Nice! Its Free Wi-Fi! Oh Wait A Minute!

There are two words in the English language that are my absolute favourites, Free Wi-Fi! You can forget everything else, with a good wireless connection you can work, surf and stay in touch. Who needs anything else? Nevertheless, you still have to watch these marketing people; they will try anything to catch you out! Source: […]

If You Think Broadband Is Bad Now! Check This Out!

Found this the other day, its classic broadband from AOL, in fact its AOL version 9.0 that offers parental controls, music, email, safety and broadband speeds of up 512K all for just £14 per month including a call charges too! Of course, you needed a BT line and you had to live in an area […]

Build A Free Wi-Fi Network With Wefrii!

Becoming part of something big is not the sort of thing that is offered every day, but this is the vision of Thanasis Zografos and Lazaros Agapides! They have come up with Wefrii and the plan is to allow anyone the ability to create a free wireless broadband network. Wefrii is run on mesh technology […]

Keeping up to date with technology – four things you need to keep an eye on

So what about technology these days? It seems you can’t go from one day to the next without something brand-new being released, leaving you and your out-dated equipment or software looking on like a mini-disc user browsing hopelessly in HMV. Stop worrying now, as this guide will help you keep up to date with the […]

Vote For Your Favourite Gadget Of The Future #Hitormissgadgets

  We love new gadgets and technology, but most of these cool ideas are just thrust upon us and we very rarely get a chance to express our feelings about new gadgets and ideas. Well, thanks to Plusnet, that is about to change because they are running poll to find out, what gadgets are a […]

The Cost Of Data Recovery In The Cloud

As more and more business and personal users turn to the cloud for their storage solutions, the issues of security and data recovery become a main topic of conversation. There are remote data protection, storage, backup and recovery services available and with the details on this useful infographic, The Future of Online Backup there is […]

Classic Phone Boxes Painted TARDIS Blue In Leeds

As part of the Leeds Electronic Ordnance & Digital Information System (LEODIS) project twenty four classic red phone boxes have been refitted with the latest technology to provide a free Wi-Fi hotspot. These blue boxes are solar powered and although traditionally users were supposed to step inside the box, these boxes are closed with handy […]