Two Visions Of Future Tech

When we think of future technology it is always shiny and glossy, but most of all it is always working how different this is to the real world. This graphic shows exactly how it is, with our thoughts of everything working nicely, yet in reality the screens remain blank because there is no signal available, isn’t […]

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Menus Replaced By iPads

One of the best ways for restaurants to get new customers is by being a bit creative and this is exactly what the “Do! At the View” pizza restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia has done, they have done away with those card or paper menus and replaced them with an Apple iPad, how cool is that? […]

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Pudding Face Goes Large

There is a craze running away in the States and it involves all of the best things, by this we mean Puddings, Twitter and Viral Marketing, behind it is Kraft the food people! They are finding out the state of the US by monitoring Twitter and if there are not enough smiles showing up, then […]

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CDC Plan For Zombie Plague

It seems that all of those films and recent success of the Walking Dead has made the guys inside the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) think about what they would do should this really happen. So they have come up with a plan, it called Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse and can be found […]

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The Non Non-Stick Pan

Sometimes we may not take too much notice of the descriptions and word found on products and in advertising but maybe, we should after seeing this frying pan! This also throws up another question when it comes to non-stick pans etc and that is if this material is non stick, then why doesn’t it fall […]

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Homemade Nuclear Reactor Found

With all of the problems around the world the last thing that you would think is that your next door neighbour is quietly building a mini nuclear reactor in his kitchen, sounds funny but not if you live next door to Richard Handl’s apartment in Sweden. For the would be nuclear scientist had a slight […]

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The lightin Lamp

This is a cool looking lamp that has been made from a recycled beer can and so that makes it a real smart looking thing! It is a quite amazing really how the artwork on a can of beer can be so interesting at times! These are the details for the brilliant lightin lamp; The […]

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Fresh Vending Machines

When we a vending machine, we naturally assume that it is going to be full of chocolate, sweets, crisps and sugar loaded drinks! However, if we happened to be in certain places in the US where a Fresh Vending machine is located. Forget sugar coatings as there is a new type of vending machine in […]

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Pie In The Face

It is true that many brits are fed up with what has been going on over at News International, Scotland Yard and indeed Downing Street, so how about letting off some stream by throwing a custard pie into the face of the person that you hold responsible! You get to choose from Rupert Murdoch, James […]

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Make your own doughnuts

This could be sheer heaven for those folks who simple adore a donut or two! for with this Automatic  Doughnut Factory there is no need to head off over to the nearest Krispy Kreme doughnut store as you will be able to produce your own in batches of thirty. Sure, these are only mini versions, […]

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