New Counter-Strike For 2012

It seems that during the first quarter of next year, Valve Software will be releasing the all new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, old gamers rejoice! Check out the features that will be available to gamers below! You will not regret it, apart from the amount of time that you will need to wait to play the […]

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Shift 2 On The iPhone

Shift is one of those games that takes a bit of getting used to; in fact using the shift often ends up much slower than using an auto gearbox, which is the complete opposite to reality! However, this game is pretty spectacular even on the iPhone the graphics are smart and fast. These are the […]

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Your Face in Prototype 2

How would you like your face to be on one of the characters in the up and coming Prototype 2 game, this simple to enter competition is open to anyone who registers to pre-order the game, this is definitely super cool for gamers, what have you got to lose! This is what you need to […]

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Sonic Generations Gameplay

Sega are going back to the time when Sonic was the only game character in town and Sega was the games console of choice for many gamers. but over the years they appeared to have lost focus, but they are back now with Sonic Generations, you get not one but two Sonics in this game […]

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L4D2 Players Are Challenged

It seems that the owners of Left 4 Dead 2, have got a better deal than the owners of the original Left 4 dead game, for they get all of the original maps, the Dead Air update and now it seems that the developer Valve have come up with a great idea to get users […]

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The Most Realistic Video Game

Back in the day, arcade games were fun, but they were definitely not realistic in any way. however there is always someone with a big idea and in that case it happens to be Garnet Hertz, he and his company OutRun have come up with the world most realistic video arcade game, just check out […]

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Borderlands 2 for 2012

The Texas based games developer Gearbox Software has made a little announcement that will please millions of gamers and that is the next instalment of Borderlands, which has been called the “Farmville of first person shooters” whether that is right or not is another matter. The main thing here is that Borderlands 2 will not […]

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