Surely, this has to be the best hand dryer ever created! Maybe!

Just when you think that you have a secret admirer, you find these posted on your street!

If you ever needed a reason not to step through the big red gate! This might be it!

The grammar police are in town and they are looking for suspicious quotation marks!

Sometimes the #IceBucketChallenge does not go completely to plan!

By now, we have all seen those celebrities, adults, teens and children giving the #IceBucketChallenge a go, but some have to go just a little bit further to prove that their ALS challenge is better, bigger or bolder than the… Continue Reading →

It is true there is a match for everyone! This is the proof!

Is this an accident or serendipitous? Either way the track design is amazing!

How to be a birthday cheap skate and get away with giving them just a couple of dollars!

Well if there was ever a good reason for staying closed! This must be it!

Well that’s it summer is over! So how long is it until Christmas?

Who needs your grammar and your English literature? When we have Homer Simpson!

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Do this test now! The faster you get to the end the better the result! Are you up for it?

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Group of bandits caught on camera as they try to hijack a bus!

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The best way to get your own back is to set up a beach volleyball match!

Source: Tosh  

It’s funny how the second day of school is not as great as the first!

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