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    Lorex’s LiveSense Baby Monitor

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    This is being marketed at a baby monitor, but there are plenty of other uses that it can be used for too, such as in the home, office or other work place for security purposes. However, whatever the device is used for it comes with a nice 3.5 inch display and a wireless camera that… Read more »

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    UFO On Ocean Floor

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    It looks as if Swedish treasure hunters have discovered more than they bargained for when a large disc shape object showed up on the ships sonar! It appears to be around sixty feet in diameter with marks on the sea bed as if it had been dragged and is lying around three hundred feet down… Read more »

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    The Bullet HD POV

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    Here is a device that has many uses, but one of the most useful is where a bike rider attaches the camera to the helmet, now they have a complete video record of any event, which can be very useful should there be some sort of incident on the road. This point of view (POV)… Read more »

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    The mobile camera balloon

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    Here is a design by Moonhwan Lee that is sort of science fiction as anyone from who has watched Stargate Universe will see. Because this is a drone that follows you around while you are visited a new place, taking images and even video as you go it could be the ultimate holiday reference for… Read more »

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    Video Chat with Facebook

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    Mark Zuckerberg announced that there would be an event this week and it comes in the shape of a partnership between Facebook and the video calling service Skype! This is going to work with the user of Facebook either signing up for account or registering their existing account so that it can be integrated into their… Read more »

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    The business card redesigned

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    Here is a cool way of sharing your contact details such as social network profile details, as well as phone, email and other information. But instead of handing over a small piece of card that can get lost or battered up, you will be offering your new contacts a personalised QR code! With this, they… Read more »

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    The boomarang with built in camera

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    Here is a cool design for taking some seriously different camera shots, it is a modern designed boomerang so hopefully that would mean once it has been thrown it will come back and not just keep going into the distance. This is currently a concept from the pen of Sangyong Park, it takes the video… Read more »

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    The Replay XD1080

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    This is the second generation version of the Replay XD camera, the main difference being that the Replay XD1080 Camera comes with full high definition. This means that you still get all of the coolness of earlier version but not you can capture all of the action in full HD! Attach this to almost anything,… Read more »

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    Big Red Button for the iPhone 4

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    How about this, instead of thumbing around for the camera button on your iPhone to get that image, then maybe this is the ideal thing to get clicking away like a maverick paparazzo. The design is by a group known as Beep Industries, they have created the Red Pop and they are looking for baker… Read more »

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    The Friday Deal – Canon PowerShot A3300 IS Digital Camera

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    Canon is well known in the camera business and as this is the Friday Deal, it should be a good one! well the normal price of the Canon PowerShot A3300 IS Digital Camera in red with a 16.0 MP, 5x Optical Zoom and 3.0 inch TFT LCD display would be around £150, whereas at the… Read more »

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    The Monday Deal – the Kodak Playsport Zx3 Waterproof video camera

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    This is the cool Kodak Playsport Zx3 Waterproof video camera, being waterproof it makes no difference where you are using this device, the beach or even in bad weather it makes no difference as this is an extreme camera capable of full HD video that can be edited and then uploaded straight to YouTube or… Read more »

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    See Through Walls with this Backpack!

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    This may sound like something straight out of sci-fi show, but this back pack really can see through walls up to a distance of twenty feet, it does not give the viewer a clear picture. However, the device produces more like a radar type image; this can also be relayed to a Smartphone or laptop… Read more »