New Tetris Game In Reverse

If there is one thing harder than Tetris it has to be Tetris in reverse and that is exactly what Dream of Pixels is, it takes the classic game and turns it upside down, literally! Now on those days when there is nothing to do, check this game out and you will addicted in no […]

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You Can Play God In Godus

Epic is probably a good term to use for this new game from 22 Cans, they call it Godus and if you were to compare it with anything, Populous would spring to mind. However, that was a game from over twenty years ago and so Godus will take you on a quest where no 8 […]

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Year Zero Browser Game

We like the idea of a game set in a Post Apocalyptic world, where you have to battle to survive. This is what Year Zero is about, it’s by Legendary Games based in Nottingham, UK and it puts the player at the heart of rebuilding the world, searching for food & water and forging alliances […]

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