Transform any table for table tennis fast with the CorkNet!

Playing table tennis in the home or the office, used to mean that somebody has to clear the table, then set up the net by screwing to the edges and that nearly always seems to be crooked or loose in… Continue Reading →

Apocalypse Universe literature and gaming in one!

Broken Shutters Are No Problem For Game!

The T Shirt With Built In Tetris Game!

What Is Your Favourite Bingo Call?

Ever Wondered Why The Wii Is Not Popular!

How has technology affected the gaming industry?

So You Think That The Selfie Is A Modern Idea?

Real FX Its Real Racing By Remote Control!

Be A Cat At Home In Catlateral Damage!

New Bingo Game That Uses YouTube Videos

There is nothing new about Bingo, it has been around for many years and yet Bingo is one of the most popular games online, why is this? Well, it could be the fact that it is fast and there are… Continue Reading →

EA Releases Official Star Wars Battlefront Video!

Waiting for a the latest edition of a game to come out can be a nightmare, in fact it can be unbearable in many cases and yet this is all part of the cause that gamers have to go through… Continue Reading →

R2-D2 Turned Into A Cool Games Console!

Poor old R2-D2 he has had a hard life and just when you think that it is time for him to take a rest he stripped down and turned into a cool games console with built in projector. Source: Geek… Continue Reading →

What If Watchdogs Was On The Commodore 64?

By now most of those serious gamers will already have their copy of Watchdogs and have probably completed it. However, what would it have been like if it had come out in the 80′s on the cool Commodore 64 games console. Well,… Continue Reading →

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