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Start Building With The Windows Phone App Studio!

Start Building With The Windows Phone App Studio!


Apps are cool little nuggets that we all use whether we like them or not! However, building an app is not a complicated as you might think. First of all, you need an idea and then you are ready to let the Windows Phone App Studio guide you through the process of building a cool and useful app that will take users straight to your website, game or useful idea that works on a Smartphone. It makes no difference what your idea is, having an app to make access to it fast and easy is essential these days. Check out the Windows Phone App Studio to see just a quickly your app could be up and running.

According to the Windows Store Page, this is how the app builder works;

We know you – the savvy developer filled with great ideas but not enough time. If only you had a way to quickly build and test your latest innovations. With the Windows Phone App Studio, you do! The Windows Phone App Studio lets you swiftly build apps for immediate publishing, testing, and sharing with clients, co-workers, and focus groups. Need to make changes or try variations? With the App Studio it’s a snap!

So, there is no stopping you now! What will your first app be like?

Source: Windows Store


What To Do When You Drop Your Mobile Phone In Water!

What To Do When You Drop Your Mobile Phone In Water!


The first thing that we normally do is obvious, we cry! Then panic sets it, so we are crying and panicking, it is not a good look and yet the mobile phone is still soaking wet, so what do we have to do to save it? Well it seems that chances are that all is not lost and there are certain procedures that we can do that could save the mobile phone from certain death! There are of course things that we should not be doing too, like placing it in the microwave, we love that one and would like know if some people actually do that!

According to the designers of this informative infographic;

After the panic of ruining your phone wears off, remember that you can save a cell phone from water damage! This infographic will show you the do’s and don’ts of dealing with a water-logged cell phone and offers steps to make sure you don’t end up with an expensive paper weight.

So, come on how many of you have actually killed their mobile phone via a water incident? We have, many times and it’s not funny at all.

Source: PartSelect


Woman Pays £870 For Two Apples Thinking They Were iPhones!

Woman Pays £870 For Two Apples Thinking They Were iPhones!


There are still cons going on where people are paying out a lot of their hard earned cash for apples and not an Apple as they thought! The trouble here is that there is a desire for the shiny new Apple Box containing the iPhone, but these devices are expensive to buy and so some folks look for bargains in the small adverts!

In this case, it was an Australian woman who found an advert on Gumtree; the advertiser was selling two new iPhones in their shiny new boxes for 1,500 Australian Dollars! So, she met up with the buyer at a McDonalds in Brisbane and handed over the cash for the boxes! Only later did she find that inside each box was an apple of the fruit variety, which was not the sort of Apple she was expecting!

Source: CNET


The Wie Phone Offers Calls With No Contract Or Fees

The Wie Phone Offers Calls With No Contract Or Fees


Imagine a mobile phone that will be free of any contracts or charges! Is this a dream or how it should be, because this is what the Wie Phone will be offering buyers once it raises enough funds to go into production! The Wie Phone is not a gimmick or a second rate device either as it will offer the buyer 30 GB of free cloud storage, stereo sound with no need for headphones, and the ability to produce cool 3D Video! Is this the coolest phone ever, let us wait and see what’s its really like, before we make such a judgement.

These are the features available with the cool looking Wie Phone;

2 twin buttons for stereo sound without headphones. The Wie-Phone has neither top nor bottom. Grab the Wie-Phone in any way, you will have full functionality on both sides. How often did you have to turn your phone before you could start using it? The Wie-Phone is always on the right side!

Innovative, cool and functional design: the Wie-Phone comes in black and white and five colours. Yes, you get all colours in one package, you change the colours, as you like. Simple and easy. The Wie-Phone brings colour to your life!

First phone you can use while it is still in your bag or pocket. The Wie-Phone will tell you who calls, and you will tell it, if you want to answer!

Wie-Phone Human Interface Technology

4 cameras, 2 with 8 Mega Pixels on the back (for 3d Movies) , 2 front cameras 2 Mega Pixels 3D photos and 3D HD movies recording

30 GB Cloud space free as long as you use Wie-Phone!

The Wie Phone is not cheap, expect to pay around $850 (£555)! But there are discounts available for backers of this project starting from $150 (£98), which is a huge saving.

Source: Wie Phone


Looking For Secure Messaging? Try Redact!

Looking For Secure Messaging? Try Redact!


When you think of ultra secure messaging, you might think that this sort of technology is only available to governments! However, it turns out that the Redact app is probably something that government departments should be looking at in order to keep their messages private. What the Redact app does is send an encrypted message from one device to another without having to use busy public servers; this is how the messages are able to remain user read only!

These are the features available for the app for secure messages;

Redact is the world’s first totally secure instant messenger application. Using encryption, ciphers and peer to peer messaging, Redact sends heavily encrypted messages from one phone to another without passing through any central servers. Messages you have sent or received can be redacted from both handsets at the touch of a button with no method of recovery. For more information visit the Redact website:

This app is a paid for version costing around $6 or £4 depending on where you live in the world.

Source: Redactapp


Postifier Notifies You When Snail Mail Arrives

Postifier Notifies You When Snail Mail Arrives

Living in apartments or in house with a long drive often means that the post is put into a box and not through your front door! However, in these busy times, going out of your way to check the mailbox is a waste of time when the mailbox is empty! So, wouldn’t it be good if there were a way of being notified when there is mail, to save wasting time! Well, there is and it is called Postifier, this device connects to your Smartphone via a Bluetooth connection to let you know there is post waiting to be picked up! It runs on a battery so no wiring is needed and the Bluetooth range is about thirty metres, so it is a handy device that will save you time and disappointment.

Here is how the Postifier can make your life easier;

Postifier was designed to provide the solution to those pointless frustrating walks to your post box and back, empty handed. With Smartphone’s as popular as ever we developed a device which sends a instant notification to your Smartphone if post arrived during the day.

This handy device can be pre-ordered at a special early bird price of just $20 (£13).

Source: Postifier

For The Perfect Selfie Try The Muku Shuttr

For The Perfect Selfie Try The Muku Shuttr

We have seen some cool and funny selfies over the years, but they nearly always have an arm or hand in the shot too! However, the Muku Shuttr makes taking the perfect the selfie easy; it is a remote control device that comes with a Smartphone stand too! Simply set up the shot and click the Muku Shuttr, thats it, the perfect selfie or group shot.

Here are just three reasons why the Muku Shuttr could be the device that you have been waiting for;

It works both on iOS and Samsung S4, S3, Notes 2, 10.1, LG Nexus 4 and many other Android 4.1+ devices with bluetooth 3.0+. It works WITHOUT downloading or installing 3rd party camera app! At 6 mm thickness, it is the world’s thinnest remote shutter release ever invented! So small that you can carry it as a keychain so that you capture every precious moments in your daily life.

The Muku Shuttr is available on Kickstarter with pledges around $30 (£20).

Source: Muku Labs

Get Ready For 4G With The Vodafone R212

Get Ready For 4G With The Vodafone R212

Vodafone have announced details on their R212 the new 4G-ready Mobile Wi-Fi device. Vodafone do not have 4G on their UK network at the moment, but they will later on in the year and this device will ensure that any device capable of connecting to the 4G network will be able to for around £10 a month, plus an initial £39 pay out for the device with a new twelve month contract.

According to the Vodafone Blog, this how the new mobile Wi-Fi works;

Welcome to the future. We’re working round the clock to make sure that our 4G network, which launches later his year, will be the fastest, most capable and most reliable around, but what good is 4G if you’ve nothing to pump that data through? That line of thinking is why we’re pretty excited to announce the Vodafone R212 – our brand new 4G-ready Mobile Wi-Fi device.

Source: Vodafone Blog

Great Looking Retro Style Handset For Smartphones

Great Looking Retro Style Handset For Smartphones

If you are thinking about taking a step back in time to when Bakelite was the hip and trendy product, then this is for you. It uses Bluetooth to connect to your device and is made from a tough rubber like material, so it might appear to be aged but in reality, this is cutting edge design at its best.

Want the specs? Here they are;

Retro handset compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices

Eliminates up to 96% of absorbed radiation compared to using a mobile phone

Noise reduction technology for improved audio clarity

Allows you to navigate your device while talking

Perfect for VoIP applications

One button pick-up and hang-up functionality

Great Looking Retro Style Handset For SmartphonesGreat Looking Retro Style Handset For SmartphonesGreat Looking Retro Style Handset For Smartphones

This cool retro style handset is priced at around $45 (£30).

Source: Cool Material