Now Lego is on the wall

We have heard of padded walls and glass wall, but Lego walls! Is there no place on earth where this Danish educational toy will not appear! It looks as if the designers Lena Seow, Vrinda Khanna and Suzan Wines of I-Beam Design has gone for the kids room of the year. Imagine putting this in room […]

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Worried about radiation!

If the thought of radiation worries you, well then there is only one thing to do, get yourself a personal radiation detector, yes this is a personal Geiger counter, it is the SP2 from Thanko. The device can be worn on a belt and it will warn you of increases in radiation, the cumulative radiation […]

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The DTV Shredder

You have seen the Segway in action, so now see the DTV Shredder in action this is an all terrain vehicle that works on the same principle as the Segway except that it is powered by a brilliant 200 cc engine that powers it all the way to 30 mph! What’s more when combined with […]

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The Kondo Spider Robot Ships

This Hexapod KMR-M6 by Kondo is called a spider robot but eagle eyed folks will realise that there are only six legs and that a spider has eight leg unless it has been unlucky for some reason! The Kondo is built from an aluminium alloy, it weighs just about one kilo and measures 82 x […]

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Want to make an Action Movie!

So you are interested in making movies, but are a bit stuck as to where to go next, then this has to be you lucky day, for the euro based film and TV studio Canal Plus have come up with this brilliant flowchart. This may not help anyone make a movie, but it may help […]

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Build Your Own Homopolar Motor

This is a great instructional video for anyone who is looking to impress! You need just three parts; a new AA battery, some copper wire and a magnet that is all you are going to need. Simply bend the copper wire so that there is a circular top that goes over the positive part of […]

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The Freecom USB Clip

The award winning USB Clip by Freecom is a very interesting type of flash drive, it is not like your average device as it has a dual purpose. First up is the flash drive with a choice of either the 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB or 32 GB there is something for […]

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How good is your password?

We all have different ideas on what makes a good password, but the trouble is with so many sites requiring a password is it good to use a variation of one word or some other way of remembering a good password! Well this infographic should help us understand the principle of producing a good safe […]

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Build Your Own Portals

With Portal 2 coming out in around a month’s time, it is only natural that we find some folks who go that extra mile or two in order to come up with something special! Well it seems that this guy has done just that. The effect is terrific considering that all he has used is […]

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So, you think you are a Geek

When you are a geek, you know that you are different and therefore require different attention from others especially your family and friends. But just to help them out, here is a handy graphic by @loulouk it points out the different levels of geek there are and more importantly it shows how to tell which […]

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XXX Domain approved

It is quite amusing that three letters can mean such naughtiness, but XXX maybe the roman numerals for thirty, but for most people on the planet XXX means porn and anything associated with the industry. However, it seems that this is delicate subject that the internet and its authorities have skirted around for some time. […]

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Valve release Portal 2 video

There may only be a few weeks until the much awaited Portal 2 from Valve is released in the UK, but that does not mean that the fun cannot start. As such, the games makers have come up with this cool but short video, it does not give anything away, but it does set the […]

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