Big Bang Theory Flash Mob

What could be better than being at filming of the Big Bang Theory when suddenly a flash mob consisting of the cast and crew set to the cool Carly Rae Jepsen track “Call Me Maybe”, well checking out the video is good! What TV cast would you like to see burst into a flash mob […]

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Batman Comic Book Cufflinks

Any geek, nerd or cool person is going to want to be seen with these cufflinks in their shirts cuffs. The image is that of the First Issue Comic Book featuring Batman. These are not just great looking; they are really nice to look at as well. Who would not want to be seen wearing […]

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Einsteins E=mc2 Theory Incomplete

For a long time we have all been told about Einstein’s E=mc² theory, for those who studied physics at school this theory was always there and now it seems that after a closer look that the theory is not even finished! How has this happened and what happens next, check out the video below to […]

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Modern Shoe Rack Design

We often think of design and technology being related to electronics, but when we see this cool looking shoe rack, we realised that this too belongs in the design and technology section as its uses style to look great and technology to actually make it all work. The finished item is a great looking rack […]

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Robot Calendar For 2013

This is a great looking calendar that has a sort of retro look and feel to it, but upon closer inspection it is clear to see that the designers Justin Mezzell and the 55 Hi’s have created this calendar with robots in mind. As such, each month is dedicated to a specific robot based on […]

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Skype For Windows Phones

The internet based phone service Skype has finally released service for Windows Phone 8 powered devices! As with other apps for the Windows Phone 8 operating system, Skype fits in nicely with the tile display making it easy to use and manage. These are the features available from the Skype app for Windows powered devices; […]

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Rocket Powered By An iPhone

It does not seem possible, but the video below shows that cool dude Mike Westerfield has been able to build a rocket powered by Bluetooth, techBasic and an iPhone 4S! Not only that included into the design is a sensor that would capture all of the relevant flight data. The launch was success and thanks […]

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No Mega For New Megaupload

It seems that Kim Dotcom’s plans to relaunch a new version of Megaupload under the new domain name have been put on hold following the suspension of the domain by the Gabon government. We wait to hear what next for Mega, from Kim Dotcom. According to a tweet by Kim Dotcom to his […]

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Livescribe Sky WiFi Smartpen

This is really a device that actually puts the smart into pen, it comes with built in Wi-Fi that allows everything that is written or heard to be sent to the user Evernote account, where it can be retrieved. The user can also tap anywhere on the notes that have been written to hear any […]

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The TARDIS Crash Lands

It had to happen sooner or later with all of that time travel and a time machine that can be a little bit temperamental to say the least. Well Doctor Who has been caught on camera this time when the TARDIS materialised partly inside the wall of a building. Source [Nerd Approved]

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