First Trailer For The Walking Dead Season 3

The great thing about the Comic Con is that all the major TV producers are there and this is where they release the first trailers for the coming season. In this case, it is AMC and the show is of… Continue Reading →

Rare Star Wars Concert Poster Up For Auction

Here is a chance to get your hands on one of the rarest and it has to be said iconic Star Wars concert posters around. It dates back to 1978 and carries the autograph of one George Lucas, it is… Continue Reading →

At Last Its The Official Halo 4 Live Action Trailer

Fresh from the Comic Con is this official live action trailer for the much waited for game Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn game. This trailer is only three and half minutes long and yet it is hot, that is all… Continue Reading →

City In China Builds Its Own Tower Bridge

It used to be Las Vegas where all of the worlds iconic buildings can be seen in one day, but it seems that China are taking this to another level by building actual working replicas of iconic buildings, such as… Continue Reading →

Free Olympics Results App For Android Users

Android users will be able to stay up to date with all of the action of the London 2012 Olympic Games through a free app that is already available from Google Play! With this app, the user will be able… Continue Reading →

Whats Wrong With Being A Hufflepuff

It is always the way with long running movies, games and books, there is always the team, club or house that nobody wants to join or be placed in. In popular Harry Potter series of movies and books, it seems… Continue Reading →

Is This Geekiest Wedding Ever

Here is something that you do not see at every wedding, it is a gothic, geeky and Star Wars style wedding with a touch of the zombie uprising thrown in for good measure. It was held at the Gatehouse at… Continue Reading →

Human Powered Helicopter Takes To The Air

    The idea of a human powered helicopter is no longer the domain of the movies or comic books! For this is the Gamera II it’s the second pedal powered helicopter from a team of students at the University… Continue Reading →

NASA Probe Finds Mickey Mouse On Mercury

    This is something that you could not make up, well you could, but nobody would listen! However, this is not made up, these are actual images sent back to Earth from the NASA Messenger spacecraft close to Mercury! Clearly, this… Continue Reading →

The Truth About The Baltic Sea UFO

    A while ago, we featured the project that was setting off to explore the depths of Baltic Sea, where sonar images had picked up on a circular shape, which of course hinted at being a sunken UFO. Well… Continue Reading →

Is ET Waiting For Us To Call

    Over the past couple of years there has been change in how we see the galaxy and beyond, as technology improves and more earth like planets are discovered, it stands to reason that at some point life beyond… Continue Reading →

Darth Vader Tries To Buy Guns

    Here is the answer to that burning question, just where does the empire get its weapons from? Well clearly not from the gun makers FN Herstal’s factory in Belgium! Even when the big guy steps out of his… Continue Reading →

One Image All Five Star Trek TV Series Captains

    We have to first thank the Wizard World Philadelphia event that took place the other day. However, this is something very special indeed; This is the event that could down in history as being the first and only… Continue Reading →

Its Star Wars: The Radio Play

    There is a new Star Wars doing the rounds and this time there are no special effects, animations or hundreds of actors, this time it’s Star Wars for the radio, yes that’s it, the radio! Check out the… Continue Reading →

Space Command The Series Backed By Fans

    It is the same old story when it comes to cool science fiction, you find a great show, there are plenty of fans and it gets cut from the schedules for no apparent reason. So when a team… Continue Reading →

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