The Peacekeeper Flashlight With A Built In Pepper Spray!

Normally, we would not feature something that comes with a concealed weapon even though it is of the non lethal variety. However, this flashlight is a piece of cool technology that combines the flashlight, concentrated pepper spray and the added benefit of a Bluetooth and GPS connection so that the user is able to issue […]

Keep Your Cards, Keys And Cash In A JAKEY Wallet!

It is not that often that something comes along that allows us to keep all of valuables in one handy place, yet this is exactly what the JAKEY wallet has been created for. It is the idea of German designer Michael Rayss and it’s made from aluminium, which not only looks great, it will also […]

Now Your Cat Can Take A Selfie With Cat Snaps!

Funny images of cats are really popular on social networking sites; in fact, just about any image of a cat almost instantly becomes popular. However, we are mainly busy and as such, we are unable to wait around for the cat to do something, we need some help! So, it is great to see that there […]