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The Sammy Screamer motion alarm!

The Sammy Screamer motion alarm protects your stuff!

Nobody likes having the stuff messed with let alone having it stolen, but this is a daily occurrence and it makes no matter where you live or how careful you are. However, there are ways of turning the odds in your favour and the Sammy Screamer motion alarm is just one way. Simply place the device on something precious to you and as soon as it is moved, the alarm will sound. The great thing about the Sammy Screamer is that is does not look like a security device as it comes in a wide range of different colours. It is controlled via a free smartphone app so that makes it very easy to set up and change the settings while on the move.

Keep an eye on your stuff. Stick Sammy on the things you want to keep an eye on and she’ll let you know if they move. Baby’s buggies and strollers, doors, windows and cupboards, handbags and rucksacks, laptops or even the cookie jar!

The apps are free to download from the app stores, while the Sammy Screamer will cost £50, £85 for two and for three devices the cost is £130!

Source – Bleep Bleeps

Android App on Google Play

iOS App on iTunes


Shower Seal for dry bathrooms!

Magnetic shower seal keeps the floor safe and dry!

This is a nice idea that can make a shower watertight in seconds, they call it the ShowerSeal and it makes use of magnets to turn a leaking shower curtain into a watertight shower room without all of the cost. A wet bathroom floor can be dangerous, but this eliminates this and prevents the damage that water can do to walls etc. This is something that anyone can install in their bathroom with basic tools and DIY knowledge, so there cost benefits there too.

Keeps your family safe from dangerous slips and falls!

Prevents costly water damage!

No tools required!

Patented clamping mechanism attaches simply to your shower curtain and bath surround

Built-in magnetic strips create a watertight seal when curtain is shut

Releases from curtain for easy cleaning and curtain swap

Works with most shower curtains and/or liners

Made from non-Phthalate PVC

1-3/8″ W x 30″ H x 1-1/4″ D

This magnetic shower curtain sealer could be launching before the end of the year, but for a short while, they are accepting pre orders on Kickstarter starting from $17 up to $136.


GoodHangups For Hanging Stuff!

GoodHangups Hangs Your Stuff On The Walls!

GoodHangups For Hanging Stuff!

If you have ever tried to put something on the wall like a poster, picture, photo or something else only to find that it has damaged the wall, the thing you are trying to hang or both, then you might be interested in this great idea called GoodHangups. There are three types of GoodHangups to choose from, the LargeHangups with four MagnaStickers and four Magnets, RegularHangups with eight MagnaStickers and eight Magnets or the KidHangups with eight MagnaStickers and eight Magnets, each set has its own uses.

GoodHangups For Hanging Stuff!

The GoodHangups work quite easy as they come in two parts, a reusable magnetic sticker that goes onto the wall and a magnet that is strong enough to hold the item to the wall. It’s so simple that you might be wondering why nobody has thought of this before. GoodHangups should be launching very soon, although pre orders start from just $10 you can choose from either the LargeHangups, RegularHangups, or KidHangups.

GoodHangups For Hanging Stuff!