Robots Demolish Buildings! Where Will It End?

In the future, we imagine that robots will be able to do all of those jobs that are just too dangerous or just too boring for humans, but that future has taken a step closer with the ERO Concrete Recycling… Continue Reading →

The Ziphius Water Drone With Built In HD Camera

The idea of a drone often means lots of money, but this technology is becoming smaller, practical and therefore, affordable too. This is the Ziphius Aquatic Drone, it is as cool as it looks. Although the size might be a… Continue Reading →

Man Versus Robot There Is Only One Winner!

Just in case you are thinking that we have Skynet under control, here is another movie robot in the making! Unlike Arnie, this fighting robot does not worry about the one liners! He just deals out pain and destruction, just… Continue Reading →

Pro Vs Robot Golf Match Play Off!

The world of pro golf is full professionals who have trained hard to get to where they are! So when a robot turns up at the European Tour with an attitude and a challenge to top pro golfer Rory McIlroy,… Continue Reading →

The WinBot For Cleaner Glass

Tall buildings are great for offering spectacular views over the city, but only if those windows are clean and that could be a problem unless you have the WinBot!

Watch This Video Short Called Obsolete

Have you ever wondered what would happen when robots are put in charge? Well this is a short video called Obsolete, it’s by Lewis Gray and tells the story of a robot put in charge of a factory, until eventually… Continue Reading →

Linkbot Robots Aim To Teach Kids About Robotics

You cannot get enough robots when you are a kid, but the cost means that many kids do miss out on this brilliant sector of engineering. However, this is Linkbot and they are planning to change all of that by… Continue Reading →

Right Answers Require The Right Questions

The difference between humans and computers is the ability ad-lib on the move, as we saw in iRobot with artificial intelligence you must ask the right questions to the answer you need. Source: Geek Fill

Fenn The Friendly Robot For Kids

Normally when we talk about robots here, it is often to do with terminators or aliens.

Mash Up A Smartphone And Robot To Get A SmartBot

Here is a great little thing; it is a cool way of getting more from your Smartphone if that is even possible!

BlabDroid Makes Filmmaking Fun

Making a film with your Smartphone is nothing new the trouble is that once people realise what is going on, all sorts of things can happen and go wrong.

Bender Returns As A Great Looking BBQ

Solar Powered Mini Robot Called Reg

Handing Over The Internet To The Robots

For Those Portal Fans Its The Turret Anthem

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