31 mph Wooden Bike from Norfolk

There are plenty of attempts at producing superfast bikes from the latest high tech materials, but how about making a fast bike completely from wood and glue! It may sound crazy and yet there is a serious side to the project, because using modern materials is easy, but building something from scratch using wood takes […]

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The State of America

It is very rare that any of us get to go to all parts of the USA; usually it is the normal holiday spots of Florida, California or New York. However, it interesting that this work of art has popped up, it is like a sort of info graphic for the USA as it displays […]

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The Kondo Spider Robot Ships

This Hexapod KMR-M6 by Kondo is called a spider robot but eagle eyed folks will realise that there are only six legs and that a spider has eight leg unless it has been unlucky for some reason! The Kondo is built from an aluminium alloy, it weighs just about one kilo and measures 82 x […]

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See the USS Enterprise in action

This is a great video that show the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 A in flight, just imagine what this would be like for real! Although this is obviously filmed in a pool the actually movement of the Enterprise is very impressive and there is no obvious means of propulsion either, so this is the Enterprise […]

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Smile you have LED teeth!

With so many cool ideas to tempt the young night clubbing generation, it takes some doing in order to come up with a new idea that the target market will enjoy, while at the same time does no harm. So, LED teeth seem to be the perfect product, they are bright and flashy, while at […]

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Want to make an Action Movie!

So you are interested in making movies, but are a bit stuck as to where to go next, then this has to be you lucky day, for the euro based film and TV studio Canal Plus have come up with this brilliant flowchart. This may not help anyone make a movie, but it may help […]

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Writing a Walking Dead Comic

Having watched the series a while back, it makes me curious as to how each episode is planned etc; well it is perfect timing that The Gutters have come up with the answer. Sure, this is related to writing a comic series, but the basic flow is bound to be the same. Check out the […]

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Mario and Kong meet GTA

It seems such a long time since Mario had a make over; he seems to have been the same shape and form for a long time, apart from that live action movie that starred Bob Hoskins in the title role! However, what about this, Mario has been rebranded as a gangster boss in a new […]

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Build Your Own Homopolar Motor

This is a great instructional video for anyone who is looking to impress! You need just three parts; a new AA battery, some copper wire and a magnet that is all you are going to need. Simply bend the copper wire so that there is a circular top that goes over the positive part of […]

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US Navy test fires laser gun

The US military have been testing laser weapons since the 1970’s, but early versions were large, heavy and were chemical based, which were prone to giving off toxic gases. But now researchers are working with high energy lasers (HEL) this is state of the art technology that uses solid state lasers, which group together compact […]

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How about Segway Jousting!

This is as cool as it sounds, just look at the video of Segway Jousting, you will see what a great contest this would be, it could even have the potential to be in the Olympic Games! Funny enough this is an advert for the Washington Lottery and it proves what you can get up […]

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Retro record label coasters

Here is a cool looking idea that brings the world of tech and retro cool together all in one lovely bundle of goodness. Imagine what these coasters would be like around the office or even in that brand new board room, you know the one that nobody uses! These are the details for the retro record […]

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