Lego Robotic Pancake Maker

Now making robots out of Lego is just plain crazy, this means that when Judgement Day comes we will not only be fighting off the machines, but also contraptions made from those coloured bricks and that is just plain dangerous! But this pancake machine is a work of art, it has to be said, I […]

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Soylent Green could be real

It seems that reality is following fiction with an announcement from scientists in China that gelatine does not have to be made from boiled down pig and cow bones; it can be made from humans too! However, before you start complaining to your MP or Congressman, this is merely a concept idea and it does not […]

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Parmesan Cheese Pencils

Normally cheese would not be a ground breaking story or even worthy of inclusion into TechMASH, but this is something completely different, you could even call it ingenious! The story starts at an ad agency in Germany, who were tasked with making Parmesan Cheese interesting by the fine food group The Deli Garage. Sure enough, […]

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Windows branded snacks

Sometimes a brand is bigger than anything else, so much so that we find it turning up on all sorts of different products and services. In many cases, you would have to think that the design is purely by coincidence rather than completely hijacking a world famous brand, but then you find this; Clearly, there […]

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The price of being a bridesmaid

Being the season of the wedding, it is a time of high cost and anxiety for all involved. However, there is one key person who often gets left out from getting any of the praise and they are the bridesmaids. It seems that the costs of the wedding do always fall into the wallets of […]

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Fancy a cold one!

Here is a great way to make sure that there is a nice a cold beer on hand whenever you need it! Which in the hot weather would be most days, it looks like blender but if fact this innocent looking device will keep four pints of beer cold for a while. I am not […]

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The Mosquito Buster phone app

Keep away all sorts of pests such as mice and mosquitoes with this high frequency sound omitting app for Android powered devices. This is ideal for those humid evenings when the mozzies start to bite! I am not sure how good this app is, or even if it works at all, but if you have […]

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The 3D Chocolate Printer

This has to be a chocoholics dream come true! It is a printer, but no ordinary printer, this is a 3D printer that prints almost any design in chocolate, imagine the possibilities here for special occasions and just because it is chocolate! You can see these machines in store windows printing out names and other […]

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Coffee Machine Remodelled

The standard coffee machine uses and lot of energy to produce one cup of lovely coffee, but as most of use coffee heads know it is well worth it! However, sometimes along comes someone who will change all that in order to make things better, but does it work? Check out the video to see […]

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Fancy a 14 day old sandwich?

It seems that we are moving into the era of the long life sandwich, how long? Fourteen days at least, yes Snack time is a brand of sandwich that will stay fresh for two weeks, so they are great for anyone going on a long journey and at £1.49 they are a bargain too, which […]

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Britvic intros Turbo Tango

Anyone who fancies being tangoed will be pleased to see that this popular drink now comes in an aerosol version. this new style of drinks container appears to be a little like those spray cream containers, except this time it is a foam style frothy orange mixture that the makers are hoping that the younger […]

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