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Tiny Solar And Wind Powered House!

Stylish eco-friendly tech for your home

Being eco-friendly doesn’t have to stop you having a stylish home. There are plenty of technology options that give your home a sleek and stylish look, as well as being extremely efficient. Whether you’re looking to heat your home, generate your own energy or just listen to the latest sounds, there is a piece of technology for you. Continue reading →

Carabinsi The Cool Carabiner!

Carabinsi Proves That Not All Carabiners Are The Same!

Carabinsi The Cool Carabiner!

There is something very useful about a good carabiner as it has many uses from keeping keys safe, emergency tools and for keeping things together. However, sometimes there are designs that push the limits of normal. This is the Carabinsi it’s a carabiner but not just an average carabiner as this one comes with NFC Technology, bottle opener, wrenches, can opener and a whole host of functions combining these features.

Yet, there is more with this clever little thing as it can easily be personalised using photos, images or logos, simply cut to size and then just insert into the space provided for a cool personal look. The Carabinsi will be launching in the middle of the year, but they are taking pre orders now from $20 for the Billy or Jimi versions now.

Source: Carabinsi


Rubiks Cube Red Hot Nickel Ball!

The Only Sure Way To Beat A Rubiks Cube!

Since the mid 70’s the Rubiks Cube has been driving people mad and to make it even worse there are those who are able to solve the square shaped puzzle in seconds. So it is only natural that some sort of revenge is needed on the brain teasing and tormenting Rubiks Cube. One such solution is to place a red hot nickel ball onto it, but make sure that you stand well back!

A red hot nickel ball placed on a Rubik’s cube. WARNING *For your safety do not attempt to recreate ANYTHING you see here at home!

Source: Cars and Water on YouTube


Tago Arc E Ink Bracelet!

Express Yourself With The Tago Arc E Ink Bracelet!

Imagine mashing together E Ink technology and jewellery then you would end up with something like the Tago Arc E Ink Bracelet! This is a clever design that offers the wearer endless design possibilities to match moods, outfits or just for the pure hell of it. The bracelet is a cuff design with an E Ink display built in; the image can be changed according to the user’s tastes using the Smartphone app.

The mechanics of the picture transfer are really this simple enabled by emerging technologies NFC and E Ink. We prefer to keep the tago arc elegant and smooth with #NObutton #NOcord #NOcharge. For more technical details scroll down to the #tago technology section.

It’s easy to get started too, there are designs to buy or you can create your own using the app, place the Smartphone near to the bracelet and tap to transfer. This is an amazing piece of jewellery that comes with endless designs that can be produced to match a pattern in the clothing in black and white. The Tago Arc will be launching by the end of the year, but you can pre order one now from just $259.

Source: Liber8 Tech


Lego VR Headset!

Build Your Own VR Head Mounted Display With Lego!

There are plenty of VR headsets around these days, but they come at price. So how about building your own head mounted display (HMD)? Sure, this sounds very technical and expensive which sort of defeats the object. But that is not what Odd Arne Roll thinks, because his design uses Lego and components that can be purchased online at great prices.

So all you need here is a pair of $16 lenses, enough Lego to build the HMD and an app, such as Durovis or 3dtube to complete the design. Once you have spent a bit of time on it, you now have your own VR headset that you built yourself and it did not cost the earth either. In addition, you have the added bonus of a cool looking Lego VR headset that everyone will want to have a go of.

Source: Odd Arne Roll On YouTube


Put A Photo On Your Nails Using The NailSnaps App!

Put A Photo On Your Nails Using The NailSnaps App!

There are plenty of opportunities to get a cool design on your nails, but there are not many that allow the use to create a personalised design using photos store on their Smartphone. This is what NailSnaps has on offer, it is only available on iOS right now, but it is still an interesting idea. Continue reading →