Are you an Internet Troll?

The term internet troll is often used to humiliate people who have no life or appear to have no life because they are stuck at their computer all day long! However, what do these internet trolls actually look like and how can we determine if we are tuning into one! This graphic shows all of […]

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Internet Speed at Google

No matter where you are the question of internet connect speeds will eventually pop up and like a competition there are folks who brag about their 10 Mbps or even 50 Mbps, while the rest of the country struggle along with just 2 Mbps or maybe 4 Mbps. So prepare to be crushed by the […]

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Mini robots create instant Wi-Fi

We have seen recently that natural disasters and even civil unrest can lead to a loss in communications, but by using a revolution concept an  could be set up allowing communications and other essential services to be maintained. The idea comes from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne and the idea is to […]

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So what is the cost of dating?

It seems that because of the amount of online dating sites around, dating has become just a little bit too easy and so maybe we go on too many dates with not regard for the cost. Luckily, has come up with the info graphic that shows just what the Real Cost of Dating is, […]

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Top Ten Toughest Questions

These are just ten of the toughest questions around, make this your quiz and you are sure to come out on top as some of these questions are almost impossible to answer. Check out these clever questions, but before you test your family and friends why not have a go yourself! How many can you […]

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Wi-Fi Training for non Geeks

If you are fed up being asked by somebody how to connect to a Wi-Fi connection, all of the time, then maybe this is something that you might consider setting up for those technically challenged members of your family. This is a real funny, but the problem is that even this might not work because […]

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Inside A Google Data Centre

Online security is never far from the minds of Smartphone, laptop and netbook owners, even the users of games consoles are suffering at the hands of hackers. These are dangerous times to be careless with important information such as financial and personal details, in many cases both just imagine the damage that could be done! […]

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UK in top five on internet freedom

These days more than ever, the idea of internet freedom is important, especially if we look at what is going on in those countries where civil unrest is occurring. So the gauge is the Freedom House scale, they check cyber attacks sponsored by governments or other organisations, business and censorship. The scale is zero to […]

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Make Your Own Gmail Themes

Most people use the Google Gmail email service because of its convenience and speed, but then there are others who do not really care about the speed or the ease of use, they just like the idea of using themes and even creating their own theme. This new create your own theme feature allows the […]

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CPS drop BT and Phorm case

It looks as if no further action will be taken against the internet service provider (ISP) BT and the targeted advertising firm Phorm, following the secret trials of the Phorm service on unsuspecting BT customers, without their knowledge or consent! This happened around four years ago and since then, BT has parted company with Phorm […]

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Top Ten Free Email Services

These are the services that are regarded as being the best free email services around; 1) Gmail – Free Email Service 2) – Free Email Service 3) FastMail Guest Account – Free Email Service 4) Yahoo! Mail – Free Email Service 5) AIM Mail – Free Email Service 6) Windows Live Hotmail – Free […]

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Old lady cuts Armenia off web!

We see and hear stories of people scavenging around for scrap metal in order to make some money on the TV etc. Well it seems that a seventy five year old Georgian woman could not believe her luck when she thought she had found a nice stash of copper cable buried just below ground level. […]

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