Category: Design

Hopscotch the smartphone mount for the home, work or car!

Blerline Mashes Tracing Paper With Smartphone’s!

Create A Cool Interactive Map With Odyssey!

ChronoDisc The Clock That Appears To Float!

LaMetric The Customizable LED Ticker Display!

Wanted A Paint Job That Expressed My Personality!

Giving the body shop guys a free hand to come up with a cool design for the car, might sound…

The Credit Card Sized WalletM8 Smartphone Stand!

The Next Gen Of Instant Photography With Lomo’Instant!

The Noisli App Could Help Motivate You At Work!

The iFind Bluetooth Tagging Device With No Battery!

It’s Time For An Election Who Should Vote For?

Capture The Whole Picture With Centr Camera!

Illum Takes Lytro In A New Direction!

The Paper Thin Printoo For Flexible Electronics!

Normally this kind of technology would only be available in those fancy research and development departments paid for by big…

The Little FlashQ For Wireless Flash Photography!

It makes no difference if you are using your camera for taking snapshots or pro shots, the chances are that…

Justice Cap Stops Facial Photos With A Flash!

Being in the UK we are well aware that at any time we are being watched by somebody sitting in…

Is This The Coolest Bus Shelter Ever!

Augmented Reality (AR) is a great marketing tool when done right and who else could make use of this technology…

Kyub The Cube Shaped User Friendly Musical Interface!

Budding musicians of all levels can build their own musical interface with the help of a Kyub kit that comes…

The Clock That Makes You Feel Drunk!

If you did not know any better when you first checked the time with this clock you might think that…

Having Trouble Getting Up? You Need The Alarming Clock!

Although this clock is called the Alarming Clock it is actually far from being alarming as has been designed to…

#GetLit With The Lit Rechargeable Illuminated Glasses!

Going out to parties and events will never be the same again with the Lit glasses from Lift, these are…

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