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GoodHangups For Hanging Stuff!

GoodHangups Hangs Your Stuff On The Walls!

GoodHangups For Hanging Stuff!

If you have ever tried to put something on the wall like a poster, picture, photo or something else only to find that it has damaged the wall, the thing you are trying to hang or both, then you might be interested in this great idea called GoodHangups. There are three types of GoodHangups to choose from, the LargeHangups with four MagnaStickers and four Magnets, RegularHangups with eight MagnaStickers and eight Magnets or the KidHangups with eight MagnaStickers and eight Magnets, each set has its own uses.

GoodHangups For Hanging Stuff!

The GoodHangups work quite easy as they come in two parts, a reusable magnetic sticker that goes onto the wall and a magnet that is strong enough to hold the item to the wall. It’s so simple that you might be wondering why nobody has thought of this before. GoodHangups should be launching very soon, although pre orders start from just $10 you can choose from either the LargeHangups, RegularHangups, or KidHangups.

GoodHangups For Hanging Stuff!


The BuddyGuard Flare!

Protect Your Home With The BuddyGuard Flare!

The BuddyGuard Flare!

Home security and safety is a top priority for many people, but installing just devices and hoping that they do what they say can be a bit of trek. However, with today’s technology there are some interesting devices going out, which are easy to install and are easy on the pocket too such as the BuddyGuard Flare. This saucer shaped device packs a lot of features and functions into a small lightweight package such as an HD camera, speakers, motion detector, siren, accelerometer, temperature sensor, 3G module and Wi-Fi too.


The BuddyGuard Flare measures up 11 cm (D) x 2.5 cm (H) weighs in at just 220 grams, which is just about right for it to fit into the palm of your hand and yet it can be installed in under ten minutes. This all means that as soon as its ready you will have access to facial and voice recognition, privacy controls, geolocation for Smartphone’s, its pet friendly and you can set it up by voice if you are going to be away unexpectedly. The Flare should be launching later on this year, when it will have a retail price of around 245 Euros, but price savvy buyers can pre order one from just 175 Euros for a short while.

The BuddyGuard Flare!


The BuddyGuard Flare!

SnapPower USB Wall Socket!

SnapPower Provides A Wall Mounted USB Socket!

SnapPower USB Wall Socket!

Sometimes you might just wish that wall mounted power sockets came with a USB version too, after all most of us have a need for this kind of socket in order to charge the batteries of Smartphone’s, tablets and other devices. Well it seems that there is something on the way, it’s called the SnapPower Charger and the good news is you can easily install it yourself as its cover plate that requires no wiring, just clip it into place and you are good to go.

The unit comes with a 1 amp USB socket that is capable of charging any device that uses a USB cable charger, it can be installed in literally no time at all simply turn your power off, unscrew the power outlet cover and replace with the SnapPower Charger. Now you have a double wall power socket with a lovely new USB socket too, how handy is this? However, this presents you with another problem though, who will be using the brand USB charging socket first?

SnapPower USB Wall Socket!

The SnapPower Charger should be launching later on this year, but they are taking pre orders at the moment with prices starting from around $14 for one SnapPower Charger and with no costs for installation on top, that has to be a bargain.

Source – Snappower


Fancy Sleep System!

Fancy! It’s Your New Sleeping Partner!

Fancy Sleep System!

This is the Fancy sleep system, it has been designed to help you get a good night’s sleep by carefully analysing the users sleep patterns, as well the users dreaming and sleeping habits, it learns from the user to improve the user sleep so that they wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day ahead. The idea is that it creates an environment that is both relaxing and personal. It does this with light and sound effects that occur just at the right moments during the users sleep without actually waking them up, which sounds a bit complex.

It all sounds a bit hit and miss, but the makers say that the Fancy sleep system learns about the user and creates a relaxing environment based on the monitoring of the how the user sleeps during the night. The Fancy system is made up of the lamp and speaker that comes with gesture control for ease of use, the iDo sleep tracker device that monitors the body movements during sleep and the Fancy Smartphone app that allows the user to control everything from their phone.

The Fancy lamp and the iDo Plus device will be launching later this year, but they can be pre ordered right now from around $130 AUD.

Source – qo dome


Wash The Dog In The PetWashSpa!

PetWashSpa Welcome To The World Of Tomorrow!

Anyone who has a pet will know that occasionally there is a need for a bath and on these occasions, there is the risk that water, suds and dirt will end up all over the place. However, with the futuristic looking PetWashSpa all of the mess and wet could be a thing of the past. This is the a complete pet washing system that can be suitable for professionals and pet owners alike, it all looks good provided that the dog is calm and is happy to sit down while the machine does it job.

It is easy to use too, simply connect the PetWashSpa up to a water supply, open it up, place the dog inside, attach the harness and close the lid. Switch on and adjust the water pressure, that is it. Well it has to be said that the PetWashSpa, while looking space age and coming with all of that hi-tech stuff, it still means putting your pet dog inside a plastic bubble and then turning on the water tap, what could possibly go wrong here?

The PetWashSpa should be launching later on this year with a retail cost of around $200, but pre order one now and you can pay just $99 for one the early versions to come off the production line.

Source: PetWashSpa


Hippopotamus Chair!

Ever Fancied Sitting On A Hippo?

Hippopotamus Chair!

Normally it’s not advisable to attempt take a seat on a wild animal, especially something like a Hippopotamus. However, thanks to the skilful designs of Maximo Riera you can, as this leather covered Hippopotamus seat shows. The design is dark on colour, which just adds to the mystery of it. The seat is built within the body of the animal this means that from the other side there is no sign of the seat; it just looks like Hippo in the room! Unfortunately, we have no idea on the cost or availability of this cool looking seat!

Source: Maximo Riera


London Is Changing!

Share Your London Moving Experiences London Is Changing!

London Is Changing!

The property market in London is on the way up again, but it has been a turbulent time for anyone wanting to live in the UK’s biggest city. This has meant that people have been moving in, moving out and in some cases staying put. This gave Rebecca Ross, who is the MA communication design course leader at the Central St Martins art school in London an idea and it is called If there ever was a time to put the property market under the microscope, it has to be now as the market it taking off once more.

The idea behind this project is to fuel the discussion on why people have decided to move in, move out or stay put in London. There is a form on the webpage that is made up of a series of questions designed to gauge the reason why people have made their decision. Is it because of work, money or lifestyle, could there be another reason as to why London is in or out of favour. Or could it be something else, there are many reasons involved in making such a drastic decision.

This project is intended to facilitate discussion about the impact of economic and policy changes on the culture and diversity of London. Via a web form, we are asking a series of questions intended to capture a variety of personal stories and circumstances that will enhance understanding of broader demographic trends concerning migration into, out of, and around London.

The form can be found on the London Is Changing webpage, it’s only a few questions long, but you have to choose at the beginning from; are you planning to leave London or planning to live in London, the results will make an interesting background to the diversity of the city.

Source: London Is Changing


Gas Sense Bottle Monitor!

Gas Sense The Smart Gas Bottle Monitor!

For most people there is mains power and gas available, but for others gas has to be supplied in bottles, which is not only expensive it is wasteful too as the bottles tend to be exchanged before they are completely empty, which is a waste of money and nobody wants to be doing that. Continue reading →

Pigeon Frame Wi-Fi Enabled Frame!

The Pigeon Frame Connects Families!

There was time not long ago when a digital photo frame would have been all the rage, but for some reason they are not so popular today. However, Pigeon are hoping to change that decline with their own take on the digital photo frame. The Pigeon Frame is wireless enabled and comes with a ten inch display. It can be mounted on the wall or placed on a desk. The frame is detachable and there are built in gallery lights. The frame uses apps, has a motion sensor and a rechargeable battery.

“Tyke” – Designed with noteworthy features this Pigeon has everything you could ask for in a modern digital frame. Features include: 10? Screen, Photo and Video Display, 2W Speakers, Motion Sensors, Wi-Fi Enabled, Software Updates.

You might think that this is just a digital picture frame, but it is so much more and Pigeon is aiming at the family market where photos and videos can be shared with grandparents who might live miles away, that is definitely something special. The Pigeon Frame will be going on sale later in the sale with prices starting from $160, although for a short while the same frame can be pre ordered from just $119, which is not bad for this next generation wireless photo frame.

Source: Pigeon Frame


Bookniture Foldable Furniture!

Furniture Built Inside A Book That’s Bookniture!

For most of us, we have little choice in the amount of furniture we have in our homes this is simply down to the lack of the storage available. However, Bookniture is a new idea that aims to solve this problem with their collapsible furniture designs. When not in use, the Bookniture takes on the shape of a book, it can be stored in a book shelf out the way and when needed taken down, when it can be unfolded to produce a useful seat or table that makes all the difference when you have visitors. The Bookniture measures up at 7 inches (W) x 13 inches (H) x 1.6 inches (D) and when expanded its measures in at 14 inches (H) x 13 inches (W) and it weighs in at 1.6 kilos. The felt top cover will measure in at 13 inches (W) x 0.2 inches (D).

It is made from a heavy duty kraft paper that is environmentally responsible. Kraft Paper is both tough and water resistant to a certain extent. It is fully recyclable and it contains a high grade Neodymium Magnet embedded within the cover. This furniture system will be going on sale later in this year, but it can be pre ordered now from just $70 for the brown edition with grey felt top. It’s available in either Field Brown or Leather Black, with the felt top covers coming in red, green, light grey or black.

Source: Bookniture