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Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Gameplay Trailer!

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Official Gameplay Trailer!

Fans of Wolfenstein: The New Order will be taking a step back in time when the new game Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is released this May. The game is a prequel so it predates everything that the gamers have done in the last game, so it has all of the darkness and much more too, as it takes place at the end of World War 2. As before, this is a first person shooter game and the gamers will once again become BJ Blazkowicz, but this time the year is 1946 and the location is the dark Castle Wolfenstein. Here the details of General Deathshead’s compound can be found, all that he has to do is find them. Naturally, the gamer will need to get past the Warden and his guards; well you didn’t think it was going to be easy, did you?

The Old Blood takes our hero BJ Blazkowicz back to the year 1946 in an adventure that spans eight chapters and two interconnected stories (released together) that will lead into the events you know and love from The New Order.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood will be hitting the PS4 and Xbox One (Digital) this May, prices vary according to region but in the US it’s going to be $19.99, while in the UK it will cost around £14.99, not bad for eight chapters and a couple of overlapping stories.

Source – Playstation


Toaster Nintendo 8 Bit Games Console!

Toaster Nintendo 8 Bit Game Console!

There are a lot of modified games consoles around, but this one really does stand out from the crowd. The main reason for this is that it’s a toaster, but it’s more than just a toaster because it has been mashed up with a Nintendo 8 Bit games console to become the Nintoaster!

This is my second Nintoaster what i have build. Every button in toaster works, power, reset and led brightness control. Inside the toaster is Nintendo 8 bit (NES) game console. I have also painted Controller to match the Nintoaster.

So we now know that a toaster can be made into a cool looking games console, what else would make a cool games console?

Source: Jaki 33


The Order 1886 Trailer!

History Is Not What It Seems In The Order: 1886!

This is London, but it’s not quite the same as the history books show. This is because of the centuries old war that has been raging with the Knights from the Order being humanities only hope. There are some well known names and landmarks to see, but history is different as rebels fight The Order as well as the police state. While the true enemy known as half breeds are growing in numbers.

Discover history’s darkest secret. Rewrite the past in this unique vision of Victorian London where advanced weaponry is used to battle a powerful and ancient foe.

The Order is out now only on the Playstation 4; it can be bought from Amazon
at £45 or other retailers for a similar price.

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Interactive Gaming Installation!

Interactive Installation Turns Stairs Into A Game!

When it comes to creating a cool gaming installations le Qu4tre have really come up with a winner. Based in an old industrial building they have turned an ordinary set of concrete stairs into a brilliant interactive gaming space. The idea is to throw balls down the stairs trying to hit as many single stairs as possible, sounds easy but hit a stair twice and its game over. This is a great idea that turns a place that would normally dark and dreary into a colourful exciting place where people of ages are able to play against each other. The idea is to light up all the stairs, but because this is a temporary installation there comes a time when the game has to stop and all of the balls have to be collected from the bottom of stairs.

Our idea was to turn a stairway – connecting to the parking, maybe the most unwelcoming place in the building! – into an interactive playground. As a player, you would throw a ball in the stairs, each hit lights on a stair. Your goal is to draw the full rainbow. Beware! If you hit a stair a second time, the whole stairway will light off!

Keep an eye out for more these installations next time you are in Paris or maybe there is another game in the pipeline.

Source: Soixante Circuits Vimeo Channel