Pepsi Gets Social

Pepsi and Social Networking sounds like the dream team to me and clearly, Pepsi thinks that this is the way to go, even though it means that they could be following in rival Coca Cola footsteps. With these vending machines that require a friend’s name and mobile phone number so that it can send them […]

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Angels fall to earth!

This is an incredible feature, where the large screen at London Victoria was taken over to promote the new Lynx Excite fragrance. The way that the display has been done is quite incredible you only have to see the station user’s faces to see how cool this is. Source [You Tube]

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Retro Computer Adverts

It seems that adverts for computers were aimed at people from a different world, it may have been the late 1970’s and early 1980 but today, it seems to be a whole world away from what we are used to today! Some of the technology is totally outrageous too, it may have hi-tech them but […]

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Fossilized Alien Microbes Found

This may sound like a sensational subject and in fact, of course, it is, but it seems that fossilized microbes of alien origin have been found in a sample of material taken from a meteorite; this is the claim from a top scientist who has laid down a challenge other scientists to investigate his findings. […]

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