New Bingo Game That Uses YouTube Videos

There is nothing new about Bingo, it has been around for many years and yet Bingo is one of the most popular games online, why is this? Well, it could be the fact that it is fast and there are small prizes that can be picked up now and then. But that sounds like old school Bingo, we are interested in the next generation of Bingo, times have changed and so has this game, it’s fun, fast and exciting, it fits right into the modern lifestyles and best of all its online!

New Bingo Game That Uses YouTube Videos

To that end we are going to be looking at Costa Bingo, they have come up with a brilliant new game that incorporates YouTube videos that can be found on the specially created Costa Bingo YouTube channel. These videos are short and sweet, so it is not going to take you all day to get involved. In fact, this is ideal for those spare moments when waiting for the train, coffee or for England to score in the World Cup 2014!

According to a Costa Bingo blog post, they explain just how this is going to work;

We’ll be publishing new videos each week for you to watch, laugh at and enjoy with your bingo buddies!

This is a fantastic chance for all bingo fans to really get excited with this game by literally getting involved in the bingo fun by learning the language of bingo, we all have our favourites and some might not even be political correct anymore, but this is bingo.

Costa Bingo says that they will be releasing a brand new video on their channel every week. The players will then have the chance to vote for favourite video and join in with all of the bingo fun! So, what is your favourite bingo number? 88 is quite amusing for some reason or other!