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    Folding laptop with OLED screen

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    The cool thing about OLED displays is that they are able to bend and it seems that this is a point that most laptop designers appear to have overlooked. One designer Niels van Hoof has embraced the bendable OLED display and come with a concept design that allows the laptop to fold into three and… Read more »

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    The Fanbrella with motorized fan

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    Living in the UK often means that during the summer it is going to be raining at some point, but you do not want to appear to be prepared for the downpour as that could be considered to be bad luck. However, this Fanbrella has a built in fan for when the sun is just… Read more »

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    Trousers built for the iPad

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    Being motivated gadgets many people find that they simply do not have enough pockets for these essential electronics, but when the iPad came along well that requires a substantial pocket given the size of the device. However, there is always some firm out there that are looking to match clothing with gadgets and these cargo… Read more »

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    Real hands free for Smartphone’s

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    This is the device that you need when your hands are otherwise engaged doing important stuff, such as washing up or even while in the bath, which incidentally was where the inspiration for this device comes from! It allows the user to operate the touchscreen of a Smartphone without the need of any hands, this… Read more »

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    Pen made from recycled paper

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    Being kind to the planet does not have to mean that the world has to be plain and grey, these pens prove that as each one has been from single sheet of recycled A4 paper. Naturally it is going to be pot luck on what was initially printed on the paper, but hey this is… Read more »

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    Cool Offer on the StuckBuddy Suction Cup stand

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    It seems that these days there not many opportunities for many good deals, let alone getting something for free, Yes Free! Don’t you just love that word! Well it looks like the guys over at Mobile Fun are literally giving the StuckBuddy Suction Cup stand away, but only one with each order they are not… Read more »

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    Where no man has gone before

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    This is wallet that will appeal to fan of the original series of Star Trek; it looks as if it has been made from some sort of tough plastic material, so it will be waterproof to a certain extent. However, most of all this is just a cool wallet made especially for retro Star Trek… Read more »

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    What happens when a taser grenade is used?

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    Well it would seem that there is only one way to find out and Justin Rocket Silverman a reporter from The Daily in the US volunteered to find out first hand exactly what it is like to be hit by the ultimate in non lethal weaponry. It seems that the firm behind the taser grenade… Read more »

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    RC Car Hack for iPad

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    Remote controlled cars and iPads, what a combination and getting the two to work together is even better, which is exactly what Gaurav Manek has done. He has made this remote control car work straight from the iPad by using a simple HTML5 app that is compatible with the iPad. This app simply applies the… Read more »

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    Geek Alert Test

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    It seems no matter where you look these days; there are geeks everywhere you look! But are they geeks and how can you tell! It is a difficult concept to grasp as with technology, people are changing all of the time and technology is becoming more available to a wider audience. Luckily, this is the… Read more »

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    Retro record label coasters

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    Here is a cool looking idea that brings the world of tech and retro cool together all in one lovely bundle of goodness. Imagine what these coasters would be like around the office or even in that brand new board room, you know the one that nobody uses! These are the details for the retro record… Read more »

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    It seems that following a security breach at the online games store, there will be an increase in spam activity; in fact, it seems that victims are already receiving unwanted emails, many of which direct the user to sites where it is claimed their computer has a virus and offers a way to help… Read more »

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    So, you think you are a Geek

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    When you are a geek, you know that you are different and therefore require different attention from others especially your family and friends. But just to help them out, here is a handy graphic by @loulouk it points out the different levels of geek there are and more importantly it shows how to tell which… Read more »

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    Simon Pegg and Nick Frost do Star Wars

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    There is no doubt that Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are hot property when it comes to science fiction films, after all “Paul” is still do the rounds and if anyone has not seen it yet, what have you been doing? Now it seems the dream team had a go at remaking the hottest science fiction… Read more »

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    Hacked ATM Machine

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    We hear about hacked ATM’s a lot, but rarely do we get the chance to see one. As you can see from the images the machine is slightly tatty to start with, now would you really put your card into this machine? However, for the benefit of someone who would consider trying to get cash… Read more »