Is the Moto X all it’s cracked up to be?

The Moto X was such an important product for Google and Motorola that they gave it two launches. The first just teased the phone without any real details other than the news grabbing headline that it would be manufactured in the United States. When it was finally released though many were a little disappointed with […]

How To Build Your Own Mobile Phone!

  Building your own mobile phone is going to be cool and trendy, sure you now it’s not going to be an iPhone or Galaxy S4 but it’s not that difficult to build your own mobile phone. Thanks to David A. Mellis, he has laid it all out on a webpage at MIT, simply gather […]

Send A Text Message When There Is No Signal!

  Most of us are used to looking at our Smartphone’s and seeing some signal, but there are many places in the world where there is no phone signal at all and therefore it’s impossible to send a text message, even in an emergency! However, for a small investment, you can carry your text message […]

The Beddit Device For Accurate Wellness Tracking!

  There is nothing new about wellness trackers, you strap it on and it ticks away checking out how much exercise you are getting and more importantly how well you are doing! But the Beddit device takes this a step further, keeping track of sleep and how well this essential relaxation is working for, sleep […]

Start Building With The Windows Phone App Studio!

  Apps are cool little nuggets that we all use whether we like them or not! However, building an app is not a complicated as you might think. First of all, you need an idea and then you are ready to let the Windows Phone App Studio guide you through the process of building a […]

What To Do When You Drop Your Mobile Phone In Water!

  The first thing that we normally do is obvious, we cry! Then panic sets it, so we are crying and panicking, it is not a good look and yet the mobile phone is still soaking wet, so what do we have to do to save it? Well it seems that chances are that all […]

Woman Pays £870 For Two Apples Thinking They Were iPhones!

  There are still cons going on where people are paying out a lot of their hard earned cash for apples and not an Apple as they thought! The trouble here is that there is a desire for the shiny new Apple Box containing the iPhone, but these devices are expensive to buy and so […]

The Wie Phone Offers Calls With No Contract Or Fees

  Imagine a mobile phone that will be free of any contracts or charges! Is this a dream or how it should be, because this is what the Wie Phone will be offering buyers once it raises enough funds to go into production! The Wie Phone is not a gimmick or a second rate device […]

Looking For Secure Messaging? Try Redact!

  When you think of ultra secure messaging, you might think that this sort of technology is only available to governments! However, it turns out that the Redact app is probably something that government departments should be looking at in order to keep their messages private. What the Redact app does is send an encrypted […]

For The Perfect Selfie Try The Muku Shuttr

We have seen some cool and funny selfies over the years, but they nearly always have an arm or hand in the shot too! However, the Muku Shuttr makes taking the perfect the selfie easy; it is a remote control device that comes with a Smartphone stand too! Simply set up the shot and click […]

If You Must Take A Selfie Make Sure Its A Good One!

The rise of the selfie has been unprecedented with smart phones and social media being the fuel behind this phenomenon. However, there are good ones and bad one, so if you are going to take a picture of yourself and then share it, make sure it is a winner. Source: Geek Fill