Uses for plastic bags

It seems that the world has a surplus of plastic shopping bags, which take years to decompose in landfill and just generally cause havoc with the environment! It makes no difference either in the stores; you still plastic bags with every purchase, which just end up in the bin! Surely, there must be another way! […]

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The Walking Dead Zombie Truck

It seems that when you are producing a cool zombie show, the possibilities for promotions and marketing are virtually endless, after what other show could hire a truck for, have a load of body parts hanging out of the door and at the same time nobody takes that much notice, so it must be for […]

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The Keyboard Tie

Here is something that is bound to liven up a dreary meeting, it is something that will remind people who you are and what you are representing, so it is great for sales people as way in the door! The tie has eight sensors, one in each key so that with practice the wearer will […]

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Man in a drain

What lengths would you go to in order to find your iPhone? Well this guy has followed his iPhone down the drain, which is fair enough; I suppose it is only natural to want to get your expensive iPhone back, especially if it is at the beginning of a new twenty four month contract! The […]

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The Apple Store Challenge

It seems that you are able to do almost anything at the Apple Store these days, just take a quick search on YouTube and you will find all sorts of curious things going on. So that definitely sounds like a challenge doesn’t it? Step in comedian and all time bad shopper, Mark Malkoff, he certainly […]

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These are Data Sandals

With summer in full swing, it is only natural that a girl would be interested in getting their hands on some designer shoes, well in this case they are sandals and yes, they certainly are designer shoes. However, maybe not quite, what a lady would be wearing to the Summer Ball, or maybe they would, […]

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Hotel offers anti snoring features

It seems that according to recent research around half of UK couples complain that their partners snoring ruins their holidays, and in response to this Crowne Plaza Hotels have created an anti snoring room or to put it technically, a snore absorption room. There is one in the London hotel and in nine other hotels […]

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Fun getting to work

Wouldn’t life be delightful if you were able to make going to work a bit of fun! Well if you lived in the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands and used the Overvecht railway station. For the recent renovations have left the entrance to the station with an unusual way of getting down into the […]

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Planking out of a job

Sometimes we all do things that we regret, I would tell you about my regrets but you don’t have all day or do you? Any Planking is a very funny concept that was invented by some Australians who obviously had nothing better to do that day and now there are people planking everywhere, including on […]

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Hiding porn on your computer

Okay, hands up all those who have never watched any sort of porn on their computer? Really! Well for all of those folks that actually do and we believe that it is actually much more than those who are actually admitting it! Here is a cool graphic that clearly shows you how to hide that […]

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So You Are Late! Again!

You know when you are going to have a bad day, because right from the start, things start to go wrong and makes no difference how you try to tackle this run of bad luck either, if it can go wrong, it will! However, it is not just that, when you are late, everything is […]

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The Revenge of the Geek

For a long time us geek types have been mocked and bullied by those who believed that they were better than us. Well now it seems that the tide could be turning and the Geek is getting revenge with the only weapon they have, no not a laptop, but words! It seems that words have […]

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