Birmingham’s Bullring Centre is set to be taken over by an ‘Angel Ambush’ this weekend, allowing West Midlands shoppers their chance to get close and personal with fallen virtual angels. To celebrate the launch of Lynx Excite, a fragrance “so tempting even angels will fall”, Lynx will run a repeat of their Augmented Reality campaign […]


Apple iPad2 for sale on UK eBay

So the launch of the latest Apple tablet the iPad2 will be launched on the 25th March, but even then, there will be queues and shortage of supply, but you want one and you want it now! It seems that some enterprising US Citizens are feeling our pain and as such are offering genuine Apple […]

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Vodafone to offer iPad2

The mobile operator Vodafone has become latest carrier to confirm that it will be stocking the Apple iPad2 when it is released on the 25th March. The firm have a holding page up, where consumers are able to register their interest. However, there are no further details available on cost etc, which of course is […]

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Hacked ATM Machine

We hear about hacked ATM’s a lot, but rarely do we get the chance to see one. As you can see from the images the machine is slightly tatty to start with, now would you really put your card into this machine? However, for the benefit of someone who would consider trying to get cash […]

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Retro Computer Adverts

It seems that adverts for computers were aimed at people from a different world, it may have been the late 1970’s and early 1980 but today, it seems to be a whole world away from what we are used to today! Some of the technology is totally outrageous too, it may have hi-tech them but […]

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ISP’s in speed slowing deal

The UK’s main internet service providers (ISP) including BT, O2, Sky, TalkTalk, Three, Virgin Media and Vodafone, have signed an agreement, which amounts to a new code of practice compiled by the Broadband Stakeholders Group. The idea is to ensure that the UK broadband network is in good order, but this may mean that there […]

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Silence of the Celebs Chrome App

Have you ever wished that you could filter out all or just some of the celebrities that are constantly hogging the front pages of all media, well with the “Silence of the Celebs” extension for the Chrome Browser you can. By adding the chosen celebrity or celebrities to the list and press the “Silence Them” […]

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Epic Games demos Samaritan

The games developer Epic Games has created a cool new demo video that has been called simply Samaritan, its purpose is to show off the cool new Unreal Engine 3 and the demo is actually quite amazing really! If this is the future of gaming then hurry up and bring it on, we want more. […]

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Twitter must hand over user details

In the ongoing investigation into the classified documents on Wikileaks, it seems that a federal magistrate in the US has ruled that personal account information held by Twitter will have to be handed over to the investigating prosecutors if they feel that there is a connection with Wikileaks. According to U.S. Magistrate Judge Theresa Carroll […]

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