Are you a dog or cat person

There are three different kinds of people in the world, dog lovers, cat fanciers and those who do not care for either! So forgetting about the last group, we will concentrate on what are the main differences between the two groups. It seems that the general opinion is that dog lovers tend to be more […]

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Fancy a 14 day old sandwich?

It seems that we are moving into the era of the long life sandwich, how long? Fourteen days at least, yes Snack time is a brand of sandwich that will stay fresh for two weeks, so they are great for anyone going on a long journey and at £1.49 they are a bargain too, which […]

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Get her to say yes!

This is a machine that takes all of the hassle out of asking the one that you love, the all important question! What question I hear you say, the proposal that is! She is bound to yes, isn’t she! Especially with this robot doing all of the hard work for you and it is much […]

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Classic Nuclear Lab for kids

In those scary days of 1951 to 1952, the threat of nuclear war was an everyday fear and yet the love affair with this clean source of power and the source of the ultimate weapon could not have been higher. There were even toys and games that encourage kids to get with the nuclear programme […]

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An advert to die for

Sometimes we see something that just makes us stop and say OMG! This is an advert that has been carefully posted on the wall by the track at an underground station is just one of those occasions. We have no idea where this is, but it looks like it says Berlin, but we could be wrong, […]

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How to survive a Zombie attack

You will know that this is one of my favourite subjects, although I am not quite clear if it is just the zombie part, the surviving part or both that interests me the most, but it is a little worrying I suppose! This info graphic looks at the issue from a scientific point of view, […]

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UFO’s over London

This is the latest video to be posted on YouTube of UFO’s flying over the nation’s capital, you might say that is convenient that these guys had their cameras with them just at the right time, maybe they are tourists! So, what do you think? Is this some sort of hoax or the real thing; […]

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Folding Electric Bike

This is something that has so many uses, because first of all it is an electric bike with a 15 mph top speed and a range of about 25 miles or 12 miles if you want to get back! However, the most interesting feature is the design, it actually looks like a Swiss Army knife […]

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The Space Invader Traffic Lights

Here is a real cool design for traffic lights, they look normal with the same colours, but upon closer inspection, you will notice that they are in fact a design based on Space Invaders. These where on show at the cool Invader 1000 exhibition being held in Paris until the 7th July! The exhibition is […]

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Zombies invade Leicester

It had to happen, only a few days after Leicester City Council revealed that is no contingency plan in place should a Zombie break out occur, the city centre has been invaded by Zombies, who would think it! Around 150 brain dead Zombies trolled the city centre ending up at the councils offices where they […]

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Cool iPod deception trick

This has to be a cross between art and magic; I do not know which so it has to be a bit of both. However, what it does is shows Marco Tempest, who is a very skilful virtual magician he likes to use all sort of gadgets and technology in his trick. In this case, […]

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Facebook Friends tattooed on arm

Sometimes social networking can go just too far, like inviting everyone to a party! However, even that does not touch what this Facebook user has gone and done. She has had all 152 for her Facebook friends tattooed on her arm, but this is not just the names, but avatars too and to show how […]

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Welcome to the Dharma Initiative

There are those folks who will instantly know who and what the Dharma Initiative is! Therefore, by wearing this cool badge you are going to be acknowledged by the people who know and ignored by those who have no idea what Dharma means to what it stands for! These are the features and specs for […]

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