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The Smart Pack Waterproof Case For Smartphones!


Smartphones are great, but should they become wet through heavy rainfall, spillages or from being accidentally dropped into water it is the beginning of a Smartphone nightmare. So, for anyone who works outside or in a place where there is water and for anyone who is going on holiday, there is the Smart Pack! This is a case that comes with a handy lanyard feature and can go into water down to 1.5 metres for up to three hours without a single drop of water getting in. that is the water problem solved and warranty saved in one easy move!

Here are the main features for the Smart Pack waterproof case for Smartphone’s;

Waterproof universal phone protector

Ideal for holidays

Waterproof up to 1.5 metres for three hours

Triple water protection – snap shut bar, buttons and lock

Full use of phone and camera in packet

Made from strong and safe urethane

Lanyard locking system

Roll back up after use

Lanyard measures approx. 81cm

Smart Pack tube casing measures approx. 13 cm x 2 cm x 2 cm

Smart Pack urethane packet measures approx. 21 cm x 9 cm

This essential piece of travel gear is priced at a handy $31 (£20), which is much cheaper than buying a new phone!

Source: Red 5


Modus Is Your Portable Office For The iPad And Smartphone!


Finally, there is a proper home for your iPad and it is called the Modus III. Not only that it works with almost all Smartphone’s, so you have an iPad and still use any Smartphone with this device that offers a full keyboard, stand, synchronizing and in fact, it provides a quality feel that is only available with a laptop. Not only that the Modus makes carrying around the device so much better as it’s not going to be damaged while in transit. once set up the Modus acts like a mini portable office providing the user with a everything needed to get some work done while being away from the office.

These are the some of the main features for the Modus III iPad office system;

Self-storing premium quality laptop sized Bluetooth keyboard

ErgoTrack with 7″ front to back travel for tablet and keyboard

Adjustable tablet viewing angle to 180 degrees

Adjustable angle phone docking station with interchangeable connecters (30 pin, lighting, micro USB included)

One-click release of tablet for freehand use

Built in, 12-degree ergonomic typing angle

Enhanced iPad speaker sound

Self-contained storage for wall plugs, charging cords, misc items

All port, function buttons & camera accessibility

Interchangeable iPad 30 pin & lighting connectors (both included)

Wall charging ability without removing devices from Modus lll (portable battery power available through leading manufacturers)

Protective, durable, lightweight 7060 aircraft-grade aluminium and high-strength polycarbonate construction.

Earth-friendly. 100% recyclable core materials

Modular iPad case with path to upgrade

TSA checkpoint friendly

The Modus is not in the stores yet, but it can be pre-ordered from just $179 (£116).

Source: Get Modus 3


The Periscoping Spy Lens For Your Smartphone!


Smartphone’s are brilliant devices and the cameras are really useful too, but for some the Smartphone camera does not do enough and therefore for those people here is something very interesting. It is the Smartphone Spy Lens that offers a 90 degree periscoping angle, which allows the user to take images from weird and interesting positions. With this sort of lens attached to the Smartphone, it is even possible to capture images from around a corner and that is not something you can say about a regular Smartphone camera.

This is how the spy lens will work with your Smartphone;

The Smartphone Spy Lens is a tiny gizmo you attach to your phone to take photos at a 90° angle. You can slyly hold your phone in texting position, while photoing straight ahead! Periscope around a corner. Snap candid shots of your camera-shy kids. Take a photo of your dinner plate without having to climb up on the table.

This interesting and useful device is going to cost you around $20 (£13) and it has to be worth every penny.

Source: Photo JoJo


Is the Moto X all it’s cracked up to be?

The Moto X was such an important product for Google and Motorola that they gave it two launches. The first just teased the phone without any real details other than the news grabbing headline that it would be manufactured in the United States. When it was finally released though many were a little disappointed with the device: Motorola hadn’t gone for the high end specs of its rivals, but had instead focused on making a mid-priced phone that was well rounded.

Many tech reviewers compared the device to the Samsung Galaxy S4, the HTC One, Sony Xperia Z and more recently LG G2 – and unsurprisingly it was left wanting in all categories other than affordability. But if you’re not needing to play the latest 3D mobile games then there’s little reason to opt for the high end specification smartphones – all round useability is more important, and that’s where the Moto X excels. Thankfully some tech reviewers released this, such as Sean Degville over at – but sadly for him the Moto X won’t be launched in his country.

Google has long been a champion of affordable tech that works great. Their Nexus range of phones were never as expensive as the iPhone from Apple, but nevertheless were regarded as competitors as they worked perfectly and had great support from Google. The Moto X appears to be Google expanding that model into its Motorola division. 

The raw speed and performance of the device is obviously lower than the best on the market, but this enables the cost to drop substantially. For instance the processor is still a Qualcomm Snapdragon, just it’s dual-core rather than quad-core and only rated 1.7GHz. This will still give you all the speed you need for daily use, but won’t benchmark as well as the high end phones from other manufacturers. On other specs though the Moto X matches these phones: it has 2GB of RAM, like every current high end smartphone; it’s got a great camera that shoots video in 1080p Full HD and captures 10 megapixel stills; and the built in storage at either 16GB or 32GB is what we’ve come to expect from any decent smartphone.

It’s in the little areas that don’t make the headline tech specs where this device proves itself though. It’s got a 4G LTE radio capable of downloading at 100 mbps. The screen might ‘only’ be standard HD, but at 4.7″ this still puts it ever so slightly lower than the ‘Retina‘ category Apple invented. The front facing camera can do Full HD so it’s perfect for video calling relatives on. The phone has dual microphones – something missed by some other manufacturers – which really improves call quality, as does the active noise cancellation feature.

There is a few downsides though: you can’t remove the battery yourself, which means no spares for long journeys. You also can’t expand the memory with micro SD. While the price is low it also isn’t as low as some competiting phones with headline similar specs, although this is probably a better all round device.

Perhaps the most unique feature of the smartphone is the ability to customise it while it’s in production. Given the phone is being made in the US rather than China, Motorola can afford to ship these individually to customers which opened the possibility of letting customers design their own phone from hundrds of possible combinations. This puts users back in charge of phone desgin – something they hadn’t enjoyed since the days of feature phone replacable shells.

Overall this is a great phone for anyone who isn’t attached to their smartphone by the wrist. It’s perfect for occasional browsing, social networking, and of course what phones were originally designed for: calling and messaging. There’s enough power to handle almost any app, but some games might go a little slow. The phone is well built and affordable, so if you’re on a budget but still need a smartphone this is a great option.

Greg Richardson is an Edinburgh based Android developer who regularly uses dozens of Android phones while developing educational apps for Android. He still hasn’t convinced his wife to switch from her iPhone.

How To Build Your Own Mobile Phone!


Building your own mobile phone is going to be cool and trendy, sure you now it’s not going to be an iPhone or Galaxy S4 but it’s not that difficult to build your own mobile phone. Thanks to David A. Mellis, he has laid it all out on a webpage at MIT, simply gather all of the components and follow the instructions to build a MacGyver style mobile phone from bits and pieces that you have found lying around or on the shelves of the local electronics store!

According to David A Mellis the guy behind this design;

There are two main variants of the DIY cellphone: one that uses a black and white LCD like those found on old Nokia phones and one that uses an eight-character matrix of red LEDs. The LCD shows more information (six lines of fourteen characters) but breaks over time. The variant with the LED matrix is harder to use but the display is more robust.

We do not actually have a run down of the costs, so the final price of the phone is probably going to be down to the materials used and availability of parts etc.

Source: MIT


Send A Text Message When There Is No Signal!


Most of us are used to looking at our Smartphone’s and seeing some signal, but there are many places in the world where there is no phone signal at all and therefore it’s impossible to send a text message, even in an emergency! However, for a small investment, you can carry your text message hot spot around with you and therefore send a text from literally anywhere in the world. That is what ROM Communications Text Anywhere does and there are all sorts of reasons for signing up.

This is how the Text Anywhere website explains the service;

The Text Anywhere 4″ device is fully self contained and runs on standard AA batteries or the included vehicle power adapter. Using Text Anywhere is a simple 3-step process, turn on the power, select Text Anywhere as your Wi-Fi network and open your browser to access the built-in web page application. Send and receive full 160 character cellular text messages or text based emails. Your online account lets you enable or disable features such as security, Social Media or the free location proximity link that allows friends and family to see where you are (not intended for tracking or rescue).

The Text Anywhere device will set you back around $399 (£256).

Source: Text Anywhere


The Beddit Device For Accurate Wellness Tracking!

The Beddit Device For Accurate Wellness Tracking!


There is nothing new about wellness trackers, you strap it on and it ticks away checking out how much exercise you are getting and more importantly how well you are doing! But the Beddit device takes this a step further, keeping track of sleep and how well this essential relaxation is working for, sleep is essential for fitness and the Beddit will make your that your sleep is the best sleep that you can get.

Here are the details on what makes the Beddit a cool way to track how fit you are;

Unlike other wellness trackers, Beddit does not require you to wear anything. You just place the ultra-thin Beddit sensor under your bed sheet and sleep on it. In the morning, you get a full report of your sleep quality, heart rate, breathing rhythm, movement, sleep stages, snoring, and the sleeping environment; noise level and light. You get also personalized coaching tips and guidance based on your results how you can improve your sleep and wellness.

Once in the stores expect to pay around $150 (£97) for the Beddit device, but for while, it can be pre-ordered from $100 (£64), which is a serious saving for the early bird.

Source: Beddit


Start Building With The Windows Phone App Studio!

Start Building With The Windows Phone App Studio!


Apps are cool little nuggets that we all use whether we like them or not! However, building an app is not a complicated as you might think. First of all, you need an idea and then you are ready to let the Windows Phone App Studio guide you through the process of building a cool and useful app that will take users straight to your website, game or useful idea that works on a Smartphone. It makes no difference what your idea is, having an app to make access to it fast and easy is essential these days. Check out the Windows Phone App Studio to see just a quickly your app could be up and running.

According to the Windows Store Page, this is how the app builder works;

We know you – the savvy developer filled with great ideas but not enough time. If only you had a way to quickly build and test your latest innovations. With the Windows Phone App Studio, you do! The Windows Phone App Studio lets you swiftly build apps for immediate publishing, testing, and sharing with clients, co-workers, and focus groups. Need to make changes or try variations? With the App Studio it’s a snap!

So, there is no stopping you now! What will your first app be like?

Source: Windows Store


What To Do When You Drop Your Mobile Phone In Water!

What To Do When You Drop Your Mobile Phone In Water!


The first thing that we normally do is obvious, we cry! Then panic sets it, so we are crying and panicking, it is not a good look and yet the mobile phone is still soaking wet, so what do we have to do to save it? Well it seems that chances are that all is not lost and there are certain procedures that we can do that could save the mobile phone from certain death! There are of course things that we should not be doing too, like placing it in the microwave, we love that one and would like know if some people actually do that!

According to the designers of this informative infographic;

After the panic of ruining your phone wears off, remember that you can save a cell phone from water damage! This infographic will show you the do’s and don’ts of dealing with a water-logged cell phone and offers steps to make sure you don’t end up with an expensive paper weight.

So, come on how many of you have actually killed their mobile phone via a water incident? We have, many times and it’s not funny at all.

Source: PartSelect


Woman Pays £870 For Two Apples Thinking They Were iPhones!

Woman Pays £870 For Two Apples Thinking They Were iPhones!


There are still cons going on where people are paying out a lot of their hard earned cash for apples and not an Apple as they thought! The trouble here is that there is a desire for the shiny new Apple Box containing the iPhone, but these devices are expensive to buy and so some folks look for bargains in the small adverts!

In this case, it was an Australian woman who found an advert on Gumtree; the advertiser was selling two new iPhones in their shiny new boxes for 1,500 Australian Dollars! So, she met up with the buyer at a McDonalds in Brisbane and handed over the cash for the boxes! Only later did she find that inside each box was an apple of the fruit variety, which was not the sort of Apple she was expecting!

Source: CNET


The Wie Phone Offers Calls With No Contract Or Fees

The Wie Phone Offers Calls With No Contract Or Fees


Imagine a mobile phone that will be free of any contracts or charges! Is this a dream or how it should be, because this is what the Wie Phone will be offering buyers once it raises enough funds to go into production! The Wie Phone is not a gimmick or a second rate device either as it will offer the buyer 30 GB of free cloud storage, stereo sound with no need for headphones, and the ability to produce cool 3D Video! Is this the coolest phone ever, let us wait and see what’s its really like, before we make such a judgement.

These are the features available with the cool looking Wie Phone;

2 twin buttons for stereo sound without headphones. The Wie-Phone has neither top nor bottom. Grab the Wie-Phone in any way, you will have full functionality on both sides. How often did you have to turn your phone before you could start using it? The Wie-Phone is always on the right side!

Innovative, cool and functional design: the Wie-Phone comes in black and white and five colours. Yes, you get all colours in one package, you change the colours, as you like. Simple and easy. The Wie-Phone brings colour to your life!

First phone you can use while it is still in your bag or pocket. The Wie-Phone will tell you who calls, and you will tell it, if you want to answer!

Wie-Phone Human Interface Technology

4 cameras, 2 with 8 Mega Pixels on the back (for 3d Movies) , 2 front cameras 2 Mega Pixels 3D photos and 3D HD movies recording

30 GB Cloud space free as long as you use Wie-Phone!

The Wie Phone is not cheap, expect to pay around $850 (£555)! But there are discounts available for backers of this project starting from $150 (£98), which is a huge saving.

Source: Wie Phone


Looking For Secure Messaging? Try Redact!

Looking For Secure Messaging? Try Redact!


When you think of ultra secure messaging, you might think that this sort of technology is only available to governments! However, it turns out that the Redact app is probably something that government departments should be looking at in order to keep their messages private. What the Redact app does is send an encrypted message from one device to another without having to use busy public servers; this is how the messages are able to remain user read only!

These are the features available for the app for secure messages;

Redact is the world’s first totally secure instant messenger application. Using encryption, ciphers and peer to peer messaging, Redact sends heavily encrypted messages from one phone to another without passing through any central servers. Messages you have sent or received can be redacted from both handsets at the touch of a button with no method of recovery. For more information visit the Redact website:

This app is a paid for version costing around $6 or £4 depending on where you live in the world.

Source: Redactapp