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Great Looking Retro Style Handset For Smartphones

Great Looking Retro Style Handset For Smartphones

If you are thinking about taking a step back in time to when Bakelite was the hip and trendy product, then this is for you. It uses Bluetooth to connect to your device and is made from a tough rubber like material, so it might appear to be aged but in reality, this is cutting edge design at its best.

Want the specs? Here they are;

Retro handset compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices

Eliminates up to 96% of absorbed radiation compared to using a mobile phone

Noise reduction technology for improved audio clarity

Allows you to navigate your device while talking

Perfect for VoIP applications

One button pick-up and hang-up functionality

Great Looking Retro Style Handset For SmartphonesGreat Looking Retro Style Handset For SmartphonesGreat Looking Retro Style Handset For Smartphones

This cool retro style handset is priced at around $45 (£30).

Source: Cool Material

Swish The Smallest Phone In The World

Phone designers are weird they started off making huge bricks, and then gradually they reduced in size some could be folded up and placed in your pocket. But now they are getting bigger, the Samsung Galaxy Note II is good example with its huge screen. However, Swish have come up with a mini phone that has one or two pre-programmed numbers in, it is not a smart phone, but for it is a smart idea for parents and carers.

Swish The Smallest Phone In The World

These are the details on the mini phone device from Swish;

The Swish Mini Phone is designed for persons with an intellectual disability, children and our senior citizens out and about. The Swish Mini Phone phone transmits on a GSM network. There are two speed dial numbers. Simply press 1 or 2 to get straight through to your loved one. Press the SOS button and the Swish Mini Phone will continuously call the two preset numbers along with the GSM base station co-ordinates!

Swish The Smallest Phone In The WorldSwish The Smallest Phone In The World

The price of this mini phone is around $382 (£247).

Source: The Swish


When You Are Bored Try Doing This

It is going to be annoying for a lot of people, but that is what we do every day! You can just imagine some of the replies you would get, some might even be interesting.

When You Are Bored Try Doing This

Source: Le Funny

Whats Cool About The Samsung Galaxy Note II

Hoping to build on the success it had with the Galaxy Note, Samsung has brought out a second generation ‘phablet’ device that blends the functionality of a smartphone with a tablet. So what’s different about the Galaxy Note II, and what makes it superior to its older brother? We’ve knocked up a little Galaxy Note 2 review to give you the lowdown.

Stylus stylings – One of the unique features of the Galaxy Note II is its S-Pen stylus, which allows users to navigate around the phone, annotate whatever’s on the screen, and utilise S-Pen optimised apps. If you’re a fan of art who likes sketching and whatnot, you can take a game of Draw Something to a whole other level using the S-Pen to gently shade and scribe with loads of detail.

Other stylus-related features include S-Memo, a useful app that lets the user jot down notes using the S-Pen, and the S-Planner, an organiser app where you can input your appointments and special dates using the stylus. Photo editing on the Note II is pretty impressive too – you can crop and move selected sections, annotate, and scribble using the S-Pen on photos taken with the handset’s 8 megapixel camera. There’s also a Share Shot camera mode that allows users to instantly upload images onto compatible devices in a 200ft range when they are connected to the same Wi-Fi Direct network.

Display and processor – Of course, we couldn’t discuss the Galaxy Note II and not mention its massive display. Sporting a whopping 5.5-inch HD super AMOLED screen, the Note II’s display really is its crowning glory. So, if you watch a lot of action films in high definition you’ll be able to see all the fine detail and brilliant colours of explosions and car chases, or if HD period dramas are more your thing those wonderful stately homes and their extravagant grounds will look vibrant.

That screen is also ideal for gaming as there’s more surface area meaning that you won’t obscure your view of the action when tapping away at onscreen controls. You also get a better view of the gameplay on a large display just because it’s physically bigger. There’s a 1.6GHz quad-core processor nestled beneath the chassis too, offering enough power to fuel gaming and multitasking with no annoying stutters or lag.

Boxed with Jelly Bean – The Galaxy Note II comes boxed with the newest Android operating system, Jelly Bean. This iteration has loads of great features, including the intuitive Google Now service that learns all about you, remembering things such as the routes you take regularly and things you search for, and then offers handy hints and tips when it senses you need it. It keeps you updated on weather, traffic and public transport via digital cards that flash up info. For example if you commute to work on a motorway notorious for jams, Google Now will remember your daily trip and offer traffic updates and an alternative route if there’s any delays .

Another nifty addition by Samsung is Pop-up Play, which allows you to minimise a video or movie into a smaller box, and multitask while it continues to play. You can check work emails, send texts, and even do your Christmas shopping online, all whilst the video plays in the little window on the screen.

With its big expansive HD screen, quad-core processor and S-Pen stylus, the Galaxy Note II is at the cutting edge of mobile technology. It bridges the gap between a smartphone and tablet brilliantly, and unless you’re adverse to large mobiles it’s actually hard to think of a good reason not to own this handset. So, if you’re looking for a new mobile we recommend you give Samsung Galaxy Note II some serious consideration.

This guest post was written by Phones 4u’s Abbi Cox, where you can get the latest mobile phone deals on Orange, O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone & EE.