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Rockstar Reveal Some Details On GTA Online!

  There is no doubt that GTA V has been a fantastic success and will continue to be for some time to come. To keep the whole thing going Rockstar have been smart enough to plan added benefits, such as… Continue Reading →

Get Ready! The Xbox One Will Be Released On The 22nd Nov!

  So now we know, that the next big thing to come out of Microsoft, the new Xbox One, will be released and available in the stores on the 22nd Nov, which just happens to be eight years to the… Continue Reading →

Free Xbox Live Gold With Office 365 Home Premium

Microsoft have come up with a cool offer, buy Office 365 Home Premium annual subscription and get 12 months of Xbox Live Gold thrown in too! From what we tell, it looks like for just £80 for the year or… Continue Reading →

Xbox One Versus The PS4 The Musical

Finally the competition between gamers who love the Xbox One and those who love the PS4 is about to be settled. However, not in gaming style, this will be settled in the style of musical! It is sort of a… Continue Reading →

Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft – Who Makes A Better Games Console?

If this were Thunder Dome, Sony’s PlayStation, Nintendo’s Wii and Microsoft’s Xbox would all be contenders.

Its Obvious What The New Xbox Is Going To Called

Like many devices, the Xbox has to have come with a version name or number; it started off as just the Xbox and then went on to be called the Xbox 360.

Pre Order Grand Theft Auto V On Amazon

New DLC Released For Assassins Creed III

Play As A Zombie On The COD Black Ops 2 DLC

View BioShock Infinites First Couple Of Minutes

How To Build A Map Using Halo 4 Forge Mode

This not something that we see every day; it is the developers eye view of how to build a cool map in the Halo 4 Forge mode. In this case, it is Kynan Pearson who is taking us through the… Continue Reading →

Ubisoft Release New Trailer For Far Cry 3

It seems that with only a few weeks to go before Far Cry 3 is launched, the games developer, Ubisoft has decided to release a new trailer that introduces Citra and Dennis, without whom the game will be almost impossible… Continue Reading →

Beta Game Play For Miner Wars 2081 Released

There is something familiar about the game play for Miner Wars 2081! It might be a mash up a ideas or just a lot of random memories of past games. Anyway, the game play shows us just how cool the… Continue Reading →

Contracts Game Play Trailer From Hitman Absolution

You are Agent 47 and your job is to carry out the work as laid down by the contracts that you are given. However, how does that work? Square Enix has released a smart new trailer that shows just how… Continue Reading →

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