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    Fancy a 14 day old sandwich?

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    It seems that we are moving into the era of the long life sandwich, how long? Fourteen days at least, yes Snack time is a brand of sandwich that will stay fresh for two weeks, so they are great for anyone going on a long journey and at £1.49 they are a bargain too, which… Read more »

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    Britvic intros Turbo Tango

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    Anyone who fancies being tangoed will be pleased to see that this popular drink now comes in an aerosol version. this new style of drinks container appears to be a little like those spray cream containers, except this time it is a foam style frothy orange mixture that the makers are hoping that the younger… Read more »

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    So you think you know about coffee?

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    It seems to us that no matter what part of tech we are involved in, coffee appears to play a very important role, it could be said that coffee is the fuel for technology. However, having said that, what do we actually know about coffee? Of course, there are those famous outlets such as Caffe… Read more »

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    Cake Boss builds Transformers Cake

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    If you are going to have a cake for special occasion then you may as well go for it big style, but kids don’t expect mum and dad to be forking out for something like this as we think that it could be a bit on the expensive side! The cake was designed and created… Read more »

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    You have seen the ad now get the app

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    The new Cadbury advert in the TV is one of those that sort of sticks in your mind without you actually realising it, which must be the sign of a good advert in the first place. However, due to the interest, Cadbury have decided to bring a cool app for the iPhone, this is where… Read more »

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    Fancy a can of Slurm?

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    It seems to be such a long time ago when Slurms McKenzie was marketing dude for the most addictive drink in the 23rd century; in fact, the actual episode was Fry and the Slurm Factory in 1999! However, do not worry about because you too can get addicted to this drink that comes from the… Read more »

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    The Swiss Army knife of cutlery

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    This is the Multi Food Utensil and it is what it says it is, a single device that tackles any style of food because it comes with a wide range of cutlery. Yes, this tool could easily revolutionize the take away problem, by providing the consumer with a tool for all foods. Currently this is just… Read more »

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    The T Shirt that likes the sun

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    This is the Photosynthesis UV-Sensitive Shirt, it looks like any old T Shirt, but when the sun is out then due to the special print treatment, it actually changes the design so that the flower etc come out in the sun and when inside the flower is hardly noticeable, it is quite cool! These are… Read more »

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    Mentos and Coke causes headaches

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    Most of us know that if you happen to slip a couple of Mentos mints into diet coke, then you are in trouble. So knowing this, why would you slip some Mentos into a two litre bottle of diet coke and screw the top down tightly? Well the answer is perfectly simple; it is to get… Read more »

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    Older women guilty of digital piracy

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    It seems that the rise of the e-reader and e-book has led to a rise in crime from an unexpected sector of the community! the data received in the Digital Entertainment Survey conducted by law firm Wiggin has revealed that one in eight women over the age of 35 who use an e-reader admitted to… Read more »

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    Coca-Cola goes for it for 125th anniversary

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    Everyone likes to celebrate anniversaries and the soft drinks firm Coca-Cola is going to be pushing out the boat with its 125th anniversary taking place this year. To get things rolling the company are planning some cool events around the world including the UK! The video shows just how far Coca-Cola is willing to go… Read more »

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    Laptop in a box!

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    When I say that this is a laptop in a box, I actually meant it! As you can see this is clearly, a working laptop built in to an old and therefore hopefully clean pizza box! The laptop appears to be slightly dated with a mono screen, but the effect is very interesting, although we… Read more »

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    The Flexbook Concept Netbook

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    It seems that netbook design is taking a few steps forward with this idea from the Taiwan based designer Hao-Chun Huang; it has been created as his entry for the Fujitsu 2011 Design Award competition. As the name suggests the Flexbook is just that, a netbook that is able to fold down to a smaller… Read more »

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    One shot or two Espresso gun

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    Espresso is one of those drinks that you either love or hate, fortunately these days more people like a shot or two of espresso every now and then, which means that designers will be coming up with some cool new equipment that allows the making of coffee easier and in this case fun too. This… Read more »

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    The Pen that you can eat!

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    There are plenty of people around who chew the ends of their pens and pencils, there are even those folks that chew the pen down so far that they end up getting covered in ink, it is funny but surely there is a better way! Well there is and it comes in the form of… Read more »