoever designed this web camera must have seen it somewhere else before because it reminds us of something and I am sure that you will recognise it too! Yes it is the gun turret from the Valve game Portal and Portal 2, the burning question here is which came first the web… Read more »

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    Transcend Developing A 2TB Flash Drive

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    Imagine the power of a flash drive with a massive 2TB of storage available, it would be awesome to say the least and it could be coming sooner than we think. Check out the video taken at the Display Taiwan 2011 technology show, the display actually states that the Transcend 16GB flash drive is capable… Read more »

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    Digitize your writing and drawing

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    This APEN device is a cross between a stylus and a pen, but it beats using a stylus pad because the user draws or writes onto a piece of paper and the device saves the result to memory or transmits via Bluetooth to Smartphone, tablet or laptop. The manufacturer claims that the pen has enough… Read more »

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    Philips Launch USB Charged Toothbrush

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    The DiamondClean Rechargeable sonic toothbrush from Philips is a sophisticated piece of kit by anyones standards, but one unusual feature is that is comes with a USB cable for charging, so connect this up to your laptop to charge while away from home, it is a toothbrush too you know! These are the specs and… Read more »

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    Vote Up Button

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    Make your own voting up button for sites such as Reddit, this is something that makes voting fun and easy just the way that it should be. It is by the New Hobbyist, who to their credit actually make some really cool stuff and this is one of those really cool items. However, best of… Read more »