Twitter boss warns UK users

The social media site Twitter has been getting some serious media coverage recently and yet not all of it has been good as there are calls for tighter regulations from the authorities following the breaking of the so called “Super Injunctions”. It seems that while Twitter are willing to allows its users to say whatever […]

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ASA ban BT Yahoo advert

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have banned the latest advert from BT Yahoo because it could be seen as condoning wreckless or irresponsible driving, despite the fact that Yahoo claims that the advert did not encourage people to break the speeding limits. The advert for the latest BT Yahoo mail service, show a couple of […]

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How much the PSN problem cost!

The Sony Playstation Network has been taken for granted by its users that everything was safe and secure, but they are famous last words these days, as the network suffered not one but two issues regarding the security of the network! Naturally, there is going to be cost placed against these issues and according to […]

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Iconic internet pillows

Here is something for the geek’s office or home! Wherever they are placed, these pillows are just cool and would look great just about anywhere. It is because these are famous internet symbols and most people would know exactly what they are. However, imagine the fun that could be had with somebody who just happens […]

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How Microsoft became so big

When you think of it, companies such as Microsoft do not get to be the size it is by just selling software and operating systems. The company has to grow and in order to get to the level that we see Microsoft at moment this means taking over other businesses. So you think that you […]

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The case for open source textbooks

With e-readers, tablets and netbooks ever more popular with students it seems that there is a case for open source textbooks, but this is something that could rock an established business model to the ground! However with content freely available on the internet already and the average cost of textbooks estimated to be around £600 […]

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Just how secure is Google

To be more precise we are talking about the security that the world’s largest search engine Google, has installed in its data centres, in fact they are so pleased with the results that they have produced this cool video to show, just a safe data is in Google’s hands. These data centres are like the […]

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The timeline of the computer

If we go back twelve years, computers were just about getting to the right were they became affordable, plus there was laptops and so on. Today surfing the net is as easy on a Smartphone as it is on a computer, which makes the whole world of going online easier, faster and so much cooler […]

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HM Treasury under attack

It seems that the HM Treasury are under constant attack from cyber criminals, in fact the department is getting around twenty thousand malicious emails per month, as well as around sustained attacks on the treasury’s systems, this is averages out at one attack per day! According to the Chancellor, George Osborne, he said that; “hostile […]

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Affiliate Marketing Explained

Getting to grips with how marketing works can be enough for any new business, but affiliate marketing takes the website owner in a completely different direction and it can be difficult to know if you are doing the right or wrong thing too, which makes it all the more important to get it right! According […]

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Leaving Comments on the Internet

Here is the thing, blogs and other sites have one cool feature that the TV, newspapers and magazines do not offer and this is the ability to leave a comment about the piece. A comment can be a way of expressing your thoughts, agreeing with what has been said or something else. However, the reader […]

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Keep Fit in the office

This is something that does not happen that often, exercising in the office! However, with this GymyGym Workout Chair it seems that there are no more excuses for just sitting there eating and drinking in between work! Built into this smart looking chair comes with four different work stations that are guaranteed to give almost […]

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