The Potato Powered Clock

This is a great looking clock and yes those are a couple of potatoes that is wired into! Amazingly, it seems that the humble potato has another use, because it contains potassium this can be harnessed to produce small amounts of power and once finished with just stick them in the microwave for lunch! These […]

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A Bit Of Science For Christmas

This is smart idea that brings in a touch of science into the home or office for the festive season. These are ornaments that can be hung around anywhere you choose and some of them actually feature images from real petri dishes, which is nice with your dinner. These are the details on the petri […]

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Welcome To The Zombie University

It is a fact that even though zombies in theory do not exist, they are still infecting TV, movies and the internet! So it’s about that we started making the basic plans for survival and that is where the Zombie University comes in, Zombie 101 will soon become required reading if the human race is […]

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Who Is Up For The Zombie 5K Race

Here is an event for you to look forward to; it is a 5K race that includes obstacles of all types, while avoiding having your brain eaten by Zombies! Cool don’t you think? Run For Your Lives: Maryland from BuzzFeed on Vimeo. So far around eight cities in the US have signed up to hold […]

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Get Fit Free With Poosh SMS

Poosh is a US start up that promises to get you and keep you motivated by sending you three daily SMS messages composed by pro-athletes who know how to be motivated and win! For US users it seems like a good deal, sign up with Poosh and give it go, then let us know what it […]

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Duff Beer “Oh Yeah!”

Finally, the coolest beer on TV turns up in the real world, all we need now is for Duff Man to bring a few can around and the party will be complete! The great thing about this is that it is that Duff Beer is actually beer, brewed in Germany with a 4.7% alcoholic content, so […]

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The Future Of Vending Machines

Google and Coke Cola have been showing off their vision of the vending machines, the machine is of course state of the art with a cool display that allows the consumer to examine the product fully before buying and on that subject the machine is cashless which is a nice way of introducing Google Wallet […]

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