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    Chrome Overtakes Firefox

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    Latest figures released for the browser market has shown that Google Chrome has finally overtaken its nearest rival Mozilla Firefox to become the second most used browser in the UK. The results show that in first place is Internet Explorer (Microsoft) with 45 per cent of users, Chrome (Google) with 22 per cent, Firefox (Mozilla)… Read more »

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    IE users have low IQ’s

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    It seems that a survey conducted by the Vancouver based internet and web consulting firm, AptiQuant is bound to upset and possibly even insult anyone that uses Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser for surfing the internet. In a survey conducted by the firm recently to test users IQ, it seems that those who were using Internet Explorer… Read more »

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    Microsoft Rolls Out Avatar Kinect

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    The software giant and games developer Microsoft has launched a new service called Avatar Kinect to its Xbox Live Service. What this does is track the features of the user face, such as the mouth and even eyebrows so that the player can have a real representation of how they wish to look online, this… Read more »

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    How tech firms are connected

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    This is an amazing graphic, it shows just how interconnected the top tech firms on the internet and beyond are, with many of the same names appearing time after time! You expect experienced employees to be able to move from one firm to another but in this case, it seems that the big firms are… Read more »

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    Star Wars Edition Xbox 360

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    This is a must for all Star Wars fans, it is a special limited edition of the Xbox 360, it comes with cool styling such as the actually Xbox casing in R2-D2 design and the controller in C3PO gold finish! This is an excellent idea and it is not just the look of the machine… Read more »

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    Microsoft demos Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

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    Normally anyone who has already owned the first Halo game, there would absolutely no reason to buy Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, maybe not even the superior high definition graphics would be enough to make the gamer put their hands in their pockets. But Microsoft are not expecting that either, and along with better graphics, they… Read more »

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    Microsoft offers $250K bounty

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    This is not an X Factor for talent, but a bounty in the true sense of the word, as the company are offering $250,000 (£155,000) for any information that leads to the ID, arrest and conviction of the people behind the Rustock Botnet. The fact the company are will to put up this sort of cash,… Read more »

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    Hotmail bans easy passwords

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    Microsoft are about to make some changes in what sort of passwords its members use for logging into their accounts, no longer will “password,” “123456,” “ilovecats” or “gogiants.” be available and these are easy for hackers to crack. Instead, the user will need to use a combination of number and letters in lower and upper case,… Read more »

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    The end is nigh for XP

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    Once again, the Microsoft daggers are out for the Windows XP operating system and not for the first time either. However, this time it seems real enough and to be honest it probably is the end, although it looks as if good old XP will be running until 2014. For the simple reason that the… Read more »

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    Why Use The Cloud

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    The cloud has been given some serious media coverage over the past couple months and yet computer users are not embracing this technology as they could be. There are plenty of excuses as to why this would be such as security and availability of a decent wireless connection, yet even with these issues, being taken… Read more »

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    Xbox Live Offline

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    Whenever there is an issue with a web based service, we seem to nearly always blame a hacker these days and yet as with the recent problems affecting Xbox Live users, it seems that technical issues are to blame and more to the point the launching of the Microsoft cloud service could be the cause…. Read more »

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    Chrome has twenty per cent

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    Considering that the Chrome browser from Google was only launched in 2008, the slice of the market has grown year on year until last month when the browser finally broke the browser markets twenty per cent marker. In fact in June 2011 chrome actually achieved 20.7 per cent of the global browser market place, this… Read more »

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    Organizing your company

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    Given the choice, what model would you choose to follow in order to build your company into something big? Here is a smart graphic that uses the popular examples of Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and Oracle! As you can see, they are all modelled differently and this makes for different working conditions and of… Read more »

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    Windows users get App Store

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    We have got used to app stores for getting hold of some cool programmes for devices and computers, but at the moments Windows user are missing out. However, there is a site that offers this type service and they call it the Avenue App Store from a firm called Nevolution. The Avenue App Store gives… Read more »

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    Facebook overtakes MSN in the UK

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    The social networking site Facebook has overtaken Microsoft to become the second most visited site in the UK with almost twenty seven visits over the year. Facebook had 26.8 million visitors last year, which is seven per cent up! In comparison Microsoft’s MSN, Windows Live and Bing services, which managed to attract 26.2 million visitors, so… Read more »