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What If Watchdogs Was On The Commodore 64?

What If Watchdogs Was On The Commodore 64?

What If Watchdogs Was On The Commodore 64?

By now most of those serious gamers will already have their copy of Watchdogs and have probably completed it. However, what would it have been like if it had come out in the 80’s on the cool Commodore 64 games console. Well, let’s take a look because thanks to the Hungarian animator Balazs Kalocsai, enjoy!

What If Watchdogs Was On The Commodore 64?

Source: Majami Hiroz: Welcome to the ’80s


Join The Real Hogwarts For Magical Learning!

Join The Real Hogwarts For Magical Learning!

With the end of the Harry Potter series of books and movies, it seems that there are a lot of wizards at a lose end. So in order to keep from getting into trouble there is Hogwarts Extreme, it is an RPG but when you visit the site, it has the look and feel of a classic college. So, if you are feeling at a lose end and do not know what to do with your wizards hat, cap and wand, then this could be the place to visit and maybe even sign up for magical fun. This has been online for quite some time and a lot of changes have taken place in that time, but for the first time visitor it must be like turning up to Hogwarts for the very first time.

Join The Real Hogwarts For Magical Learning!

From the home page go to the Enrol page, you will be greeted with a sealed letter, just click to open and that is your invitation to join the college and learn all sorts of interesting things, just like in the books. You can sign up to join Hogwarts Extreme at anytime no magic required although a bit of wizardry might come in handy.

Source: #HexRPG

Welcome To Nintendo Games Heaven!

Welcome To Nintendo Games Heaven!

Welcome To Nintendo Games Heaven!

Nintendo gamers have had a lot of choice over the years, remember the Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo 64, GameCube, Wii and the Wii U. as well those popular handheld games machines such as; the Game Boy, Virtual Boy, Game Boy Advance, the Nintendo DS or the 3DS! This could be gamers heaven and it seems that somebody has been creating their own version of Nintendo heaven in this room! Do you think that there is a Microsoft, Sega and Sony rooms available too!

Source: Geek Fill


The Game Of Jenga Gets An Exciting Redesigned!

The Game Of Jenga Gets An Exciting Redesigned!

Finally, the game that people love to play after a few drinks has been unofficially redesigned. It seems that watching your friends topple a tower of wooden bricks over it not enough and so there are some penalties introduced too, naturally you make your own up according to who is playing the game.

Source: Geek Fill


Like Bingo? There Is An App For That!

Playing bingo might have been something that older people might have enjoyed in the past, but today it is just as big and exciting as ever with the younger crowd. However, bingo today is very different from the classic game of the past and that is because it is online! These new and exciting games are colourful, vibrant and there is an app for that too!

To highlight this we are looking at Wink Bingo, it is a real catchy name and the new app is quite bright and very easy to get started on, the only downside to it is that it is only available to iPhone owners. The Wink Mobile App is free to download from iTunes, once installed it opens up a completely new world of Bingo. In fact, Wink Bingo offers more than just a Bingo it’s an entertainment app.

If that was not enough to get the Bingo fever running through your veins then maybe the £35 welcome bonus might be something worth investigating further. New customers signing up through the Wink Bingo App and depositing £10 into their account will receive an additional £35 to play with on slots or bingo. The choice is yours!

It seems to us that bingo has come a very long way from those days when our parents and grandparents used to play with paper books and pen to cross off the numbers as they were called out! It has to be said that the prizes have changed considerably too! Mobile bingo is a whole new game, its fast, exciting and can be played whenever and wherever the player wants, on their iOS powered smartphone too the commute will never be the same again!

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IndieGamesStand Launches Developer Focussed Online Store!


There has been a change over at IndieGamesStand, whereas before the games were sold as a pay what you think it is worth type of engagement. But now, there has been a change in how the site operates focussing on the games developers. Naturally, many of the developers would have been on the original site, but now they are in more control of what happens with the game. Developers still have to submit their games for approval, but the process is fast and once the game is on the storefront gamers are able to purchase it. The deal is a 75/25 split between the developer and store, with the opportunity to run offers etc in order to boost sales.

According to Dan Liebner, co-founder of IndieGameStand, he says in the sites launch press release;

Steam is obviously a great platform that has been great for the industry, but where Steam is weak right now is in giving individualized attention to many indie game developers. With the IndieGameStand Store, we’re removing the barriers that keep indies from getting their games in front of an audience. Of course, the end goal is to offer a great selection of games to our customers. We want IndieGameStand to become synonymous with finding great indie games to buy and play.

IndieGamesStand is open right now with around a hundred games covering a wide range a genres.

Source: IndieGamesStand


Click The Retro Arcade Button Watch!


Anyone who has played on an arcade games machine will know just how cool the controls where and to be more precise how tough these machine were. Well now there is a watch based on the arcade machine button, it’s called the Click, comes in five cool colours and really does look like an arcade machine fire button!

According to the Watchismo description, this is what the Click Arcade watch has to offer;

Arcade aficionados unite!!! Relive those high scores and “Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right A B Select Start” from your childhood and get your video game on every time you check the time. This watch has an Easy to Read Red LED that displays when you press the button.

This watch is going to be priced at around $60 (£39) with a choice of colours from red, black, blue, green and grey.

Source: Watchismo


Microsoft Executes New Xbox One U-turn

Microsoft has had quite a disastrous time in its attempts to promote the new Xbox One console ahead of its hotly anticipated launch in November this year.

When it was unveiled in May, the system met with a number of criticisms from fans, which arguably gave Sony’s PlayStation 4 the edge before the next generation console race had even begun in earnest.

One of the biggest complaints was the news that the Xbox One would require the Kinect camera peripheral to be connected and active at all times, leading to concerns over privacy. But now a Microsoft executive has claimed that it is backtracking on this requirement, levelling the playing field further.

So the question of whether I should sell my trusty Nintendo DS and save up for a machine from Microsoft or Sony this autumn has just become a little trickier to answer.

Kinect Climb Down

The Kinect revelation emerged during a recent Q&A session held by IGN during which Microsoft spokesperson Marc Whitten said that the Xbox One will still work perfectly well, even if Kinect is unplugged.

This effectively overturns previous plans to make it a mandatory peripheral that must always be hooked up to the console, even when not in use by any game or service.

Whitten made a point of reminding gamers that if Kinect is not active, they will not be able to use any of its features, either in games or while using the console’s three-tiered operating system.

Unfortunately it seems that while gamers will not have to have Kinect attached to the Xbox One to enjoy their favourite titles, Microsoft is still bundling the peripheral with every single console it ships so that developers know they can access a consistent set of hardware in every home.

This means that the anticipated £429 UK launch price of the console will remain the same, dramatically exceeding the £349 RRP for Sony’s PlayStation 4, which of course will not come with a camera peripheral as part of the standard package.

Revise and Retreat

With the announcement that Kinect is no longer obligatory, Microsoft is adding to a long list of U-turns that it has made in the past couple of months.

This includes the issue with used games, which Microsoft was originally planning to lock down to just a couple of accounts, thus making it impossible for people to sell their old titles on to strangers.

Microsoft also made it clear that it would be allowing independent games developers to publish their own content and would not be requiring that every Xbox One has to connect to the internet at least once every 24 hours.

During the recent Q&A it was revealed that Microsoft has boosted the clock speed of the console’s graphics chip to give it a better chance to compete on a technical level with the marginally more powerful PS4.

But for many industry observers and gamers, the price difference between these two titans will be the real deciding factor, at least in the early stages of the next console war.

Top PC Games to Play This Autumn

Next month console gamers will be able to enjoy Grand Theft Auto 5 in all its glory, with Rockstar Games finally launching a major new entry in this popular franchise after five years of silence.

However, when it comes to those who prefer to play on PC, there has been no confirmation about a potential release, leaving many fans of GTA disappointed.

This week an executive at graphics chip manufacturer NVIDIA appeared to suggest that he was aware of an impending PC launch of GTA 5, in spite of the lack of official information on the topic. This was eventually debunked in a statement from the company itself, according to PC Gamer, but what are the newest PC games to look forward to this autumn if GTA is not coming to home computing platforms?

Watch Dogs

Ubisoft’s new IP combines elements of open world gameplay with a tech-fuelled storyline that puts the emphasis on stealth over all-out action.

Set in a near-future version of the city of Chicago, it should not only push new ways to play but also feature next-generation graphics which are not as hampered by the older, outgoing consoles as other titles.

Assassin’s Creed IV

Another big budget franchise from Ubisoft; this time representing the fourth outing for its popular Assassin’s Creed series rather than something brand new.

The American setting of the previous game has been ditched in favour of a pirate-themed, naval-oriented historical playground, with the player commanding their own ship and crew, causing terror on the high seas of the Caribbean and chasing down the Templars in exotic locations.

Total War: Rome II

Fans of strategy will know the Total War series well and it is the kind of experience that you can only find on PC.

The return to Ancient Rome in this upcoming release will offer a broader experience than its precursor, allowing the player to take charge of a range of different civilisations and armies over a single player campaign which lasts 300 years.

Batman: Arkham Origins

Another major franchise which is returning in 2012 is the Arkham series of games about DC Comics’ Dark Knight, this time looking at the earlier days of his career as a caped crusader.

The core gameplay should remain consistent with the first two games, although Batman is actually getting a couple of new gadgets to use against his foes and environmental hazards. You can expect to see plenty of heroes and villains from the comics interact with Batman, all contained within an open city that the player can explore at will.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

While there are a growing number of sceptics voicing their dislike of the CoD series, it remains a hugely popular franchise and one which is likely to continue its reign in 2013.

With Ghosts, the developers have added a new, next-gen engine which should give it a much needed graphical boost, appeasing the PC gaming crowd that has already been spoilt by EA’s Battlefield games.

What If Blade Runner Was An 8 Bit Video Game?


Blade Runner is classic sci-fi, but it is one of those movies that you either love or hate and therefore maybe Blade Runner the game would be more your thing. However, there was no such thing as the Blade Runner game in 8 Bit or in any Bit! However, if there were it would probably look something like this video.

Here are the details on this cool Blade Runner 8 bit video;

CineFix presents: Blade Runner retold via old-school 8-bit (& a little 16-bit :) game tech. No quarters or controllers required! Subscribe to CineFix –

Source: CineFix


There Is Still A Demand For PC Games

There Is Still A Demand For PC Games


Normally whenever we speak of gaming its is going to be associated with consoles and yet the original gaming platform the humble PC is far from being extinct, in fact there are some cool strategy pc games available that are just made for the home computer and would not be the same on any other platform. Take Men of War: Assault Squad, this game would be same on a console as it was made for the PC. Men of War joins a successful line of games and Assault Squad will take the game play around the world including for the first time Japan! Men of War: Assault Squad mashes history with gaming and so what could be better than that combo? Grab your controller and take one the world, well your friends at least!

Here are a few details on what this strategy game how to offer the PC gamer;

Men of War: Assault Squad is the new title in the “Men of War” series. Assault Squad takes place across the globe during the height of World War II and features a completely new cooperative skirmish game mode with access to five different nations (Russia, Germany, USA, Commonwealth and- for the first time ever in the Men of War series- Japan) as well as increased realism and accessibility. The expansion pack will deliver fans and newcomers an intense new WW2 spectacle with almost limitless replay ability.

This particular PC, Men of War: Assault Squad is priced at around $38 (£25).

Source: TechMASH


Retro Gaming Machine With A Modern Touch!

Retro Gaming Machine With A Modern Touch!


Gaming is not all about the latest the consoles and games, although they do play a big part in the gaming world. However, a few times a year there are times when there are no new games to play and its times like this when something like the Retron 3 SNES/NES/Genesis Game System comes into its own. As the name suggests, this a retro games console that will play any of the SNES, NES & Genesis, you can even use the original controllers for that real retro feel!

This is that the maker of the machine has to say about it;

Some that only enjoy the gaming experience; some that desire functionality over excessive game libraries and consoles. To have an SNES, NES, and Sega Genesis individually would be a gift to most, but to the few lurking in the retro shadows they want to play Super Mario for fifteen minutes then immediately switch to Street Fighter II seamlessly WITHOUT switching consoles. Disgusting.

This retro style gaming console will cost you around $60 (£40), which is not bad for a console that will keep you and friends busy for a number of hours.

Source: Geek Alerts


Classic Surface Style Arcade Games Table

Classic Surface Style Arcade Games Table


For those who can remember gaming was either done on those huge upright cabinet machines or with the stylish low level coffee table style machine, such as this one in a lovely walnut finish! It has a neat nineteen inch display and it even uses those classic games controls with big buttons and toggle controller! It is like taking a stop back in time.

Here are the specs and features for these great looking gamer tables;

Table specification; High-quality real-wood veneer – Domino-joint construction for strength – 6 mm toughened glass – Hand-made in the UK. Software specification; Dedicated 60-in-1 arcade board – Easy to use menu system – Configurable games and interface. Hardware specification; 19″ TFT LCD – Happ stereo amplifier – Sanwa joysticks – Happ arcade buttons

If you would like to see one of these cool looking retro style gaming tables in your home, then it is going to cost you around $3,100 (£2,000).

Source: Surface Tension