The $2m DARPA Robotics Challenge

      The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or as it is more commonly known, DARPA are seeking out teams that can come up with a way to push current robotic technology beyond its current limitations so that they would be able to take part in risky disaster recovery missions for the DoD. Any […]

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Facebook Versus Cybercrime

    With almost a billion users, Facebook has to be a prime target for cybercriminals and so taking that into consideration how does it cope everyday to make sure that the site, member’s pages and data is kept safe and sound.   Facebook provides its users with the tools to make their pages and […]

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NASA You Have A Problem

    It seems that despite the warning and previous hack attacks, NASA is a risk and it looks like open season on the US Space Agency. The worrying event took place last year, when hackers apparently gained full functional control of the agencies computer system. This news comes from the Inspector General of NASA, […]

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Nuclear Flash Drive Goes Missing

    A flash drive containing a safety assessment on the Hartlepool Nuclear Power Plant has been lost by an official from the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR). It is understood that the device does not contain any sensitive material, but at the same time, it highlights the issue of transporting data on something that […]

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Tiny Spy Cam With A Big View

  As you can see from the main image, this spy camera is just slightly larger than the pound coin and yet it offers two hours of power from a standard battery and it can be accessed wirelessly from laptop or Smartphone running the Smart i app from the App Store. Here are the specs […]

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