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Give Your PS4 A Natural Wood Look With Balolo!

Give Your PS4 A Natural Wood Look With Balolo!

Give Your PS4 A Natural Wood Look With Balolo!

It might seem a little crazy to cover your brand new shiny Playstation 4 with wood of all things and yet this is what some gamers will be doing with the new Balolo wood cover. These covers are just .7 mm thick and has been designed to cover every millimetre of the games console. Balolo is a German based company who will make the cover to the users own specifications including choice of wood from; bamboo, cherry, walnut and zebra in any combination desired.

The main worry would be the changes in temperature, but the company claims that this has been successfully tested with no issues, so it seems that the only other issue to worry about with this cover is choosing the colour of the wood. This is a great way of covering your games console with something that is completely different, if you like that sort of thing.

This wooden covering in four different shades will set you back around 150 euros, it might seem a lot, but this a wooden cover made by craftsman from real wood and when you think of the shape and design of the PS4 its amazing how a wooden cover can fit so perfectly, yet it does.

Source: Balolo

The Moga Controller Helps iPhone Owners Win The Game!

The Moga Controller Helps iPhone Owners Win The Game!

If you are an iPhone owner and love to play mobile games then here is something for you, it’s the Moga Ace controller designed for the iPhone 5 and offering a full gaming console control experience so losing is not going to be an option with this in your hands. Here are the features available with the Moga Ace Power iPhone controller, its portable expands to fit and offers gaming on the move. There is the Moga boost feature that helps the battery last a lot longer and setting up the device is simple too.

The Moga Controller Helps iPhone Owners Win The Game!

The key to winning is great control, this device comes with familiar games console controls and it is secure too with S.M.R.T. Lock technology. There is no issue with connection as it uses the Lightning connector and there is the micro B charging included. The Moga Ace power controller for the iPhone is priced at around $100 or £63!

The Moga Controller Helps iPhone Owners Win The Game!

Source: Moga Anywhere

New Playstation TV Advert #playstationmemories

What was your first games console? Sega, Nintendo, Atari or something else, what it was we are sure that you can remember it and how cool it was at the time? However, today, gaming is so different and as for the machines, they are out of this world.

New Playstation TV Advert #playstationmemories

We have two big moments coming, the launch of the Xbox One from Microsoft and the Playstation Four from Sony, it’s this one that we are interested in at the moment and the latest television advert that reminds us of the first Playstation launch in 1995.

The advert is really cool; it follows the timeline of a house in London, starting in the 90’s with the original Playstation and follows the changes in people, decor and even the scenery outside until we reach the present day and the PS4 or Playstation Four #playstationmemories.

New Playstation TV Advert #playstationmemories

So, now it is over to you, what are your memories of the Sony Playstation and what was the first model that you had and what game did you play on it? There are so many good times to remember when it comes to games consoles.

New Playstation TV Advert #playstationmemories

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Valve Teases Us With The Start Of SteamOS!


You don’t have to go far to sneak a look at the story behind Valves new Steam Operating System, they have a specific webpage called Steampowered and once there you will be able to catch a glimpse on what is in store for us when the SteamOS is finally launched. Basically, it is going to be a Linux based operating system that promises to bring movies, gaming and music into your home. Some folks will say, “Whats new about that?” well that is what the Valve mission is, we are yet to find out more details on the hardware, but we have mentioned the Steam Box before and so maybe this is where it becomes a reality.

What can we expect from the SteamOS? Well basically, it is going to be made up of four parts, the first is In-home streaming, this is where you will be able to play all of your Mac and Windows games. Media services, with a host of media services available music, TV and movies will be online ready to entertain you. Family sharing, sharing your games used to be a pain, but this feature will allow everyone in the house to share games without interfering with your own progress. Finally, there is the Family Options, if the SteamOS is going in the living room, then parents will want to make sure that the kids are going to places they shouldn’t be going to, this option gives full access permissions to the family.

There is no specific date for the release of the new SteamOS, but according the webpage it will be available very soon and for everyone to enjoy!

Source: Steam Powered


Get Ready! The Xbox One Will Be Released On The 22nd Nov!


So now we know, that the next big thing to come out of Microsoft, the new Xbox One, will be released and available in the stores on the 22nd Nov, which just happens to be eight years to the day when the Xbox 360 was first released.

According to the Xbox Wire YouTube channel, this is;

Xbox’s Yusuf Mehdi discusses the Xbox One launch date and recent momentum as the team heads toward launch.

Source: Xbox Wire


Microsoft Executes New Xbox One U-turn

Microsoft has had quite a disastrous time in its attempts to promote the new Xbox One console ahead of its hotly anticipated launch in November this year.

When it was unveiled in May, the system met with a number of criticisms from fans, which arguably gave Sony’s PlayStation 4 the edge before the next generation console race had even begun in earnest.

One of the biggest complaints was the news that the Xbox One would require the Kinect camera peripheral to be connected and active at all times, leading to concerns over privacy. But now a Microsoft executive has claimed that it is backtracking on this requirement, levelling the playing field further.

So the question of whether I should sell my trusty Nintendo DS and save up for a machine from Microsoft or Sony this autumn has just become a little trickier to answer.

Kinect Climb Down

The Kinect revelation emerged during a recent Q&A session held by IGN during which Microsoft spokesperson Marc Whitten said that the Xbox One will still work perfectly well, even if Kinect is unplugged.

This effectively overturns previous plans to make it a mandatory peripheral that must always be hooked up to the console, even when not in use by any game or service.

Whitten made a point of reminding gamers that if Kinect is not active, they will not be able to use any of its features, either in games or while using the console’s three-tiered operating system.

Unfortunately it seems that while gamers will not have to have Kinect attached to the Xbox One to enjoy their favourite titles, Microsoft is still bundling the peripheral with every single console it ships so that developers know they can access a consistent set of hardware in every home.

This means that the anticipated £429 UK launch price of the console will remain the same, dramatically exceeding the £349 RRP for Sony’s PlayStation 4, which of course will not come with a camera peripheral as part of the standard package.

Revise and Retreat

With the announcement that Kinect is no longer obligatory, Microsoft is adding to a long list of U-turns that it has made in the past couple of months.

This includes the issue with used games, which Microsoft was originally planning to lock down to just a couple of accounts, thus making it impossible for people to sell their old titles on to strangers.

Microsoft also made it clear that it would be allowing independent games developers to publish their own content and would not be requiring that every Xbox One has to connect to the internet at least once every 24 hours.

During the recent Q&A it was revealed that Microsoft has boosted the clock speed of the console’s graphics chip to give it a better chance to compete on a technical level with the marginally more powerful PS4.

But for many industry observers and gamers, the price difference between these two titans will be the real deciding factor, at least in the early stages of the next console war.

Amazon UK Opens Up Its Playstation 4 Store

Amazon UK Opens Up Its Playstation 4 Store


The much anticipated release of the new Playstation 4 from Sony is well on the way and on schedule for the November or December release date! However, pre-ordering seems to be essential if you want to get one of these consoles at the same time as your pals. Therefore, in order to make it easier Amazon has created a dedicated PS4 Store! Yes, this is everything PS4, but you can only look and not touch for another four months!

According to the Amazon PS4 page;

It has taken many years, but the PlayStation 4 has finally been announced. This next generation console has impressive specs and is the most powerful ever, with features such as supercharged PC-style architecture, X86 CPU, enhanced PC GPU, 8GB of unified memory and local storage HDD. Alongside the fantastic hardware, the DualShock 4 controller is breaking new ground thanks to its light bar, touch pad, Share button and headphone jack.

So, there is still a long wait until the actual release date of the Playstation 4 and yet it seems that even by pre-ordering the console now it does not guarantee you delivery on the release date!

Source: Amazon


Let Battlefield 4 Takeover Your Life With Battlelog!

Let Battlefield 4 Takeover Your Life With Battlelog!


Many of us already know that gaming can take over your life! However, you assume that its only when the gamer is actually playing the game! But with the Battlelog feature for the yet to be released Battlefield 4, will mean that your Smartphone or tablet will become your eyes and ears on the action going on when you are not playing! Waiting for the train or bus is never going to be the same again.

This is what makes the Battlelog feature so cool for all gamer looking win big on the next Battlefield offering;

With Battlelog, the Battlefield is always at your fingertips. Discover the new features of the free social platform Battlelog and learn how the experience extends beyond PC and console to tablet and mobile. Learn more at

Battlefield 4 is due to be released on the 1st November when it will cost from £36 on PC and up to £55 on the PS4 and Xbox One from Amazon

Source: Battlefield


Retro Gaming Machine With A Modern Touch!

Retro Gaming Machine With A Modern Touch!


Gaming is not all about the latest the consoles and games, although they do play a big part in the gaming world. However, a few times a year there are times when there are no new games to play and its times like this when something like the Retron 3 SNES/NES/Genesis Game System comes into its own. As the name suggests, this a retro games console that will play any of the SNES, NES & Genesis, you can even use the original controllers for that real retro feel!

This is that the maker of the machine has to say about it;

Some that only enjoy the gaming experience; some that desire functionality over excessive game libraries and consoles. To have an SNES, NES, and Sega Genesis individually would be a gift to most, but to the few lurking in the retro shadows they want to play Super Mario for fifteen minutes then immediately switch to Street Fighter II seamlessly WITHOUT switching consoles. Disgusting.

This retro style gaming console will cost you around $60 (£40), which is not bad for a console that will keep you and friends busy for a number of hours.

Source: Geek Alerts


Mad Max Game Coming In 2014!

If there were only one hero of the apocalypse, it would have to be Mad Max! In the movies, he laid down the rules of how to survive in a world that seemed too hostile for just about anyone. Now decades later he is back in a game being developed by Avalanche Games, the player will have to build cool cars from parts found in the wasteland in order to fight off the gangs who are making the most of this savage land. Continue reading →

Not Everyone Will Be Enjoying The Xbox One

Not Everyone Will Be Enjoying The Xbox One

It seems that we have reached that point where technology has become so smart that it will begin to lay down the rules as to who can play and who cannot. The creation of the Xbox One by Microsoft, is just the beginning of this new style of controlling licensing and other regulations, the question is, where will it all end?

Source: Uber Humor