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    Best Wishes with Talking Recordable Envelopes

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    There is a good and bad side to these Talking Recordable Envelopes, first you can record any message that you want, and it could even be a piece of music or a funny sound effect so the actual principle of these Talking Recordable Envelopes is interesting. However, there is potential to send annoying or rude sounds… Read more »

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    What Happens When You Press Publish?

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    The idea of writing your own blog and publishing your thoughts to world is a cool prospect, especially as there are millions of surfers just waiting to read that piece fresh off the press or in this case keyboard! So that is the world according to those rose tinted glasses that we all seem to… Read more »

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    R2-D2 gets a new job

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    Out of all the characters from Star Wars it seems that little R2-D2 is the only one that is getting constant work, here you can see that he has started a sort of recycling business. He stands around outside a home, people feed him and once week or fortnight, he moves to the edge of… Read more »

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    The Nike Geek Collection

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    Why should everyone else get to see their favourite brand logos on clothing and shoes, when geeks and tech fans have to go without. Well just as a little taste of what life could be like if big businesses  wanted to really serve their customers needs and desires, these trainers from Nike just show how… Read more »

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    Skateboarding Dog fined £80!

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    It seems that for some local government officials there is no such word a fun or having a good time, take the story of Bodhi the Lakeland terrier from Brighton. He just loves to ride along on his skateboard showing off to the tourists and because of his fame, he has even appeared on the… Read more »

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    The underwater scooter

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    It seems that travelling around on the road is no longer the only way to go as there is plenty of room under the sea and machines such as this Aquastar AS2 two seat underwater scooter. This is what it says it is an under water scooter for two and those gas tanks will provide… Read more »

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    How about an honest logo for a change!

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    It seems that we have company and brand logos thrust into faces all of the time, so much is this the case that we often associate the logo with a brand rather than the actual brand name. Therefore, what would the world be like if there was a change in how logos where created, to… Read more »

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    Rollerblader Activates Speed Camera at 40mph!

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    This is one of those stories that many people have been waiting for; it is where a speed camera snaps something other than a vehicle breaking the speed limit. So the thing is that here we have a twenty eight year old guy, Sam Tuffnell from Brighton, who is determined to activate the speed camera… Read more »

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    The Funny Side of Google Search Suggestions

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    Sometimes search suggestions can make the users search easier and in some cases much faster, but it seems that there is a downside to this system and it has something to do with exactly where your pause while typing the search query. These are just a few examples of pops up from Google search queries… Read more »

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    Mario versus Donkey Kong

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    So you have played through all of the levels and reached the top level of the scaffolding only to be greeted with the words “The End”. However, what we all want to know is what happens when Mario finally reaches the top of the half finished building, does he get the girl? Fortunately, we have… Read more »

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    BioFuel Caffeinated Popcorn

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    Here is the perfect pick me up for the person who wishes to have that caffeine hit, but at the same time does not really want to have a large mug of coffee! It seems that the coffee these days is not as hip as it used to be and popcorn is the new caffeine… Read more »

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    How to survive a Zombie outbreak

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    With so many stories, movies and TV shows around covering the subject of Zombies and Zombie Attacks, it seems only prudent to see what the options are just in case something like this actually happens! This info graphic has been designed to inform those people at college, but it can work in everyday life and… Read more »

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    Giant Water Filled Balloon Burst

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    The fact that the title here has giant, water, balloon and burst within it, should tell you what it about to happen here, but there are two key words missing, “Slow Mo”! Oh yes not only are you getting a giant six foot balloon filled with ice cold water, the object of the exercise is… Read more »

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    The Geek Zodiac

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    There are plenty of zodiac tables and other methods of getting advice on which way to turn when an important decision is there to be made, but what Geeks, what do they have? Well it seems that they do actually have their own form of zodiac symbols and table. However, as you can imagine it… Read more »

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    The State of America

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    It is very rare that any of us get to go to all parts of the USA; usually it is the normal holiday spots of Florida, California or New York. However, it interesting that this work of art has popped up, it is like a sort of info graphic for the USA as it displays… Read more »