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Like Kittens? Then You Will Love Exploding Kittens!

Here is a game for anyone who likes kittens, explosions and classic card games. It comes with a unique name Exploding Kittens and it has to be said that no kittens are actually harmed

Survival Guide Video Launched For Evolve!

Evolve from 2K Games will be launching soon and not before time either, it’s been a while since we first see details of the game. It’s a multiplayer game that puts a team of

Plan To Build Michael’s GTA 5 House On Kickstarter!

Most of us would are able to separate the gaming world from the real world, but in some cases some people just don’t want to. This is why Paul Boyle is planning to build

Two Minute Video That Reviews Gaming In 2014!

This year has been a fantastic year for gaming, but who can remember all of those games that have come and gone over the course of a year?

Shooting Hoops With The Help Of A Portal Gun!

  It seems such a long time since the last Portal game was released and yet those memories are still with us and in particular, what we could do with a portal gun. Well

Watch The Life Is Strange Reveal Trailer!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Life Is Strange! It is a game in five parts that follows a photography student called Max. All is well until she discovers that she has a power,

Watch The Grand Theft Auto Online Heists Trailer!

Check out the official trailer for GTA Online Heists! It is coming out in the early part of next year and offers a cool four player cooperative feature that means players can plan and

A Look Towards Gaming’s Future

As the rise in ecommerce continues, more companies are pushing to house the majority of their business online. Just this past July, eMarketer reported that worldwide, ecommerce sales rose 20% in 2013. Given the

Team Fortress RED Team Faces The End of the Line!

Is it the End of the Line for the RED team? Thanks so much to those involved in the project and to all who have supported us during this long ride.

The StreetPong Road Crossing Officially Opens!

A while ago there was a video of road crossing in Germany that had been converted to reproduce the game of pong on the post where you press the cross button. It was only

Official Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below Trailer!

The wait is almost over and the official Destiny expansion pack 1 to be released, it’s called The Dark Below with new missions, new PvP Crucible arenas, co-ops, a new Strike and best of

The Ultimate Mash Up Of Assassins Creed And Paris!

It is amazing how some cities of the world are hardly unchanged from paintings made two or three hundred years ago, in some cases even longer. So when Ubisoft took Assassins Creed to France

The Game of Thrones Iron From Ice Game Launch Trailer!

Check out the official launch trailer for the Game of Thrones game. It is from Telltale Games and features the first episode titled Iron From Ice. The wait is now over and so we

Watch The Game of Thrones Game Trailer!

There is no doubt that Game of Thrones is huge television success and therefore it is only natural that a game might follow on with this success. Therefore, who better than the developers of

Scalextric Joins The 21st Century With The ARC ONE!

The slot racing system Scalextric has been around for a long time, but recently you might think that mobile and console gaming would have consigned these racing games to the scrapheap, which is a

Imagine If Gaming Meant One Move Per Day!

The very idea of gaming means a fast past and exciting way of passing the time of day. However, here is a different sort of gaming called Slow Games