Da Vinci Code USB Flash Drive

Anyone who has seen the film version of Dan Browns, The Da Vinci Code will know about the device that they needed to open in order to find the clue! Therefore, it stands to reason that this level of security would be ideal for a keeping data on a flash drive safe and that is […]

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Disposable USB Hard Drives

As new tech comes out, we often find that we have boxes of hard drive, readers and even DVD writers. This equipment takes up lots of room and if you are anything like me; it is hard to actually physically throw any sort of gadget away. That is why these cardboard covers are ideal; they […]

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The Memoring For Geeks In Love

Buying a diamond engagement ring is so old school, not to mention the cost involved. So what a geek in love wants is the symbol of love, which is of course the ring and something practical too, like a 2 gig flash drive, sorted! This is the Memoring, it is a ring and flash drive […]

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