Diablo 3 Needs Internet

So you have waited for what could seem an eternity for the release of the latest version of Diablo only to find that you can only play this game while connected to the internet, as it cannot be played offline! Shock and horror fills the gamers heads, but Blizzard believe that this is way to […]

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Where Do Angry Birds Come From

Has anyone ever wondered just how the folks behind the popular game Angry Birds actually came about the design and the way that these strange looking birds appear! Well it seems that there may be a smart reason as to why this secret reason has been kept quiet, check out this image to see exactly […]

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The Portal Gun Rap

It seems that rappers are able to produce something great from almost anything, such as the popular game Portal! The video not only has the song there is even a cool video to go with it, the video is a bit like the start of a seventies sci-fi show, but very entertaining none the less! […]

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The Assassins Creed Embers Movie

The games developer Ubisoft have been very busy recently, but that busy as to not have enough time to produce a short movie to be released alongside the third part of the game in the Assassins Creed series, which is of course, Assassins Creed Revelations, it should be coming out during November hopefully! The firm […]

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Star Wars Edition Xbox 360

This is a must for all Star Wars fans, it is a special limited edition of the Xbox 360, it comes with cool styling such as the actually Xbox casing in R2-D2 design and the controller in C3PO gold finish! This is an excellent idea and it is not just the look of the machine […]

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Ubisoft announce uPlay prices

The uPlay online pass games system may have been initially announced way back in 2009, but it taken the company until now to actually bring the service online and for the company to come up with the prices etc. Well now, the firm has released details of uPlay and it appears that the cost is […]

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Modern Warfare 3 Pre-orders up

The much awaited game of the year, Call of Duty’s Modern Warfare 3 is set to become one of year’s tops games with pre-orders for the November release already ahead of the other top game of the year, Black Ops. In fact, the retailer GAME are expecting the game to shatter all other pre-order records. […]

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The History of GTA

It seems that Grand Theft Auto (GTA) has been around for years, well it has in fact you can go back as far as 1997 to see the first copies of that game that were produced for the Gameboy, PS 1, MS Dos and of course Microsoft Windows, I in fact remember playing the game […]

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Resistance 3 Walk though

Check out this great video walk through for the early stages of Resistance 3, this is a cool demo of what is going on and what you expect to see once you start playing the game. There are plenty of daily demos popping up all of the web, so it is easy catch up on […]

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Star Wars Fleet Commander

If we could choose a style of game based on Star Wars, this would be it! The only problem is that they have designed it to work with a massive Tac Tile touch screen display, which most of us do not actually have sitting the office or home at the moment! But that is probably […]

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Is Sonic about to return

It looks as if the agent who is representing Mario could be getting ready to line up Sonic for a come back, is this going to be the return of these retro game stars or will just be one of comebacks that lasts for one gig! Check out this video done in the traditional format […]

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The Road to IPO

Building a company to the where it gets to the Initial Public Offering (IPO) is major undertaking and yet for a company like Zynga this has been a fairly straight forward business arrangement, which should come a no surprise when you understand their product. Zynga is a games developer and you will know who they […]

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