The Pen that you can eat!

There are plenty of people around who chew the ends of their pens and pencils, there are even those folks that chew the pen down so far that they end up getting covered in ink, it is funny but surely there is a better way! Well there is and it comes in the form of […]

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The Felt Mouse

Imagine using a mouse that was soft and comfortable, instead of the current model that cold and hard! Now imagine how your hand would feel at the end of a long day or cut and paste, this why the Felt Mouse is a great idea! Apart from looking great and making everyone in the office […]

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Brits should learn more languages

It seems that there has been some research done that shows that us Brits are missing out on opportunities abroad because of the lack of foreign languages spoken. Does this mean that the days of going on holiday with the attitude that everyone speaks English so why should I bother to learn French, Spanish or […]

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Tetris Style Shelving

This is shelving designed for the geek or gamer, it has been designed in the form of that classic Game Boy game Tetris and because of the shapes, it is easy to build the shelves up into almost any design, as with the game. However, anyone who has played this game for any length of […]

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The Hive for the iPhone 4

So you know what the Hive device is for, but what does it do? Well this is a new device that amplifies the iPhones speaker and enlarges the devices screen. it is about to go into production so long as the team behind the device are able to get enough funding through the Kickstarter funding […]

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How to speed read!

Imagine how cool it would be if you were able to read twice as fast and understand every word and paragraph clearly. Now imagine if your work involves a lot of reading, how much time you could save every day now it sounds interesting doesn’t it? So is it possible to train yourself to read faster, […]

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How Games Characters Have Evolved

For anyone who can remember to when the likes of Donkey Kong, Mario and Link were super hi-tech, they will also remember that the images of these characters were slow, strangely coloured and in many cases hard to make out on the screen due to a combination of twelve inch TV screens and low resolution […]

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Assassin’s Creed: Revelations

One of the most anticipated game releases of the year has to be Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, but what good is a game without some interesting teaser videos to whet the appetite of the die hard gamer who just cannot wait to get their hands on the game. These short videos do offer some clues such […]

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Inside the Microsoft Home

The Microsoft Home is not a piece of new software it is in fact a complete fully working home built in 1994 inside the Microsoft Redmond Campus near the Executive Briefing Centre. It is supposed to represent the family home of the future when the entire home is connected, but what does this mean for […]

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Coffee Joulies keep drinks hot

If there is one thing that most coffee drinkers do not like, it has to be a cold cup of dark stuff and in the winter, it seems that keeping the coffee warm even for a few minutes is an impossible task. However, thanks to Kickstarter, the online fund raising platform Coffee Joulies has managed […]

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