Different types of time

We have all been there, waiting! we seem to live in a world that travels at a 100 mph all of the time, expect when it actually comes to time itself and a classic example is waiting for the kettle to boil or for the toaster to pop up, what do they take twenty minutes […]

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Things kids will never know

There are some simple things around these days, that the kids of today are just never going to know the significance of; a case in example is the image below! Is this merely a sign of the times or just how it has always been, after all I remember my grandparents coming out with stuff […]

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Street Art Berlin Style

Street art has been around probably since streets have been around, but modern technology allows us to produce better and yes of course bigger works of street art. This is Berlin during the summer and an unknown group of street art cyclists dropped around five hundred litres of a water based environmentally friendly paint onto […]

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Parmesan Cheese Pencils

Normally cheese would not be a ground breaking story or even worthy of inclusion into TechMASH, but this is something completely different, you could even call it ingenious! The story starts at an ad agency in Germany, who were tasked with making Parmesan Cheese interesting by the fine food group The Deli Garage. Sure enough, […]

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Windows branded snacks

Sometimes a brand is bigger than anything else, so much so that we find it turning up on all sorts of different products and services. In many cases, you would have to think that the design is purely by coincidence rather than completely hijacking a world famous brand, but then you find this; Clearly, there […]

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One in ten pets on Facebook

When we hear that there are 750 million users of the social networking site Facebook, we naturally assume that these are all people! However, of course, this is not so because there are plenty of corporate Facebook accounts and now it seems that pets are getting in on the act! According to recent data, around […]

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Star Wars Revisited

You can always tell when it has been far too long since the last Star Wars outing, when fans start to produce their own alternative versions of their favourite parts. Take this one, it covers the fight scene between Qui-Gon Jinn (Liam Neeson), Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) and Darth Maul (Ray Park) near the end […]

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The First animated tattoo

The idea of getting a tattoo fills me fear, but for some folks it is just a way a life and even so the tattoo has changed so much over the years to a point where QR codes are incorporated into the design to produce a cool animation. Check out this video, it looks kind […]

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Shoot the alarm

Here is a way to be woken up in the morning that is guaranteed to get you moving. it is called the Bandai Gun O’clock Alarm Clock and it is what it says it is, the alarm goes off and you have to shoot the target at least three times to switch it off, it […]

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The Internet wins again

The internet can be your best friend or your worst enemy; it just depends on your point of view! Never before has there been a place where so much useful information is available at the click of a mouse. While on the other hand there are so many distractions all seeking your attention and once […]

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Add Duck Shoot to your site!

They say on this Duck My Life website that every website should have a shooting duck app, where visitors simply aim the crosshairs using the mouse at the moving duck and to fire hit click, its fun but I am not sure that all sites will go for it! These are the details for the […]

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The price of being a bridesmaid

Being the season of the wedding, it is a time of high cost and anxiety for all involved. However, there is one key person who often gets left out from getting any of the praise and they are the bridesmaids. It seems that the costs of the wedding do always fall into the wallets of […]

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Swim like fish

Let us face it we are not all excellent swimmers, especially when you see how cool some people are in the water. but it seems that there changes ahead for users of the pool or the sea, for these are the Darkfin Gloves a rubber like material that creates a web like effect and therefore […]

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