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the moonhouse project

Moonhouse the project that plans to build a house on the Moon

The idea of building a base on the Moon has been the subject of many science fiction stories and yet here we have an idea that is about as far as you can get from science fiction, they are calling this the Moonhouse project. This has been in the planning stages since 2003 and now the technology is almost at a level where this dream of building a red house with white features can become a reality. All they need is $15,000,000 and this is where you come in. The team behind a project have worked out that for every single dollar pledged it takes the project 25 metres closer to the Moon. This is of the ultimate art project, the building is a symbol and placing it on the Moon means that everyone can it no matter where they are.

At the moment project plans to have the self constructing building erected on the Luna surface by October next year. but this can only happen with the help of backers who can pledge just a $1 or more as there are some cool perks for those who pledge $50 and over, such as having their names on the inside of the house and digital Moon messages sent to friends or family. If you like the idea of the Moon House project then you can back it and do not forget for every dollar pledged that takes the project 25 metres closer to the Luna surface.

Source: The Moon House

Notion turns you home into a smarthome

Notion it is as if you are at home when you are away

These days we seem to be spending more time away from home than ever, but for peace of mind we tend to rely on family and friends to pop by to ensure that everything is still all right. However, this is not always possible or even practical especially when we are now living further apart from each other, as well as leading their own busy lives too. With the Notion multi function system, you are getting your very own home intelligence system comprising of a hub and sensor set up. Notion turns your home into a smart home and once set up it will be able to keep you informed of what happens while you are not at home. It does this with sophisticated sensors, which are able to pick up on important changes within the home or even office environment, alerting the user that all is not well and giving them time to seek help etc.

Each sensor unit comes with the following features; the accelerometer that is able to detect a garage door opening, an ambient light sensor that can tell if lights are on when they should not be, and a gyroscope, which is able to sense a window or door being opened and that is not all the Notion can do. However, there is more, with a temperature sensor can tell the user is the house is getting too hot or too cold, a piezoelectric transducer is clever as it checks natural frequency fluctuations such as gas tanks that need refilling or if smoke detectors are not working. The built in proximity sensor can alert the user if certain doors or locks are opened and lastly there is a water leak probe that will alert the user whenever there is leak. The Notion will be launching sometime next summer, but can be pre ordered from around $99 for the basic one hub and one sensor version.

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the Gyzmo remote control device

Take control of your devices with the Gyzmo

These days most of us have many devices that we are using on a daily basis, in fact, there are more gadgets and devices in use than ever before the trouble is being able to use them when you really need them. This is what the Gyzmo has been designed to do. The Gyzmo is a sort of mouse shape and size device, that can fit into the palm of your hand or can be easily stowed away in your pocket until needed. However, what does it do? The once set up Gyzmo can be the central brain for all of your devices at home, in the office and even when you are out. Think of it as a remote control for smart devices, once synced the user is able to launch any app or feature within range from controlling music, taking a photo, finding your keys, locating your smartphone and it can even send your location via GPS, which is really handy in an emergency.

It is easy to set up too, a smartphone app will take the user through process that only takes a couple of clicks to enable and once synced the Gyzmo will not forget those pairings, so as long as the user is in range it’s just a matter of pressing the button to activate. The Gyzmo should be going on sale early next year, but for now the standard version can be pre ordered from the low price of just $49, now that has to be a bargain.

Source: My Gyzmo

Take a seat on the Fresh Air Plus odour eliminating toilet seat!

Take a seat on the Fresh Air Plus odour eliminating toilet seat!

This new idea tackles a problem that has affected most us in one way or another and it involves what is normally the smallest room in the home, or as some people know it, the toilet! Whether you have just been or you have just entered the room the odours are not very nice and can often be the cause of arguments or worse still a source of embarrassment. This is where the Fresh Air Plus toilet seat can be the solution to this delicate issue. Basically, its has the appearance of a normal toilet seat but as soon as you take a seat the built in extraction fan switches on and forces the odour outside through a vent in the wall, job done and naturally everyone is happy unless you happen to be walking past the vent at the wrong time!

Obviously, there might be some limitations on the vent installation but it does come with a hose for the purpose and there is also the power situation to consider as the seat requires mains power to work, all if these issue can easily worked around in most cases. If you think that your home could use the Fresh Air Plus odour eliminating toilet seat then prices start from around $180, but there is only a limited supply at this price!

Take a seat on the Fresh Air Plus odour eliminating toilet seat!


Take a seat on the Fresh Air Plus odour eliminating toilet seat!

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