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SAFFiR The Ships Firefighting Robot!

SAFFiR The Firefighting Robot For Ships!

It is all too easy to think the worse that can happen when it comes to the research and development of robots, but here is one design that will get the support of everyone, even people who think that robots will take over the world one day will see that there is a use for this robot. Its full title is the Shipboard Autonomous Firefighting Robot or the much easier to say SAFFiR robot, it is being supported by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) as a method of fighting fire on board ships of all sizes.

The main job of the SAFFiR is to seek out and fight fires in the confined spaces found below decks on board ships. These areas are very dangerous for humans to fight fires in because of the cramped conditions with low light and little air available.

Sponsored by the Office of Naval Research (ONR), SAFFiR is a two-legged, or bipedal, humanoid robot designed to help researchers evaluated unmanned systems to support Sailors with damage control aboard naval vessels.

There is no news on when Shipboard Autonomous Firefighting Robot – SAFFiR is likely to be used in the real world, but there is definitely a need for this type of robot.

Source: US Navy Research YouTube Channel


Millennium Falcon Quadcopter!

Remote Controlled Millennium Falcon Quadcopter!

Millennium Falcon Quadcopter!

If you are going to have a quadcopter you are probably going to want to have the best one possible depending on your budget etc. However, sometimes that is not going to stop some people. For instance this is Reddit user Olivier-FR’s quadcopter, you may already know what it is.

This is a Prophecy 335 quadcopter complete with a custom designed and built Millennium Falcon frame made from carbon and aluminium. It looks spectacular and flies brilliantly, just as you would expect the Millennium Falcon to perform.

Millennium Falcon Quadcopter!

Source: Olivier-FR On Reddit


Weaponised Quadcopter In Action!

So You Thought A Quadcopter Was A Harmless Toy?

The sale of quadcopters has been booming recently and they are available in all shapes, sizes and prices. However, it seems that not all quadcopters are the same, some have been weaponised and the video above shows just how a simple drone can become a weapon that flies. As you will see, basically this is quadcopter with a few roman candles attached to it, but it makes no difference what the weapon is the effect is brilliant and it just goes to show how cool these quadcopters are. What is next for the quadcopter? We dread to think!

Source: PIEROGRAM YouTube Channel


Story of R32!

It Can Be A Lonely Life For A Robot!

In the movies, robots are often portrayed as being positive and powerful; after all, they are just machines in the end. Or are they? What if robots evolved into a machine that has feelings, what is they craved being the company of others; this would mean life for a lonely robot would be intolerable. So, in this short movie we find that the robot designated R32 is lonely and requires the company of another robot, which is obviously harder than it sounds.

It’s the story about lonely robot who just tries to attract attention to himself.

Source: Vladimir Vlasenko


Atlas Robot Is Upgraded!

The Atlas Robot Is Given An Upgrade!

When it comes to robots, they are all right when they are doing mundane operations in factories, or even being used in dangerous jobs where humans could be injured. However, producing a 6′ 2″ tall robot than weighs in at 245 pounds, with two arms and two legs, well that surely is just asking for trouble. Well this is what the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has been doing and Atlas is just one of the projects that are backed by DARPA. Recently, Atlas has been receiving some important upgrades; in fact, almost 75 per cent of the robot is new, such as lower legs and lighter materials.

However, unlike in those science fiction movies, Atlas has a flaw and it’s the 3.7 kWh Li-ion battery pack that will provide enough power for around an hour of movement, so you only have to out run it for hour to be safe. Atlas is of course, a brilliant piece of design and there are plenty of jobs waiting for something like this.

Source: The Robotics Challenge


Russia's Quad Riding Robot

Vladimir Putin Checks Out Russia’s Quad Riding Robot!

When we hear of drones and robots Russia is probably not the first place that we think of as being at the forefront of this kind of technology. Well how wrong could we be! The video above shows President Putin visiting a research centre located just outside Moscow where they are demonstrating a combat robot that is able to ride a quad bike! Well, it seems that Skynet is not over, it has just moved! We cannot wait to see these guys on the streets.

Russia’s military is busy building autonomous tanks, unmanned vehicles and other weapons one won’t be ashamed of in the 21st century. Vladimir Putin visited a Research Institute outside Moscow and was shown a combat robot. Here’s what he saw.

Source: RT (Russia Today)


Robot Searches For Its Maker In; We Were Not Made For This World!

Robot Searches For Its Maker In; We Were Not Made For This World!

Like a child or a dog, if it has been left behind or lost the natural instinct is to find its parents or keepers. The must apply to a robot; if a robot has been left behind for some reason, then it stands to reason that it would try to find its creator. This is exactly what the storyline is in We Were Not Made For This World! The Robot roams the desert terrain in search of its maker, the film cleverly shows the loneliness, time and struggle the robot is having. This leaves us with the question, Will it ever find the answer to its questions.

Source: Colin West McDonald On Vimeo


Kangaroo Takes Down A Camera Drone With One Swipe!

Kangaroo Takes Down A Camera Drone With One Swipe!

After the festive season, we are expecting to see videos and images taken from drone to increase massively. However, for the first time user it might be worth thinking about where it is safe to fly your new toy without getting into any trouble with the local or national authorities and wildlife! You might wonder about the later, but watch the video and you understand the power of the Kangaroo!

Skynet Will Love This Robotic Spider!

Skynet Will Love This Robotic Spider!


It seems that researchers are hell bent on the destruction of the human race with developers at the Biorobotics Lab based at the Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University with funding by the DARPA M3 program coming up with this spider shaped robot. Continue reading →