Clockety turns your Smartphone into a cool looking projection clock!

The Spraypaint can that projects a clock!

Clocks come in all shapes and sizes, but this is the first one that we have seen to come in the form of a can of paint spray. This is an idea from Gamago, you have the can at the… Continue Reading →

ChronoDisc The Clock That Appears To Float!

The Tokyoflash Kisai Night Vision LED Watch In Wood!

The Clock That Makes You Feel Drunk!

If you did not know any better when you first checked the time with this clock you might think that you have had one or two too many. But, in actual fact this is a real smart clock design where… Continue Reading →

Having Trouble Getting Up? You Need The Alarming Clock!

Although this clock is called the Alarming Clock it is actually far from being alarming as has been designed to help the owner wind down before sleeping, it does this through two alarms. The first alarm warns the user that… Continue Reading →

The New Working Week Clock Has Been Revealed!

It seems that the bosses are fed up with workers clock watching, so they are doing away with the hour and minute hands on the clock now on there will be only one hand and seven days! Source: Humor Train… Continue Reading →

The Timely Alarm App Developer BitSpin Joins Google!

Google have just acquired the Swiss developer BitSpin, these guys created the Smartphone alarm clock app, Timely! The takeover has been done on the quiet for some reason and details of the deal appeared in a short announcement on the… Continue Reading →

What Connects A Day With A Case Of Beer?

It is true that you can find connections to a lot of different things, some of obvious and some are not quite as clear as you might like! However, 24 hours in day and 24 beers in case is a… Continue Reading →

What Is The Time? The Time Is Now!

If there is only thing that we will be doing this new year, it will be not to watch the clock anymore! That is why this is the perfect clock for the office! Source: Jokeroo  

You Do Not Have To Be Dr Who To Own A Timeless Box!

This is the Timeless Box, it looks a little bit like an alarm clock, but it comes with a cool feature! You can place something inside, close the lid and know that it will not be opened until the day… Continue Reading →

The Alarm Clock That Knows A Lot About You!

You think that all alarm clocks are the same; they wake you up in the morning so you are not late for work and on days when you do not have to go to work, they let you have a… Continue Reading →

The wobL iPhone Stand With Alarm Clock App!

Some people cannot get up in the morning without having an alarm going off and most of the time they opt to hit the snooze button once or twice! However, if you are using your Smartphone as an alarm, it… Continue Reading →

Walkie Talkie Plus Clock Is The Clockee Talkee!

This is an interesting idea that mashes together a walkie talkie, alarm clock, thermometer, sound activation and other features all wrapped up in a four cube! You can have one, two or many of these devices around the home or… Continue Reading →

The Sundial Gets An Update To The 21st Century!

Sundials have been around for thousands of years, in fact some of the earliest examples date back to 3500 BC! So, it sounds like it’s time that the sundial got a bit of revamp and is brought up to date… Continue Reading →

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