Millions of websites infected

The online security firm, WebSecurity has found that an attack started a couple of days ago, that started with 28,000 URL’s but this doubled quickly and so on, until at the last count it ran into one and half million websites and counting! A user should know that they are under attack when one of […]

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BBC site attack was router trouble

The other day the entire BBC network of site went down, setting off an avalanche tweets on the social networking site Twitter, with theories of a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack and complaints of how this could even happen in the first place. Steve Herrmann, editor of the BBC news website “Normally this would […]

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Browsers from then to now

Just how did the browser from 1994 to the present day, well with the use of info graphic technology we can show you just how we are using such sophisticated browsers today compared to the very basic browsers of the past. This is info graphic is useful as it shows the wider bands being the […]

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MP’s can Tweet from Parliament

It seems that MP’s will be tweeting, sending SMS and checking their emails on their Smartphone’s more often following the decision of a parliamentary procedures committee, of course it you are an avid watcher of Prime Ministers Questions, you will already know that some MP’s are regularly texting and tweeting from the house! According to […]

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XXX Domain approved

It is quite amusing that three letters can mean such naughtiness, but XXX maybe the roman numerals for thirty, but for most people on the planet XXX means porn and anything associated with the industry. However, it seems that this is delicate subject that the internet and its authorities have skirted around for some time. […]

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Tablets vs Netbooks

Whether you want a portable computer for entertainment purposes or as a business tool, you will have many choices as a consumer. One of the most popular devices is tablet computers. The benefit of tablets is that they are more portable and can be used easily in any environment. Netbooks (smaller laptops) on the other […]

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Women and Online Shopping!

This title is slightly deceptive, because it does not just apply to women or wives. However, there is a funny side to the question. The problem I have with it is I am not sure if the wife is stupid for putting the credit card into the floppy disc slot or the husband who has […]

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ISP’s in speed slowing deal

The UK’s main internet service providers (ISP) including BT, O2, Sky, TalkTalk, Three, Virgin Media and Vodafone, have signed an agreement, which amounts to a new code of practice compiled by the Broadband Stakeholders Group. The idea is to ensure that the UK broadband network is in good order, but this may mean that there […]

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Silence of the Celebs Chrome App

Have you ever wished that you could filter out all or just some of the celebrities that are constantly hogging the front pages of all media, well with the “Silence of the Celebs” extension for the Chrome Browser you can. By adding the chosen celebrity or celebrities to the list and press the “Silence Them” […]

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Twitter must hand over user details

In the ongoing investigation into the classified documents on Wikileaks, it seems that a federal magistrate in the US has ruled that personal account information held by Twitter will have to be handed over to the investigating prosecutors if they feel that there is a connection with Wikileaks. According to U.S. Magistrate Judge Theresa Carroll […]

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