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So, what is in the box? The Pi-Bot kit has all you need to create a cool programmable robot such as; the Pi shape acrylic chassis and the STEM controller board with the Arduino compatible microcontroller. There is a USB cable, Motor controller, Gearbox, Wheels, Ball-bearing castor, Ultrasonic distance sensor, Line tracking sensor. As well as the mini bread board, LEDs and resistors, Wireset and jumpers, Power switch, Mounting brackets, 4 AA battery holder, Spacers and fasteners. The Pi-Bot kit comes with easy to follow instructions and there is no soldering required, just a bit of planning in advance. The Pi-Bot is expected to be going on sale this summer, but for now, you are able to pre order the Pi-Bot starter kit, which includes everything you need to get started from just $75 or around £46.

Build And Programme Your Own Pi-Bot Robot!

Robotics are cool these days, no longer are we fearful of Skynet taking control of the robot empire, in fact, robotics is embracing a new frontier in design and build, the Pi-Bot is a good example of this as it is easy to build, programme and its affordable too! This starter robotics kit is part of…

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The six wheel remote controlled robot, is not just for clearing snow away, although it does a great job in the video! It can be used to carry goods and equipment to disaster and war zones, there are many uses for this kind of robot in the civilian world and there are probably military uses too. The downside to this cool remote controlled robot is the cost; expect to pay around $8000 or £4900 for it! Source: Super Droid Robots [gallery]  

The SDR Remote Controlled Robot Snow Plow!

When we hear about robots, it is only natural to think either about Terminators or those machines that build cars in factories. However, when Super Droid Robots (SDR) brought out a new remote controlled robot that comes with a snow plow, we just have to take a look at it and in this case, it…

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If you are interested in building your own robot army, then you can pre order the start kit from just $95 or £59 taking over the world does not cost that much these days! Source: Light Play [gallery]

Build Your Own Robot Army With Light Play!

This sounds like a dream come true the chance to build a robot army! We are not talking about toys here, these are real intelligent robots based on the arm robots used in factories. The difference here is that these robots have three arms that work together allowing it to move in a different way…

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The MiP will be launching this Summer when it’s going to cost you around $120 or £73, hopefully there will be more apps available by them, which will make the MiP more interesting. Source: Wow Wee [gallery]

WowWee MiP Looks Like A Robot Mashed Up With Segway!

When you first see the MiP (Mobile Inverted Pendulum) robot, it is easy to think of it as being the latest toy and so you start off on the wrong footing straight away, even though this assumption is completely wrong, as the MiP is much more than that. The battery powered MiP is an intelligent seven…

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The Budgee will be launching this summer the full details are not available yet, but this little companion can be pre ordered from around $1300 or £792, it might sound a lot, but remember this is a companion helper not a toy. Source: Five Elements Robotics [gallery]  

Budgee The Robot That Helps You Out With The Chores!

It is not exactly iRobot, but Five Elements Robotics has developed the Budgee robot to help us humans with those boring and mundane tasks such as fetching and carrying. The robot looks a bit like a trolley but instead of pushing it around, it follows you wherever you go, can carry up to fifty pound…

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Keloid is not about robots, it is about men. Big Lazy Robot created this spec film — more than two years in the making — with the purpose of giving free reign to the creative aspects of production that many times are so much missed during profit work. And yes, we enjoyed the ride!
Robots Vs Humans In The Short Movie Keloid! Apparently, there is talk that this story could become a movie, with interest from Hollywood no less! Could this become a cool new science fiction story or will it just be considered the same old story that we have seen time and time again, let’s hope not! Robots Vs Humans In The Short Movie Keloid!

We love a good robots versus human’s movie here and in the case of Keloid, we are not disappointed at all! The story takes place in the future, where robots have been created to make life better and easier for the humans. However, with wars and violence still occurring the authorities decide that robots could…

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