The Vi Card Holder And Wallet

When you first see the Vi, you immediately think what the hell is that! Then you realise that it is something that you have been waiting for, it just has not been thought of yet. However, Viig Lifestyle will be offering this cool and interesting idea for sale very soon and we cannot wait to […]

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The Folding Oru Kayak

We love the idea of going out, getting into Kayak and taking off down the river. However, the problem occurs when you want to go somewhere different, this means transporting the Kayak and this is not always easy. However, Oru have the answer with their cool folding Kayak! This is a proper Kayak, which folds […]

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Single Seat Electric Helicopter

This is the stuff that geeky dreams are made of, it is an electric helicopter, but with one big difference, this helicopter will be able to carry one person! Yes, this is it, personal flying machines for all! Well, all right then this mini helicopter will not be ready until around 2021 and it is […]

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Mini Riser For Laptops

Here is something that will make using a laptop easier if you are one of those folks that like to have the back end raised up a little. This simple yet very effective stand will rise the laptop up at the back by a couple of inches, making it easier to view and use from […]

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Modern Shoe Rack Design

We often think of design and technology being related to electronics, but when we see this cool looking shoe rack, we realised that this too belongs in the design and technology section as its uses style to look great and technology to actually make it all work. The finished item is a great looking rack […]

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