Advent Calendar With Whisky

It seems that it’s not only kids who will be wishing for a great advent calendar this year if this adult related Whisky Advent Calendar is anything to go on. There are twenty four doors each with a space behind hiding a nice 3 cl bottle of whisky, of course, it is not advisable to […]

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Worlds Strongest Beer

With a name like Brewmeister Armageddon, you would think that this is a beer that is overstating matters. However, at 65% proof, this would really be beer Armageddon to anyone foolish enough to down an entire bottle as if it is going out of fashion. Normally very strong beers tend to lack flavour, but Brewmeister […]

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The Handy Shot Flask

This for a change is something that a lot of people could do with occasionally; it is a flask that comes with its own built in shot measure. The collapsible shot measure fits into the side of the flask so that you always know that there is a measured available no matter where you are […]

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