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This simple gadget answers that question that us men do not like to ask!

Some lucky consumer just bought a custom built shoe rack on Craigslist, not bad for $25

Finally, a furniture designer who has thought of everything we need for a great night in

Take a seat on the Fresh Air Plus odour eliminating toilet seat!

This new idea tackles a problem that has affected most us in one way or another and it involves what…

Men Vs Women! But whose plan for the spare room is the best?

Adidas launches #mizxflux the app the turn’s trainers into miadidas!

Getting a pair of personalised trainers might once have been for celebrities and sportspeople, but now Adidas are making it…

Sometimes writing a notice telling people not to do something is going to have the opposite effect!

Turn your home into a smart home with the Airfy Beacon!

How to maximise space and save water all at the same time!

Houses have been abused enough! Now they are fighting back!

Source: Cheezburger  

Forget keys! The Noke padlock uses Bluetooth to unlock!

Eva the remote controlled LED lighting system!

Chalkboard Is The Message Board For The Real World!

The Gray Magazine Extro Lamp And Extension!

The Prime Panel Makes Wall Light Switches Cool!

Working From Your Home Office Must Be Cool!

Top Of The New Tech Wish List!

Put Your Feet Up With The Mini Hammock!

The Small House That Is Big On The Inside!

Labels Are Essential When Moving Out!

The Giant Hammock You Can Have A Party In!

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