Facebook overtakes MSN in the UK

The social networking site Facebook has overtaken Microsoft to become the second most visited site in the UK with almost twenty seven visits over the year. Facebook had 26.8 million visitors last year, which is seven per cent up! In comparison Microsoft’s MSN, Windows Live and Bing services, which managed to attract 26.2 million visitors, so […]

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Microsoft launches Office 365

The world’s largest software company Microsoft has officially launched the new Microsoft Office 365 for professionals. It allows the user to check their email, important documents, contacts, and calendar, from anywhere using their PC, Mac, Windows Phone, iPhone, Android or BlackBerry, so the benefits are obvious so how much is this going to cost? For […]

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How mobile e-commerce will grow

This piece of info graphic comes from the Microsoft TAG Team; they used data and information to compile a superb and very detailed info graphic on how Smartphone’s are being used for more than just making a call! You will notice that the owners of these devices are being very savvy in the way that […]

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IT Phishing calls increase

In a survey conducted by software giant Microsoft shows that twenty per cent of people in the UK have been contacted by fake IT security companies with the sole aim of getting their credit details and money out of them. This is part of a wider survey that covered Canada, Ireland, UK and the USA, […]

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Halo 4 Trailer is cool

Just before the massive Microsoft press conference, the teaser trailer for Halo 4 was released. This trailer does not give much away but it does show for fans that the game is well on the way and that should be pleasing enough. Microsoft were very bullish about the continuation of the Halo game at the […]

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New Xbox 360 dash looks familiar

It seems that Microsoft are loving their tiles, first of all we have seen them on the Windows Phone 7 and then more recently tiles are a main feature of the much anticipated Windows 8 operating system. Now tiles are the main the feature of the newly updated Xbox 360 dashboard, to be perfectly honest […]

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Skype users unable to login

Skype has once again been hit with problems, this time it looks as if users have been unable to log into their accounts, this is a similar thing to what happen a couple of weeks ago following a Skype software update. According to the Skype Twitter feed, @skype where the company said; “A small number […]

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Apple’s Value Increases

Some of us were surprised last year when the market capital of Apple passed that of old rival Microsoft, well it seems that there is another surprise in store as the numbers are crunched once more! So according to the data compiled by macdailynews.com the market value of Apple now stands at $317.6 billion, while […]

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Microsoft release details on Windows 8

The world’s largest software developer Microsoft has been offering some insight into its next operating system, codenamed unsurprisingly Windows 8! It has been designed to work with touchscreen devices and because of this, it looks remarkably like Windows Phone 7 with coloured tiles for easy navigation. It looks as if there is no start button […]

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Skype fixes outage

Only a couple of weeks after Microsoft paid a massive £5.2 billion for the over the internet phone service Skype, the service has suffered a massive outage. However, according to a posting on the Skype blog, a small number is users were affected, yet on the other side of the coin are the users affected […]

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How Microsoft became so big

When you think of it, companies such as Microsoft do not get to be the size it is by just selling software and operating systems. The company has to grow and in order to get to the level that we see Microsoft at moment this means taking over other businesses. So you think that you […]

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Bing gets Facebook integration

Software giant Microsoft has recently announced that its search engine Bing will be integrating Facebook into its search results. This means that the firm have had to completely change the way that the search results are created. In effect, this means that a search on Bing will be able to provide the user with personalised […]

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