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Nice! Its Free Wi-Fi! Oh Wait A Minute!

Nice! Its Free Wi-Fi! Oh Wait A Minute!

There are two words in the English language that are my absolute favourites, Free Wi-Fi! You can forget everything else, with a good wireless connection you can work, surf and stay in touch. Who needs anything else? Nevertheless, you still have to watch these marketing people; they will try anything to catch you out!

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If You Think Broadband Is Bad Now! Check This Out!

If You Think Broadband Is Bad Now! Check This Out!

If You Think Broadband Is Bad Now! Check This Out!

Found this the other day, its classic broadband from AOL, in fact its AOL version 9.0 that offers parental controls, music, email, safety and broadband speeds of up 512K all for just £14 per month including a call charges too! Of course, you needed a BT line and you had to live in an area where broadband was available!

MEMI Connects To Your iPhone For Call And Text Alerts!

There is nothing worse than getting a phone call while out and about, because your phone is likely to be in your pocket or bag and by the time you get around to answering it’s too late you have missed the call and have to ring back etc. However, the MEMI bracelet is something that can prevent all of this hassle by notifying the iPhone owner of incoming calls and text messages from everyone or just selected callers, by creating a different vibration for a variety of notifications so the user will know if the call is important enough to stop what they are doing and answer it!

MEMI Connects To Your iPhone For Call And Text Alerts!

The MEMI will be made from a rhodium plated metal, so it’s going to be nice and shiny, as well as having the more practical plastic features too! In fact, it actually looks a cool piece of jewellery, which of course, it is. Once in the stores you can expect to pay over $150 or £95 for it, but for the time being there is a small discount for pre-ordering the MEMI, which is expected to be launching in the summer of 2014!

MEMI Connects To Your iPhone For Call And Text Alerts!

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Build A Free Wi-Fi Network With Wefrii!

Becoming part of something big is not the sort of thing that is offered every day, but this is the vision of Thanasis Zografos and Lazaros Agapides! They have come up with Wefrii and the plan is to allow anyone the ability to create a free wireless broadband network.

Build A Free Wi-Fi Network With Wefrii!

Wefrii is run on mesh technology and a cloud controller, this means the network can be managed totally online using the Wefrii suite of services that are already built into the devices and control panel. The potential is clear for any business to provide free Wi-Fi and advertise the business too.

Build A Free Wi-Fi Network With Wefrii!

To build a network, you need to add Wefrii points at home, at work and anywhere else, the more points you have the bigger your network becomes and anyone accessing the free wireless will be greeted by a fully customisable landing page with information and advertising on show, which is cool feature on its own.

Build A Free Wi-Fi Network With Wefrii!

This is not something that everyone is going to jump on, but for those who can see the potential the Wefrii system is worth looking at further. To get involved with the Wefrii wireless network, you can back the project from just $256 or £160; in return, you will receive a single Wefrii point in Orange.

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Keeping up to date with technology – four things you need to keep an eye on

So what about technology these days? It seems you can’t go from one day to the next without something brand-new being released, leaving you and your out-dated equipment or software looking on like a mini-disc user browsing hopelessly in HMV.

Stop worrying now, as this guide will help you keep up to date with the latest in technology.


iPhones are still probably the most desirable of all the smartphones, especially since they have a new operating system due for release this Autumn, but there are plenty of others out there that might also interest you.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a whopping 13 Megapixels camera, 5 more MPs than the iPhone 5, so keep that in mind if you take lots of photos.

More of a music fan, you say? Well the HTC One packs HTC BoomSound; dual frontal stereo speakers with Beats Audio.


The Internet is a marvellous thing. On it you can talk to friends, do some banking, keep up to date with news, run a whole business and … look at funny cat videos.

With the Internet being such an integral part of our lives these days you need to make sure you have a package that fulfils all your web needs. BT Broadband has a number of packages and offers at great prices, find out more here.


So you’ve got yourself a great broadband package sorted, now let’s see what laptops you can look at all those funny cat videos /carry out that important online banking on (delete as appropriate).

The Sony Fit 15 comes with Intel i5 processing power, 4GB of memory and a whopping 500GB hard drive. However, if you’re a fan of Apple, or you simply want to move away from Windows then the MacBook Pro might be the one for you. It features a stunning Retina display with over 5 million pixels, the latest operating system (OS X Mountain Lion), dual-core Intel Core i5 processors and seven hours of battery life.


Tablets are great for when you’re on the move, as you pretty much have your whole world in your palm. The iPad is perhaps the most widely known tablet available but the Samsung Galaxy Tab2 is also a fantastic piece of kit, boasting an impressive 16MP camera, powerful dual-core processors and Android 4.0 operating system.

Vote For Your Favourite Gadget Of The Future #Hitormissgadgets

Vote For Your Favourite Gadget Of The Future #Hitormissgadgets


We love new gadgets and technology, but most of these cool ideas are just thrust upon us and we very rarely get a chance to express our feelings about new gadgets and ideas. Well, thanks to Plusnet, that is about to change because they are running poll to find out, what gadgets are a “hit” or “miss”. So what is in it for you? Well, you could win one of the two Ouya game consoles, complete with an Ouya controller that are on offer!

Here is how you can take part in the Plusnet gadget of the future vote;

To spread the gadget and gizmo fun, we’ve added a prize draw.

Once you’ve read about our chosen gadgets, and voted for what you think is a “hit” or “miss” you can then tweet about the voting for a chance to take part in our great prize draw.

We want to hear you tweet in a fun and creative way either about the vote or about your favourite gadget…we want to see how quirky you can be.

When tweeting remember to use #Hitormissgadgets @plusnet (so that we know how fun and creative you are).

You will then have the chance to win one of two available Ouya game consoles, complete with an Ouya controller.

So, after checking out these cool gadgets, which one will you be voting for?

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The Cost Of Data Recovery In The Cloud

The Cost Of Data Recovery In The Cloud

As more and more business and personal users turn to the cloud for their storage solutions, the issues of security and data recovery become a main topic of conversation. There are remote data protection, storage, backup and recovery services available and with the details on this useful infographic, The Future of Online Backup there is help available.

The infographic shows some important details on how the internet is expected to grow over the next few years and therefore is important for both business and personal cloud users to understand the implications of storing data online. As well as ensuring that there is a back plan in place should the worse happen. It could be time to consider just how much is your personal and business data worth to you?

According to the backup and recovery service provider Iron Mountain, any company seeking effective remote data protection and recovery needs;

Disaster recovery that is as fast and complete as possible
Management of the increasing cost and complexity of data growth
Compliance with regulations that demand uniform processes and accountability

There are plenty of cloud services available these days, but what happens if the provider goes out of business or suffers a catastrophic outage that could mean all or some of the data is lost? There is always the possibility of deletion through a cyber attack, without a back or recovery solution in place the damage could have serious implications. With so many backup and recovery solutions available, it is not going to hurt to check out what is on offer.

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Classic Phone Boxes Painted TARDIS Blue In Leeds

Classic Phone Boxes Painted TARDIS Blue In Leeds

As part of the Leeds Electronic Ordnance & Digital Information System (LEODIS) project twenty four classic red phone boxes have been refitted with the latest technology to provide a free Wi-Fi hotspot. These blue boxes are solar powered and although traditionally users were supposed to step inside the box, these boxes are closed with handy touch screens that allow passersby to access phone and information services.

According to the Doctor (the aql Doctor) CEO and Founder, Dr Adam Beaumont, he said in the press release;

We wanted to create an icon for Leeds – something unique which if you had your photo taken next to it and uploaded it, for example, to facebook, friends would say – aha ! you must be in Leeds! We’re hoping that the boxes become something that the residents accept as part of the cityscape

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