The next generation of search is here and it is called DoThisASAP!

The Top Google Searches For Each US State!

It is easy to forget that the USA is not one country its union of many different regions all of which have their own ways and ideas, it is what makes the USA so diverse and interesting. However, for an… Continue Reading →

EU Rules That You Have The Right To Be DeGoogled!

Image Search By Facial Recognition With Huiiz

Here is a new way of searching for images, it is cool because it uses facial recognition technology to find the results instead of those traditional keywords. it is a simple enough design that is both practical and useful at… Continue Reading →

Google Is Always Right Even When In Prediction Mode!

You can really get some great search suggestions from Google when it is the prediction mode. Just enter a few words and Google can produce some really interesting search answers for you to check out. Not all of them are… Continue Reading →

This Is The Reason Why We Say Delete Your Browser History!

Imagine this, you landed a cool job at a TV Station and they ask you to demo a new feature on your smartphone. Yet, you have failed to take notice of our warnings to delete your history! Now everyone knows… Continue Reading →

Some Search Terms Turn Out To Be Really Strange And Amusing!

Ever since Google introduced its predictive search feature, you can enter the beginning of a cool question and you get a few suggestions to the complete the question. Just like 5 reasons, the answers are interesting. Source: Le Funny  

Meseek The Search Engine That Offers Customisable Results!

Normally when most people go to search for something online it’s Google that they will turn to, but are these results the best products, services and information available online or do these results depend on what Google wants to serve… Continue Reading →

Just Ask Google When You Need A Question Answered!

These days you do not need a massive IQ, books or advanced knowledge on a specific subject. This is because we have Google at our disposal and it knows everything about anything, try it and see what you can come… Continue Reading →

Ever Wondered Who Buys The Best Gifts At Christmas!

They might be a menace, but could be true that the gift that you have always wanted could come from your stalker? What do you think? Maybe mentioning that Mercedes is a good idea? Source: Some Ecards  

What Is Better A Dog Or A Baby? Lets See!

Naturally, whenever we have a question such this then there would only be one place to go for the answer Google!

Whatever You Do! Don’t Do This It Can Break The Internet!

If there is one thing that you really do not want to do, its break the internet! We all work and have fun here, so please do not do this! Source: Geek Fill  

The IT Guy Has The Best Chat Up Lines!

Those IT guys may be stuffed down in the basement, but all that time alone means that they are able to practice their chat up lines! Source: Cubicle Bot  

Who Is The Boss Bing Or Google?

To many folks Google will always be the boss of the internet, but to others Bing is king! Which one do you choose? Source: Cubicle Bot  

You Just Have To Love Google! Dont You?

So you are about to send that important email! Are you that you have not forgotten something? Google thinks you have! Source: Geek Fill  

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