The iPhone Charger On A Keychain

Most of us know how long our Smartphone’s battery will last, but occasionally there are times when the battery indicator simply drops like a stone and then it is a real nightmare. However Juice Buddy think that they have the answer with their portable charger on a keychain that you carry around with you until […]

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Cool Folding Electric Bicycle

    There are plenty of electric bikes around, but not many that are capable of being folded down to 30″ x 18″ x 12″. However, this one can and it will run at around 15 mph for around an hour. But then it takes six hours to charge up again, so it is ideal […]

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The Book That Has Power

    Here is an interesting idea that will provide you with some additional power points but in an unlikely place, the book shelf! It is called the Plugbook and it needs some help, because the project is currently underfunded and there are only just over thirty days to go before the project ends. This […]

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