Pocketscan The Portable Pocket Sized Scanning Device!

The Stayblcam For Super Steady iPhone Videos!

Ever Wondered How Photographers Get Those Close Ups?

Capture Your World As It Happens With The Lifelogger Camera!

With No Smartphone Signal You Need LookFor!

The Peacekeeper Flashlight With A Built In Pepper Spray!

Normally, we would not feature something that comes with a concealed weapon even though it is of the non lethal variety. However, this flashlight is a piece of cool technology that combines the flashlight, concentrated pepper spray and the added… Continue Reading →

This Is Another Cool Flying Selfie!

We are getting some really cool selfies coming up these days and we are not talking just taking a picture of yourself standing in front of a store or beach. This latest one is of a guy flying a glider… Continue Reading →

Keep Your Cards, Keys And Cash In A JAKEY Wallet!

It is not that often that something comes along that allows us to keep all of valuables in one handy place, yet this is exactly what the JAKEY wallet has been created for. It is the idea of German designer… Continue Reading →

Now Your Cat Can Take A Selfie With Cat Snaps!

Funny images of cats are really popular on social networking sites; in fact, just about any image of a cat almost instantly becomes popular. However, we are mainly busy and as such, we are unable to wait around for the… Continue Reading →

The Swisskey! It’s Like The Knife But Much More Useful!

More or less everyone has heard about the Swiss Army Knife, it is a classic pocket that comes with a whole of tools. However, these days those tools are in need of an upgrade to modern day needs and standards…. Continue Reading →

The Wally iPhone Case And Wallet Combo!

Whenever we go out and about, we usually have to take keys, smartphone, wallet and other essentials out with us. So being able to reduce this need to carry a lot of different items, there is a trend for smartphone… Continue Reading →

The Leatherman Hail And Signal Snowboards Thirteen Piece Pocket Tool!

If you are in the business of producing top quality tools for people who love extreme sports and lifestyles, then it is worth teaming up with another cool firm in the same business and that is what multi tool maker… Continue Reading →

The TREWGrip Air Mouse And Handheld Keyboard For Mobile Devices!

The humble keyboard has been redesigned and remounted, it is supposed to be easy to pick and yet the keys are on the back of the device. This is the TREWGrip; it is an air mouse and handheld wireless keyboard… Continue Reading →

Make Christmas Decoration With Old Tech Gear That Is Lying Around!

Just because it’s Christmas that does not mean that we have to drop everything to do with gadgets and tech, oh no! There are plenty of items lying around the office or in drawers that could be used to make… Continue Reading →

The Glif Smartphone Stand Is Updated Making It Adjustable!

The original Glif was launched a few years ago following a successful fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. Since the launch it has been updated a couple of times, but nothing as significant as this latest update that has introduced an adjustable… Continue Reading →

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