Will The Surface Rival The iPad

    As Steve Ballmer showed off the latest idea from Microsoft, almost immediately there are comparisons being made with the iPad. However, the Surface is much more than the iPad, it is something rather interesting and has the potential to re-brand Microsoft as a fully fledged mobile computing manufacturer and with the Surface, and […]

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Will Hotmail Become Newmail

    It looks like there is a revamp in the offing over at Hotmail, the email service that most people started off with back in the day! However, with the launch of Gmail by Google email changed for the better! Nevertheless, Hotmail carried on and on, it is looking a bit tired and needs […]

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Bing To Use Britannica Online

    Microsoft’s search engine Bing has announced that it will be using Britannica Online Encyclopaedia to provide answers to the questions posted by its users. The results will be in the form of a thumbnail image, overview and facts, making it easy for the searcher to find the right answer to their questions. It […]

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