Retro Style Sorcerer RPG Game

    Fans of those classic games like Dungeons and Dragons, and Shadowgate can really get stuck in taking on the role of a young sorcerer who has turned renegade. The difference with this game to others, is that the developers Ultra Runaway Games have used hand drawn images to produce a game that has […]

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Crytek Switching To F2P

    There is a change going on in the games market, while some games are able to command top prices there is a rise in the free to play (F2P) game system, which has been steadily growing over the years. The latest developer to mention F2P is Crytek and they say that after Crysis […]

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Real Sword Fighting With CLANG

    While some folks are happy enough with using a games controller for almost anything from driving to shooting to almost anything, including fighting with a sword! However, the guy behind CLANG, Neal Stephenson is not having any of that and it is his goal to produce a realistic sword fighting game. The trouble […]

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