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    The Roomba From Cleaner To Artist

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    Most people know that the Roomba is probably the most useful of all robots, after all it does do the cleaning up after us humans have left the home or have gone to sleep! So, how is this artwork achieved? Well it is pretty simple really, just add some cool LED’s to the device and… Read more »

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    Robotic Arms With The Human Touch

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    Could this be the perfect blend of human and robot co-operation? It may seem to look like something from a science fiction movie but the “Slave Arms” are able to mimic the actions on the user’s hands and arms, but with greatly improved strength and the ability of being able to get into places where… Read more »

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    Teotronico The Piano Playing Robot

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    This piano playing robot has a distinct advantage over the likes of Elton John and even great composers such as Mozart because he has nineteen fingers and this means that he able to play faster and with less movement there is little chance of him making any mistakes. The robot has a couple of video cameras… Read more »

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    The PR2 Robot Cleans Up After Dogs

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    You can think of some nasty jobs for robots to do and it has to be said that cleaning up after dogs is a nasty business. However, a research at University of Pennsylvania’s General Robotics, Automation, Sensing & Perception department have programmed the famous Willow Garage PR2 robot to do this job that nobody else… Read more »

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    The S2 Robot Has Some Serious Expressions

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    Normally we find that robots are almost devoid of any expression at all, which actually makes them scary. The S2 robotic head on the other hand is something completely different. Sure, it is just a head, but the articulation of the features and expressions are something quite incredible and even though it is a robot,… Read more »

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    Robot That Climbs The Curtains

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    This is another project from those robot mad researchers at UC Berkeley; we say that because for some reason they appear to have some sort of thing about creating robots that are able to do slightly unusual things. In this case, the robot has been named Clash, its purpose is a little unclear, but it… Read more »

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    This Robot Hides Inside The Wall Until Needed

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    Sometimes you really have to wonder about researchers and scientists, do they not read books or watch TV & Film at all! Because if they did the idea of creating a robot that can get inside the cavity of wall and then when the time is right rip its way through into the building would… Read more »

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    Robot Designed To Act Like A Baby

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    The iCub has been featured on many sites and on news programmes too, it is a baby robot, not a small robot but literally a robot that has the appearance and acts like a baby. It was recently demonstrated at the International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) 2011 event in San Francisco, California…. Read more »

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    Mini iOS App Controlled Spy Tank

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    The idea of these mini tanks following you around is just creepy! However, if you are the one doing the following, then this robot tank with built in camera is the ideal vehicle for the job. It can be controlled by any iOS operated device and has a wireless range of between 100 and 200… Read more »

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    Robot Clocks To Synchronize The Revolution

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    This large size QR Code is not there for a smartphone user to get the contact details of the store as you might expect, but more for Smartphone’s and computers to communicate with each other. However, the point here is sure technology and Smartphone’s are brilliant, we love it! Nevertheless, when it comes to robots,… Read more »

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    Robots Are Taking Over The World

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    We often worry about the being wiped out by robots in a Terminator style revolt, but maybe the revolution will be coming in a different manner! Perhaps robots will simply take our jobs, leaving us penniless, homeless and living in the dead zones of the world! So the question that we all need answered here… Read more »

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    Try Robotek And You Will Not Be Able To Stop

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    This is a great looking game for Android and iOS powered Smartphone’s and tablets, it is in full high definition and is set in space, you just cannot go wrong with this stuff can you! Anyway this an app based game available for Android Handsets, Android HD – Tablets, Apple iPhone – iPod Touch, Apple… Read more »

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    Small Robot That Knows When To Charge Itself [Video]

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    Initially this appears to be a cute robot that acts around and goes back to its base for recharging, sounds good enough, but this means that the robot could live forever or at least while there is power flowing into the charging unit. The problem that we have here is that the team behind this… Read more »

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    The Base Jumping Robot

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    It seems that even robots can have a bad day and when they do, there is only one thing to do, climb a tall building and jump off! Fortunately, it seems that Disney Research and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich have other ideas with the Paraswift, this is robot that loves… Read more »

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    SmartBird Flies At The TEDGlobal 2011

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    Check out the latest flying robot, it is called the SmartBird designed and make by Festo, this is one design that really does live up to its name. This is an interesting concept and clearly the folks at the TED2011 though a lot of it just take a look at the video to see how… Read more »